Elitefts SPP: Dan Baker Interview
Published May 21, 2014
56 min
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    Show notes

    Dan Baker of danbakerstrength.com and formerlly of the Brisbane Broncos

    Topics Covered in This Podcast:

    1. Coach Baker's transition from professional coaching

    2. Wave-Cycling for In-Season training

    3. Neuarl deload vs. Volumbe deload

    4. Maintaining intesity in-season

    5. Coach Baker's go-to lifts

    6. Reflection of strength vs. building strength

    7. Weekly in-season training schedule

    8. Training for rugby vs. other sports

    9. monitoring strength & power during the season

    10. The PSychological aspect of training in-season

    11. The state of strength & conditioning in Australia vs. the rest of the world

    12. The biggest mistake when conditinign team sports

    13. The biggest issues of LSD conditionign & circuit training

    14. Integrating the Technical & tactical development with physical development

    15. The best lessons Coach Baker got in the profession

    Dan Baker is one of the worlds leading authorities upon strength and power training for sports athletes. A PhD in sports science specializing in the testing and training of strength and power, he has the scientific knowledge and practical know how to implement effective strength and power training for sports athletes. Unlike most Phd’s he does not work as a full-time lecturer or in a laboratory – he trains athletes. No science bullshit – just the stuff that works.

    Some things about Dan Baker
    As a strength & conditioning coach
    Strength and power training coach of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby league team since 1995 (title winners 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006)
    Former champion powerlifter and powerlifting coach
    Strength and Conditioning Coach to elite international and national level athletes in the following sports – rugby league, rugby union, powerlifting, diving, soccer, track & field, netball, mixed martial arts to name a few
    A Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach and Master Coach of Strength and Conditioning as recognized by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association

    As an Educator and Mentor for strength & conditioning coaches
    Dan is the National President of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) which is the not-for-profit body recognized by the Australian Federal Government to educate and accredit strength & conditioning coaches within Australia.
    Dan continues to lecture to all levels of ASCA coaches, from Level 1 beginner Coaches through to the Level 3 Elite Athlete Coaches.
    Dan is a sought after Educator of Strength & Conditioning Coaches because he makes the science easy and tells it straight. The practical implementation is what it is all about.
    Life memberships
    In Australian sport and social life, the “Club” is important. Dedicated club members are sometimes bestowed an honour titled “Life Member” for endless hours of dedicated work on behalf of the Club or Organization. Dan has three Life Memberships.
    Dan is a Life Member of the ASCA.
    Dan is a Life Member of North Kirra Surf_Lifesaving Club
    Dan is a Life Member of the University of Queensland Powerlifting & Weightlifting Club.

    Some cross-training workouts to enhance your energy system fitness

    Recent trends in high-intensity aerobic training

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