May 6, 2020
In this episode we review two games: Loco-Motion from Mattel Electronics, and Happy Trails from Activision. We also interview both programmers, Daniel Bass and Carol Shaw! As if that weren't enough, we have another Team Amico interview, this time with VP of Production Jason Enos. The episode is lacking a few things though, such as Feedback, News, and our Canadian co-host, Cmart. But you will find George, and Rick is finally out of the bathroom! 0:00:00 - Ah... Rick? 0:00:49 - Turn on the tube TV to play Happy Trails & Loco-Motion! 0:01:12 - "Intellivisionaries Theme" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 0:02:34 - Welcome 0:19:56 - Kenny Everett Intellivision TV commercial 0:20:24 - Get To Know Amico: Jason Enos interview 1:14:48 - Sega Genesis 1989 TV commercial 1:15:48 - Jason Enos interview (cont.) 1:49:18 - Retro Gaming Roundup promo 1 1:49:29 George: Still @ Rick's house? 1:50:41 - Wendell Brown promo 1:50:55 - Game Review (part 1): Happy Trails 2:20:29 - Programmer Interview: Carol Shaw 3:12:23 - Retro Gaming Roundup promo 2 3:12:41 - Game Review (part 2): Loco-Motion 3:33:23 - Programmer Interview: Daniel Bass 4:29:34 - George: 2020 4:30:42 - Game Review (part 3): summation & thoughts 4:41:36 - Russ Haft promo 4:41:45 - Dear Mr. Intellivision... 4:42:32 - Game Review (part 4): Facebook listener feedback 4:56:01 - The Channel F Files promo 4:56:20 - Game Review (part 5): boxes, manuals, overlays + final thoughts 5:13:23 - Inty music break: Illusions 5:13:48 - Intellivisionaries promo 5:13:56 - Bill Fisher promo 5:14:07 - PlayCable TV commercial 5:14:37 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 5:21:43 - Outtakes
October 28, 2019
In this episode we discuss the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2019, Paul interviews the former head of Intellivision game development and leader of The Blue Sky Rangers, Gabriel Baum. And we have a new Amico segment, Feedback, listener voicemails, News (kind of), George, and an extended outtakes! 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, then off again and listen to us instead! 0:00:27 - George: episode rundown 0:02:45 - "Intellivisionaries Theme (Halloween Remix)" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:04:50 - Welcome 0:50:32 - Ten Pence Arcade promo 0:50:52 - George: babysitting? 0:52:40 - Get To Know Amico! 1:32:32 - RGR promo 1:32:42 - British Siri: Why was this episode late? 1:35:07 - Feedback 2:41:23 - Ken Smith promo 2:42:12 - George: Gary Magnan / Freewheeling Games 2:44:26 - Interview with Gabriel Baum (part 1) 3:27:10 - Mark Urbaniec promo 3:27:18 - Intellivision Animated Newscast commercial (played in movie theaters) 3:29:18 - Interview with Gabriel Baum (part 2) 4:09:44 - Ji Wen Tsao promo 4:10:01 - [Not] News? 4:10:32 - PRGE 2019 post-show pre-show rundown 4:28:43 - George: Gabriel Baum - Fake Facts 4:30:58 - Bill Fisher promo 4:31:09 - PlayCable TV commercial 4:31:38 - My friend, Amico? 4:32:20 - Intellivisionaries promo 4:32:31 - British Siri: Motorways and Roundabouts! 4:35:38 - Ray Kaestner promo 4:35:58 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 4:40:38 - Outtakes (Extended!)  
