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Would you rather knowingly have sex with a midget or have sex with a 10/10 looking transgender but you don’t find out about that until the next day?
This podcast is trash. Zero talk about the Dolphins. Just guys giggling like little school girls. If you want to listen to guys ramble on about nothing than go for it. If you’re looking for dolphins talk, don’t waste your time.
Lame podcast
Scrappy Da Cat
Bush League
A podcast that is based on knowledge acquired through Twitter. Verno is enough for me not to listen. Only a step above Omar or it would of been one star. Official Dolphins updates from the team with corny pre wrote scripts being read by cheerleaders is more intriguing
Bare assed kindergartners
Best, podcast I ever heard, give me more, you guys are horrible! Every week I waste 30 minutes listening to you guys. Can’t wait for the next episode!
4th and Inches, enough said
A must listen too for Dolphins fans
Brent L
makes me not feel ashamed to be a dolphins fan
hey guys, first time caller, long time listener. i love this show despite mike being from boston. i always have fun listening to this show. if you like the dolphins, if you like laughing, if you like being a good, god fearing human then this show is for you!
Juvenile Crap (literally)
I subscribe to several podcasts to listen to news about the Dolphins so gave this new one a try to see what was up. Unfortunately 5 episodes in I've yet to hear any relevant about my team...however if you like hearing 3 morons tell juvenile jokes about subjects like fapping, how to take a crap, or what food you like ketchup on then this show's for you. Or you could just sit in your local middle school cafeteria for the same material.
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Finally a dolphins podcast to rival perfectville. I almost cried laughing when Vero asked the boys about getting down with a chicken!
Beau in New York
My new Place for Dolphins talk
Great show. Appreciate Adam from the Twisted Ten for letting us know about you! Go Dolphins