51 Strokes
51 Strokes
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51 Strokes is a masterclass in following your dreams. It’s teaching tape on pursuing your passion. Essentially, Caleb Pressley is a terrible golfer who one day wants to go pro and he's about to manifest that destiny right in your damn face and earlobes and there’s nothing you can really do about it except strap in and join the journey. Listen in as he consults the greatest golf minds in the world in order to fill his brain with facts about the game he has haphazardly dedicated the rest of his life to. He might be a 51 handicap golfer now, but when it’s all said and done he will be a Masters Champion and a national hero. Getting in on 51 Strokes now is like buying Amazon stock in 1997. Even if you don’t like golf, this is the podcast for you. However, if you DO like golf, you’ll probably like it more.
Von Miller
Caleb goes to Colorado to interview and play golf with Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller. You'll hear everything from winning a Super Bowl to picking up golf and playing on his days off. Von and Caleb played an entire round of golf, so there was PLENTY of content to talk about. Also on the show, Caleb went back to UNC for a football game and our guy Mitch Trubisky scored a touchdown. All this and more on 51 Strokes. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Oct 7
1 hr 18 min
There's Never Too Many Sundae's
Caleb travels to Arizona and Denver to knock out a ton of Sundae Conversations with some big name guests. From Glenny Balls forgetting what a parking break is to Von Miller randomly asking Caleb to play golf, you'll hear everything about his most recent trip. Also, get some insight on how Caleb, who travels nonstop throughout the year, packs for his long trips. All of this and more on today's episode of 51 Strokes. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Sep 30
1 hr
3x PGA Tour Champion Max Homa
Caleb talks to his friend Max Homa, who just won his third PGA Tour event this past weekend. You'll hear everything from swing advice, to Max's next opponent he's targeting. It's always a great time having him on. Also on today's pod, hear about Caleb's thoughts on the Ryder Cup and a Glenny Balls story that truly solidifies him as the greatest to ever do it. All of this and more on the show. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Sep 23
1 hr
Grip Change
Caleb had a lesson with his swing coach Chris Como, who completely changed his grip. Something he feared, but could be the missing piece to his golf game. You'll hear much more about that in this weeks episode. Also, Caleb talks his trips to Pittsburgh and Buffalo, that included a canceled concert and a Sundae Conversation. All of this and more on today's show. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Sep 16
43 min
Trying Something New
Caleb has continued to try new things over the course of the past year to improve his golf game. On today's episode, 51 Strokes tried something new for the first time as a podcast. Producer Avery Zaretsky stepped in as the host to ask Caleb the hard hitting questions about his golf career that YOU the fans wanted answered. Did he lie about his 86? Does he still thing he can become a pro player? You'll hear it all. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Sep 9
54 min
It's Football Season
Caleb is moving on from Summer and is now fully locked in on the Fall, as football season has just begun. From Sundae Conversations to Certified Lover Boy, you'll get a wide variety of topics on today's episode. With that being said, golf is looking great for Caleb, but not so great for Brooks Koepka as the Portnoy match has been cancelled. Plans to come to NY have been ruined for Caleb Pressley now. Hear all about that and so much more on today's episode of 51 Strokes. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Sep 7
51 min
Caleb vs. Trent
Caleb gives the ENTIRE timeline on the potential Trent match and how everything unfolded, giving some inside information that you haven't heard before. Whether this match with ever happen, Caleb wanted to give the full rundown of how the conversations started all the way up until where they are now. Caleb is coming to NYC next week, will the match be then? Find out on today's episode of 51 Strokes. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Aug 27
41 min
Glenny Balls
Glenny Balls, the man behind Boozin' Burgers and the Sundae in Sundae Conversation, joins the show to talk about his time spent with Caleb this past week. You'll hear everything from Vegas with WWE to the travel life of Balls. ALSO, hear a huge update on the potential Caleb and Trent match that everyone is hoping for. All of this and more on today's episode. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Aug 25
37 min
Caleb Pressley Shot An 86
Caleb went home to North Carolina and shot a career 86 at Broadmoor. All the haters are sick because Caleb Pressley is a man on a mission. Hear all about how Caleb broke 90 on today's emergency podcast. Everything from the build up to the round, the round itself, and whats next for him. A monumental episode that you don't want to miss. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Aug 12
52 min
Fall Is Coming
Caleb's focus is starting to turn towards the fall. It's BIG brain season for the bright mind of Caleb Pressley. More golf and the football season grind is on the horizon. Also, hear about his rekindled infatuation with the Harry Potter movies, as he rewatched them recently. 51 Strokes is presented by Five Iron Golf.
Aug 8
46 min
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