May 4, 2019
In this episode we FINALLY review the Mattel Electronics game Shark! Shark!  Paul interviews the game's designer & programmer Ji Wen Tsao.  Rick has a new Hobby Projects / Homebrew Highlight segment on the FW Diagnostic Cartridge and an Intellivision console repair.  We also finally have the results of the Easter Egg Contest from episode 35.  And we have Feedback, News, and more... although George didn't show up for some reason? Maybe it was the shark? 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, then play Shark! Shark! 0:00:28 - "Intellivisionaries Theme" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 0:01:53 - Welcome 0:17:15 - Stephen Roney promo 0:17:39 - Feedback 0:20:37 - Steve Craft promo 0:20:49 - Rick's Hobby Homebrew Project Highlights - FW Diagnostic Cart 0:38:48 - David Rolfe promo 0:39:01 - Episode 35 Easter Egg Contest Results! 0:42:22 - Eddie Dombrower promo 0:42:34 - Intellivisionaries promo 0:42:48 - TRON Solar Sailer spotted in France?! 0:43:39 - Russ Haft promo 0:43:48 - News 1:28:35 - RGR promo 1:28:45 - Game Review - Shark! Shark! (part 1) 2:12:35 - Programmer Interview: Ji Wen Tsao 2:57:43 - Bill Fisher promo 2:57:55 - PlayCable TV commercial 2:58:25 - Game Review - Shark! Shark! (part 2) 3:32:12 - Lounge Shark! Lounge Shark! by The Tilton-Tate Orchestra 3:35:26 - 2 Fishy Fishy (Shark! Shark! hack) 3:41:58 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 3:44:35 - Outtakes   Episode 36 Show Notes The Intellivisionaries Podcast Website  
December 23, 2018
It's Christmas time at The Intellivisionaries Studio... but... where is everybody?  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at The Intellivisionaries Podcast!
November 30, 2018
In this special episode, Rick, Cmart and Paul talk about their adventures at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018.  It's chock-full of exciting Intellivision content, both old and new!  The Blue Sky Rangers panel (Intellivision - A Legacy of Firsts!), which was moderated by Paul is also included.  And there are tales of border crossings, Intellivision Day 2018, and something Rick knows nothing about but will soon.  Oh, and our good buddy George is here too, still a bit bitter about not being invited to the expo.  Maybe next year, George?
October 17, 2018
In this special episode, we discuss the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018.  We talk about all the amazing Intellivision related things that will be there, including the new Intellivision Entertainment console reveal, and all the various Intellivision vendors, game releases and fans of the console who will be there.  Intellivision will be taking over the expo this year!  If you can make it, you won't be disappointed!  The only one who's upset about all this is George...
August 19, 2018
In this episode we review the Left Turn Only game Space Patrol. Rick also interviews the game programmer Joe Zbiciak, and has a new Hobby Projects segment on repairing and modding a Commodore 1902A monitor. Paul interviews Atari Age user and Intellivision enthusiast extraordinaire "Decle" (aka Ian). And we have all the other things you love about The Intellivisionaries; Feedback, News, stories, George, sarcastic humor, cheesy 50's SciFi, and Rick leaving the country in disgust! Wait... WHAT!? 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, then watch & play Space Patrol! 0:00:28 - "Intellivisionaries Theme" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 0:01:50 - George: episode rundown 0:03:24 - Welcome 0:07:02 - Trouble in Pittsburgh! 0:15:02 - Welcome (continued) 0:26:29 - Steve Roney promo 0:26:45 - Intellivisionaries promo 0:26:54 - Rick's Hobby Projects: Commodore 1902A monitor 0:40:29 - Ken Smith promo 0:40:41 - RGR promo 0:40:52 - A close encounter 0:41:33 - George: The band is back together! 0:44:51 - Feedback 1:07:12 - Australian Intellivision TV commercial 1:08:10 - Steve Craft promo 1:08:20 - Listener Interview: "Decle" (aka Ian) 2:13:22 - Intellivision B-17 Bomber TV commercial 2:13:52 - Mark Urbaniec promo 2:14:00 - News 2:43:29 - UK Mike / RGR promo 2:43:45 - Game Review: Space Patrol (part 1) 3:29:15 - The Space Patrol! (chapter 1) 3:30:28 - Intellivision Star Strike TV commercial 3:30:57 - Programmer Interview: Joe Zbiciak 4:17:20 - Bill Fisher promo 4:17:27 - Intellivision AD&D TV commercial 4:17:57 - Game Review: Space Patrol (part 2) 4:52:19 - The Space Patrol! (chapter 2) 4:53:14 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 4:57:38 - Outtakes 5:07:16 - The Space Patrol! (chapter 3)
June 6, 2018
In this special episode, we talk about the new Intellivision console being created by Intellivision Entertainment!  We discuss the people involved; including Tommy Tallarico, Emily Rosenthal, Bill Fisher, Stephen Roney, and me.. Paul Nurminen.
