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Inches is the ORIGINAL Miami Dolphins channel for fans who don't take life seriously... SEASON SIXXX is HERE!! More entertaining Dolphins content literally does not exist in this or any other universe, and that's a scientific fact. Deal with it. --- FAIR WARNING: NSFW, Adults Only
INCHES IS BACK! (Again, for the 50th Time) | S6E3
Don't go get your eyes checked, they're working fine. You're not dreaming either, so no need to wake up. For really real, INCHES RETURNS once again, and today Elle stopped thru for a visit. Treat yo-self to 40 minutes of Joey and Elle covering everything that's happened so far this season and everything that's still to come for the 1st place Miami Dolphins, as well as laughing at the misfortune of others, which is always a fun time!
Nov 12, 2023
39 min
Throwin' Shade in the Sun | S6E2
Joey and Tiff are at it again, confirming that the season 6 premiere wasn't a one-off! Trust us, we're as shocked as you. Catch some fun and laughs (and a little Dolphins talk) on this weeks Inches.
Aug 14, 2023
28 min
SEASON SIX PREMIERE!! | 4th & Inches
Miami Dolphins fans can rest easy. The most elite show has finally returned, so your vacation from us and (more importantly) our vacation from you has ended after a few (6) short months! 4th & Inches is back, with complete disregard for whether you sick animals missed us or not! Join Joey and and Tiff as they ring in a new season for Inches, for the Dolphins, and for lovers of elite Dolphins content everywhere. SEASON SIXXX of INCHES starts NOW!
Aug 6, 2023
35 min
Unspecified Nonsense w/ Tiff & Leslie
The newest additions to the Inches Family, Tiff and Leslie, joined Joey this weekend for a full hour of goofing off and talking about whatever. So begins a long offseason of trivial Inches content that can only get more unhinged from here. Does anyone have the stones to stick with us the whole way? We shall see.
Feb 20, 2023
56 min
Inches of Love | Valentines Special
On today's episode of 4th & Inches, recent Twitter deleter @GhostOfAdamGase stops by to help Joey wish all you freaks a sexy Valentines Day, and spread the love all over you. 
Feb 14, 2023
24 min
Mischief Managed... | Special Guest: @TerribleTiffy12
On this Championship Weekend Edition of 4th & Inches, Joey talks to Tiff (@TerribleTiffy12) for nearly an hour about everything ranging from the glorious downfall of the Buffalo Bills [FRAUDS], to the state of the 2023 AFC East Champion Miami Dolphins, to the upcoming release of the new Harry Potter Wizarding World video game, Hogwarts Legacy!  Football nerds, gamer nerds, and Potter nerds alike should enjoy this extended play episode of the undisputed kings of the offseason, 4th & Inches!  ...And since Tua was railroaded and snubbed, if you listen all the way through, YOU are the REAL MVP. 
Jan 28, 2023
57 min
Three's Company | Special Guests: Mari & Leslie
On today's episode of Inches, Joey (@InchesNFL) welcomes Mari (aka @PerfctSzn) back to the show, and Leslie (@PlantySnatcher) joins in for the first time. The crew gave their closing thoughts on an interesting end to an interesting season, and Perf spent way too much time talking about, and naming her Twitter account after Joey's... partner in crime.  The Miami Dolphins season may be over with, but 4th & Inches moves forward! Stay tuned for more guests, more (vaguely) Dolphins talk, and more looking forward to what lies ahead. 2023 is setting up to be a big year, and Inches will be sharing the journey with you every step of the way.  (We didn't get a chance to discuss the firing of Defensive Coordinator, and last dingleberry left hanging on from the Flores era, Brian Boyer, but be assured it will be covered on the next episode)
Jan 19, 2023
27 min
Behind Enemy Lines: PLAYOFF EDITION
On today's episode, Joey gets invited on a Buffalo Bills podcast in advance of Sunday's Wildcard Playoff Matchup... Little did they know, he was recording a show within a show, pulling off a perfect Inchception on the guys over at The Rockpile Report. Join him as he goes behind enemy lines with his typical brand of bullshit on this very special PLAYOFF EDITION of 4th & Inches! 
Jan 12, 2023
29 min
Playoffs or Playoffs? That is the Question
Jennifer and Joey link up for the last 4th & Inches before the Dolphins obviously make the playoffs, because that's obviously happening. 
Jan 5, 2023
46 min
Horniest Show Ever? (Not Sorry)
Don't blame Joey for being out-of-control horny on this episode of 4th & Inches. It wasn't even his idea. As usual, blame Pants. She planned the whole thing. None of these things are shameful lies. 
Dec 13, 2022
30 min
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