Elitefts Sports Performance Podcast
Elitefts Sports Performance Podcast
Mark Watts
The Elitefts™ Sports Performance Podcast is the premier resource for strength & conditioning coaches, sports performance professionals, and athletes of all levels. Bringing you the best information from the scientific foundations to the practical application. Combining the latest cutting edge research, anecdotal evidence, and under the bar experience.
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Best In The Business
The Elite FTS SPP is my go to strength & conditioning podcast, I have several others I listen to as well but I never miss an episode of the SPP with Mark Watts.
Glenn Revell
Excellent Podcast
One of the first and best podcasts I have subscribed to. Mark does a great job and the interviewees are a fantastic and diverse group. Love it
_Dr. J
Love the info
Great information. An amazing resource for anyone interested in sports performance.