April 5, 2018
In this episode we don't review a game, but Rick has a new Hobby Projects segment, we have a Super Pro TutorVision-focused listener interview with Chris Dreyer. And of course we have Feedback, News and more on that Easter Egg contest.  Enjoy! 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, then off again and listen to us instead! 0:00:26 - Intellivisionaries Theme (hmm..?) 0:06:21 - George: episode rundown 0:07:28 - Welcome 0:40:01 - George 1 0:40:35 - Rick's Hobby Projects: Emerson Arcadia controllers 0:53:18 - SC1 promo 0:53:25 - Feedback 1:16:11 - Ken Smith promo 1:16:24 - RGR promo 1:16:35 - A close encounter? 1:17:09 - SC2 promo 1:17:18 - Listener Interview: Chris Dreyer (TutorVision) 2:16:59 - SC3 promo 2:17:20 - Easter Egg Hunting Contest! 2:24:04 - SC4 promo 2:24:18 - Rick fixes Santa! 2:27:09 - Steve Roney promo 2:27:25 - Intellivisionaries promo 2:27:34 - News 3:34:26 - SC5 promo 3:34:36 - You deserve a break today 3:35:07 - JC promo 3:36:14 - In the studio with George 3:37:50 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 3:40:37 - Outtakes
December 29, 2017
In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics Intellivoice game TRON Solar Sailer by the late Keith Robinson. We interview former Blue Sky Ranger Mark Urbaniec about his involvement with the game, and his memories of working with Keith. There's a listener interview with Steve Craft and his brother Jay. There's a lot of non-Christmas talk by George, and numerous clips from Keith Robinson (sourced from previously released and unreleased material) about TRON Solar Sailer. And of course we have Feedback, News and even a few Easter Eggs. This is also our longest episode ever, clocking in at just over 7 hours! 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, insert TRON Solar Sailer and go! 0:00:35 - Intellivisionaries Theme (The Not Quite Christmas Mix) 0:01:51 - George: episode rundown 0:03:44 - Welcome 0:11:31 - Ray Kaestner promo 0:11:41 - B-17 Bomber TV commercial 0:12:11 - Feedback 0:31:21 - Intellivision II Spaulding TV commercial 0:31:49 - Dear Mr. Intellivision spoof (Podcast Length) 0:32:38 - George: letter 0:33:49 - News 0:51:31 - George: Christmas box (1) 0:52:09 - Channel F Files promo 0:52:28 - Listener Interview: Steve and Jay Craft 2:02:26 - Easter Egg? 2:03:09 - George: Christmas box (2) 2:04:30 - William on the Keith Robinson clips 2:05:15 - Game Review: TRON Solar Sailer (part 1) 2:14:34 - Wendell Brown promo 2:14:47 - Game Review: TRON Solar Sailer (part 2) 3:48:46 - Keith Robinson promo 3:48:55 - Programmer Interview: Mark Urbaniec 5:13:06 - George: no Christmas 5:13:50 - Game Review: TRON Solar Sailer (part 3) 5:40:49 - Intellivision Flashback commercial 5:42:32 - Atari Age + INTV Steve TRON Solar Sailer feedback 6:24:58 - 1982 Intellivision holiday TV commercial 6:25:27 - Mark Urbaniec promo 6:25:34 - Game Review: TRON Solar Sailer (part 4) 6:34:16 - George: Christmas jokes 6:34:56 - More Easter Eggs? 6:35:12 - Additional Keith Robinson clips 6:42:38 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 6:47:01 - Outtakes 6:55:27 - Intellivisionaries promo 6:55:38 - Christmas chat with Keith Robinson (unreleased recording)  
October 17, 2017
In this episode we talk about what we've been up to, and what we're planning. Rick has a Homebrew Highlight segment on the upcoming Jr. Pac-Man release from Intellivision Revolution. Rick also introduces a new segment called "Rick's Hobby Projects", this time discussing the Raspiboy. Cmart does a rundown / preview of all the Intellivision action that will be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017. And of course we have Feedback, News and plenty of George. If you're an Intellivision fan and going to PRGE 2017 (and even if you're not going), this is a must listen! 