21st Century Entrepreneurship
21st Century Entrepreneurship
Martin Piskoric
Our mission is to bring you regular interviews with cutting-edge leaders and successful entrepreneurs who will share their thoughts regarding the leadership gap, business concepts and models as their 21st Century Entrepreneurship problem solutions.
Rod Khleif: Develop a Multi-Millionaire Mindset
Rod Khleif is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, multiple business owner, author, mentor, and community philanthropist who is passionate about business, life, success, and giving back. As one of the country’s top real estate trainers, Rod has personally owned and managed over 2,000 properties. He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. Rob's Multifamily Virtual Bootcamp Training - May 22nd & 23rd, 2021.
May 17
31 min
Dan Granger: Leveraging Platforms for Brand Marketing
Your audience is becoming more and more progressive. How do you keep up? Tune in to Dan Granger on responsible, ethical brand marketing. Recently, Dan launched Media Roundtable, a movement dedicated to dismantling polarization. Here, Dan discusses brands, media figures, and other personalities. His mission is to restore the public truth. This new project offers a non-partisan approach in discussions. Dan believes that shaming is unnecessary in their introspection.
Apr 22
37 min
Jeffrey Hayzlett: Content is King. Activation is Queen. Context is the kingdom.
Jeffrey Hayzlett is a Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Global Business Celebrity. Along with Thomas White and Karl Post, he co-founded a C-Suite Network - home to the world’s most powerful network of C-Suite Leaders. Jeffrey shared his thoughts about Native American art, spending a great time in Dakota, developing a C-Suite network, inspiration definition, what success is, how does he experience tipping points and a few tips for young entrepreneurs.
Apr 12
18 min
Peter Strohkorb: Smarketing - Virtual Book Launch
Peter Strohkorb is a B2B Sales Acceleration specialist advisor to business leaders. He is a thought leader, author and speaker. In his latest book “Smarketing - Sell Smarter, Not Harder” Peter answers one of the burning questions Sales and Business Leaders are asking: “How can we achieve more in 2021, without adding resources?” Join Peter’s Virtual Book Launch Series: United States, Canada, Americas - April 7th; 1 pm PT, 4 pm ET; UK, EU, EMEA - April 7th; 8 am GMT, 9 am CET
Apr 3
14 min
Bob Wheeler: Rethinking Our Relationship with Money
Financial coach Bob Wheeler joins us in this episode to share his expertise on how mindset and emotions affect our finances. Some powerful insights in this episode: The role of culture and mindset toward money; Why we must be aware and communicate about financial matters; Learning how to improve your relationship with money and your financial standing.
Mar 30
31 min
Jason Barnard: My Life Journey Revealed
Barnard had been studying, tracking and analysing Brand SERPs since 2013. Conclusion: Brand SERPs are your new business card, an honest critique of your content strategy and a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem. That should pique the interest of any marketer in any industry :)⎪Find out more about Jason Barnard in a special 21CE podcast episode where he reveals his life details like never before.
Mar 4
46 min
Mandy Gilbert: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship
Having successfully built two international businesses from the ground up, Mandy Gilbert has been recognized as a United Nations Global Accelerator and ranked as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs on the Canadian Business’ Profit 500 list and Chatelaine’s W100 list. Mandy is an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, and speaker. Today, her recruitment firm Creative Niche brings in nearly $12 million in sales annually.
Feb 20
34 min
Joe Burns: He talks to money. It talks back.
Meet Joe Burns. Speaker, Coach, Money Master, and Founder of the NextGen MillionairesTM. Joe doesn't just help people increase their income, he trains innovators and industry disruptors to take command of the money in their life so they can better exert power in their decision making, control in their pocketbooks, and leadership in their field.
Feb 11
37 min
Coonoor Behal: I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up
"I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up" is a collection of stories of real people and how they summoned the courage to quit things in their lives. ⎪"I think learning the WHYs behind someone quitting something gets to the heart of who that person is and what their values are. I’ve also experienced quitting as a very positive experience in my own life - it’s always represented progress toward what I want in life. Turns out I was right!"
Jan 25
27 min
Mark Singer: Don’t Outlive Your Money in Retirement! 7 Key Steps
As president of Safe Harbor Retirement Planning, Mark has served as a relentless retirement guide to thousands of individuals since 1986. The secret to his longevity has been asking the questions other advisors simply don’t ask; it allows him to make the best decisions for each client’s unique situation and ensure retirement success. Mark is also a multiyear recipient of Boston Magazine’s 5 Star Wealth Manager Award. https://55retire.com/
Jan 15
27 min
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