0:00:00 - TV on/off + George episode rundown 0:01:27 - Intellivisionaries Theme (Alternate Halloween Remix) 0:02:57 - Welcome 0:27:37 - George 1 0:28:42 - Dave Rolfe promo 0:28:54 - Feedback 0:50:30 - Forgotten Feedback? 0:55:39 - UK Mike promo 0:55:58 - George 2 0:56:55 - Naberhood promo 0:57:59 - Homebrew Highlight: Jr. Pac-Man 1:10:59 - RGR promo 1:11:16 - George 3 1:13:09 - The Channel F Files promo 1:13:28 - Rick's Hobby Projects: Raspiboy 1:26:59 - Holiday Special Podcast - Halloween promo 1:29:12 - '80 of the '80s promo 1:30:08 - Ultimate Flashback promo 1:31:25 - News 2:03:26 - Activision for Intellivision TV commercial 2:03:55 - Intellivisionaries promo 2:04:03 - Ten Pence Arcade promo 2:04:18 - Ray Kaestner promo 2:04:28 - Intellivision Burgertime TV commercial 2:04:58 - PRGE 2017 rundown 2:16:29 - [vintage] McDonald's Halloween TV commercial 2:16:59 - George 4 (extended) 2:19:00 - Portland robot talk? 2:19:43 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 2:31:00 - Outtakes
October 3, 2017
In this 'not-so-special' (and quite short!) special episode, we discuss what's been happening, why there haven't been any new episodes for a while, and what the plan is for the podcast going forward. George has a few things to say too...
July 3, 2017
In this special episode, we reminisce about Intellivision legend Keith Robinson (Keith died on June 14th, 2017).  Rick, Paul and Cmart are joined by Scott Schreiber of the Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast, and Chris Bidwell of Now You're Playing With Podcast.  Tommy Tallarico talks to Paul about his Keith recollections, and Emily Reichbach Rosenthal (VP of Intellivision Productions) also shares her thoughts on him.  And listener Chris Dreher contributes a fun story about Mr. Robinson.  The Intellivision community has lost one of its greatest assets with Keith's passing, but join us as we celebrate what Keith has done for the Intellivision community. Additional music used in this episode (used with permission): "TRON 1.1" (music performed by Tom Kahelin) from the music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi.  Based on the original music from the Disney motion picture TRON (by Wendy Carlos / Wonderland Music BMI). "My Intellivision (1982 Mix)"  (Music & Lyrics by Tom Kahelin, vocals by Michael Schwartz) from the music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi.
May 2, 2017
In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Vectron.  We interview the programmer / designer Mark Urbaniec.  Keith Robinson joins in for part of the interview as well.  Will and his wife Margo cover GoSub in a Homebrew Highlight segment.  Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George (and Nigel).  And we have our usual Feedback, Mentions, News and fun.  Over 5 hours of Intellivisionaries goodness! 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, insert Vectron and go! 0:00:33 - George (and Nigel): episode rundown 0:02:16 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:03:31 - Welcome 0:20:30 - Feedback 0:37:35 - News 1:14:08 - NIMOSTAPRT 1:27:18 - Homebrew Highlight (Will and Margo): GoSub 1:44:20 - Deep Dive game review: Vectron (part 1) 3:12:01 - Interview: Mark Urbaniec & Keith Robinson 4:38:48 - George in a well? 4:39:55 - Deep Dive game review: Vectron (part 2) 5:04:36 - A contest! 5:05:46 - George on Keith 5:06:42 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 5:09:57 - Outtakes  
January 30, 2017
Rick discusses the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2016 with Cmart (Chris Martin), FreeWheel (Gary Magnan) and Tarzilla (Don Switzer).  They go into the expo in general, the Intellivision homebrew games that were released and shown, and other side stories that may or may not involve dank restroom smells.
December 23, 2016
In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Royal Dealer.  Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George, spreading some holiday cheer in this December / Christmas / Holiday episode.  We interview former Mattel Electronics 'retail merchandiser' Ken Stefancic, and have our usual helpings of Feedback and News.  There's plenty here, even for those folks who don't care about card games (like Paul)... 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, [reluctantly] insert Royal Dealer and go? 0:00:11 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Christmas Remix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:01:34 - George: episode rundown 0:03:21 - Welcome? 0:35:00 - George: what's up with the microwave oven? 0:35:41 - Feedback 0:56:37 - RGR promo 0:56:47 - Russ Haft promo 0:56:57 - Intellivision Desert Bus commercial 0:57:30 - News 1:26:11 - Helpful tips for the ladies? 1:26:40 - Former Mattel Electronics employee interview: Ken Stefancic 2:14:31 - Channel F Files promo 2:14:48 - Todd Holcomb's Ultimate Flashback commercial 2:16:04 - Cheez-Its? 2:16:34 - Deep Dive game review: Royal Dealer 3:36:37 - 80 of the 80s promo 3:37:33 - Intellivisionaries promo 3:37:38 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 3:40:48 - Outtakes & more George 3:47:18 - ...more travel tips from Rick  
October 18, 2016
In this episode we review the Atarisoft game Pac-Man, and the IntelligentVision game Ms. Pac-Man.  We also interview both programmers; Mike Winans (Pac-Man) and Carl Mueller Jr. (Ms. Pac-Man).  Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George, and a surprise guest during News.  We're gearing up for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2016, but not all the hosts could be present for all aspects of this episode.  Due to that, and the fact that it's almost Halloween as this episode is released, there may be some unusual occurrences in the timeline... 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, insert Pac-Man / Ms.Pac-Man and go! 0:00:37 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Halloween Remix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:02:41 - George: episode rundown 0:04:08 - Welcome? 0:06:16 - Welcome back? 0:14:18 - Welcome back again? 0:21:13 - George: Innie or outie? 0:21:33 - Feedback 0:36:54 - RGR promo 0:37:05 - Russ Haft promo 0:37:15 - Todd Holcomb's Untimate Flashback commercial 0:38:32 - News 0:48:46 - Imagic for Intellivision TV commercial 0:49:23 - Intellivisionaries promo 0:49:30 - News (continued) 1:00:50 - Ken Smith promo 1:00:59 - Game Review: Pac-Man 1:10:20 - Where's Paul? 1:10:33 - Game Review: Pac-Man (continued) 1:45:12 - Programmer interview: Mike Winans (Pac-Man) 3:09:44 - Listener Audio Submission: William Culver on Pac-Man 3:11:37 - Game Review: Ms. Pac-Man 3:13:36 - Programmer interview: Carl Mueller Jr. (Ms. Pac-Man) 4:00:34 - George: Telephone box 4:01:17 - Where's Paul again? 4:01:58 - Game Review: Ms. Pac-Man (continued) 4:37:51 - Channel F Files promo 4:38:08 - Rick's Extra Life Day 2016 4:40:53 - Intellivision Desert Bus commercial 4:41:26 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 4:44:37 - Happy Halloween (music from Scooby Doo's Maze Chase) 4:45:06 - Outtakes (music: Mark Acosta "Evening Falls" + Acquarius "Disco Fever") 4:59:15 - George: A terrible incident!  
July 22, 2016
In this episode we review the Mattel Intellivoice game Space Spartans.  We interview the programmers Steve Roney and Bill Fisher.  Rick reviews the Atari and Imagic box collection from Mark Oberhauser.  Paul interviews Don Switzer and Gary Magnan about their upcoming Intellivision homebrew multi-game, which benefits Óscar 'Nanochess' Toledo (creator of IntyBASIC and several homebrew games).  And of course George is here, along with our usual Feedback and News. 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, insert Space Spartans, and go! 0:00:27 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:01:48 - George: episode rundown 0:03:29 - Welcome 0:25:04 - George: Brexit? 0:26:10 - Feedback 0:43:06 - RVG promo 0:43:20 - Retrojunkies promo 0:43:40 - News 1:10:43 - Non-Game or Hardware Review: (Rick) Atari/Imagic repro boxes 1:15:11 - Channel F promo 1:15:36 - Interview: Don Switzer & Gary Magnan 1:46:13 - RGR promo 1:46:23 - Game review (part 1): Space Spartans 2:35:57 - Interview: Steve Roney & Bill Fisher 3:56:33 - Game review (part 2): Space Spartans 4:34:10 - Intellivisionaries promo 4:34:15 - [music break]: Astrosmash - "Sssssnake demo" 4:36:44 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 4:40:13 - Outtakes - featured music: Synthetik FM/NURVIS "They Can't See"  
May 27, 2016
In this episode we have a special guest host - Cmart (Christian Martin)!  We don't do a game review, but we do review the latest edition of Todd Holcomb's Ultimate Intellivision Flashback, as well as the Coleco reproduction box set by Marc Oberhäuser.  We have our usual Feedback, News and George.  And for some reason, Rick is tooling about town on a Penny-Farthing bicycle? 0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... then turn it off and listen to the show! 0:00:05 - George: episode rundown 0:01:06 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:02:28 - Welcome 0:21:44 - Learn to speak like a real Canadian! 0:22:10 - Welcome (continued) 0:32:31 - a close encounter? 0:33:03 - Feedback 0:36:57 - 1982 holiday Intellivision TV commercial (ECS) 0:37:37 - Feedback (continued) 0:52:11 - We're so wrong about He-Man! 0:53:07 - Australian Intellivision TV commercial (Mission X) 0:53:36 - Feedback (continued) 0:56:24 - News! 1:20:41 - Ultimate Intellivision Flashback promo 1:21:58 - 80 of the 80s Podcast promo 1:22:54 - Collecting With Cmart: Mattel consumer/game catalogs 1:28:38 - Introducing Intellivision TV commercial 1:29:32 - Collecting With Cmart (continued) 1:58:00 - Retro Gaming Roundup promo 1:58:11 - Naberhood Games promo 1:59:14 - George: Rick on a Penny? 2:00:20 - Non-Game or Hardware Review: (Paul) Ultimate Intellivision Flashback 2:07:00 - Intellivisionaries promo 2:07:04 - Inty Chip-Tune break: "Maple Leaf Rag" (Dave Warhol) 2:09:06 - Non-Game or Hardware Review: (Rick) Coleco reproduction boxes 2:14:40 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 2:17:36 - Outtakes - featured music: Paul Nurminen (NURVIS) "Plastic"  
April 6, 2016
In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Masters Of The Universe - The Power Of He-Man.  We have an interview with the two programmers responsible for the game; Rick Koenig and Ray Kaestner.  Keith Robinson makes a special appearance to discuss the Intellivision Game Club and Newsletter, and we have our usual Feedback, News and George.0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... and play Masters Of The Universe!0:00:20 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:01:42 - George: episode rundown0:03:26 - Welcome0:17:46 - He-Man Masters Of The Universe Collection (TV commercial)0:18:15 - Feedback0:24:25 - UK Mike promo0:24:43 - George: Intellivision in 2016 (with Keith Robinson!)0:32:38 - Dave Akers promo0:32:58 - News!1:03:25 - Smurf Rescue In Gargamel's Castle (TV commercial)1:03:54 - News (continued)1:08:52 - Battle Armor He-Man (TV commercial)1:09:20 - Ultimate Flashback promo (Todd Holcomb)1:10:39 - Game Review (part 1) - Masters Of The Universe1:57:58 - Castle Grayskull (TV commercial)1:58:27 - Game Review (part 2) - Masters Of The Universe2:07:20 - Prince Adam (TV commercial)2:07:49 - George: Pause Technology (it's not what you think!)2:09:03 - RGR promo2:09:19 - Game Review (part 3) - Masters Of The Universe2:11:24 - Interview: Rick Koenig and Ray Kaestner3:16:29 - Naberhood Games promo3:17:33 - Game Review (part 4) - Masters Of The Universe3:20:26 - King Of Castle Crayskull (comic book reading by Rick)3:31:28 - Game Review (part 5) - Masters Of The Universe3:46:07 - Intellivisionaries promo3:46:17 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen3:51:51 - Outtakes - music: Astrosmash (band) & Karma Chameleon (synthesia)
April 1, 2016
What happens in the Reynolds Warehouse, stays in the Reynolds Warehouse.
March 2, 2016
In this episode, we review two games; Coleco Zaxxon and ColectorVision Space Raid.  We hear a bit about what went into Space Raid from the designer / programmer, Oscar "Nanochess" Gutiérrez.  We also have an interview with the creator and one of the hosts of 80 of the 80s Podcast Clay "DJ CK1" Kriese (he's also a big Intellivision fan).  And our usual Feedback, News and George (who STILL seems to be a bit upset with the Atari 5200 Super Podcast for some reason).0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... and play Zaxxon or Space Raid!0:00:06 - George: episode rundown0:00:44 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Extended Mix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:05:40 - Welcome0:24:30 - Rob Luther / Retro Junkies promo0:24:40 - George - sorry 10:26:35 - Feedback0:41:28 - Channel F Files promo0:41:47 - The Odyssey 20:41:53 - George - sorry 20:43:00 - News0:55:16 - French Intellivision TV commercial0:55:44 - Listener Interview: Clay "DJ CK1" Kriese (80 of the 80s Podcast)1:23:52 - William puts us in our place1:24:24 - Listener Interview (continued)2:07:18 - George - strange candy?2:09:06 - RGR promo2:09:17 - Deep Dive Game Review: Zaxxon2:38:49 - Wendell Brown promo2:39:02 - RVG promo2:39:29 - George - you keep tuning in2:40:23 - Deep Dive Game Review: Space Raid + next game to be covered3:10:37 - Greg Polander (SNES Podcast) promo3:11:00 - George - sorry 33:13:16 - 80 of the 80s Podcast promo3:14:12 - Interview: Oscar "Nanochess" Gutiérrez (Space Raid)*3:21:17 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen3:24:39 - Outtakes (music: "Sharpness Buzztone" by Jean Seb Gerard)* Thanks to William Culver for helping with the 'Nanochess' interview!
January 31, 2016
In this episode, we don't do our traditional 'Deep Dive' game review, but Rick does a Homebrew Highlight review of Piggy Bank.  We have an interview with Jeremy Jarnigan (aka Indieseoul), the creator of Stalking The Retro, The Greatest American Hero Podcast (with Rick), and now Vectrex Radio (with William Culver).  Show correspondent Don Switzer (aka Tarzilla) covers the recent Arcade Expo 2.0 Blue Sky Rangers panel discussion.  And there's Feedback, News and George (who seems to be a bit upset with the Atari 5200 Super Podcast for some reason).0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... then turn it off and listen to us!0:00:05 - George: episode rundown0:01:24 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:02:45 - Welcome0:27:08 - Intellivisionaries promo0:27:11 - George: Ouija Board0:29:42 - Interview: Jeremy Jarnigan (aka Indieseoul)0:56:13 - 80 of the 80s promo0:57:08 - Feedback1:19:37 - George: The Atari 5200 (part 1)1:20:58 - News1:48:46 - George: Top 10?1:52:43 - Blue Sky Rangers panel (from Arcade Expo 2.0 - January 2016)2:47:03 - RGR promo2:47:21 - Blue Sky Rangers panel (continued)3:06:08 - George: The Atari 5200 (part 2)3:06:38 - Homebrew Highlight: Piggy Bank3:14:52 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen3:17:42 - Outtakes 13:19:40 - Outtakes 2: George's alternate show rundown  
December 20, 2015
In this episode, we review the Imagic game Truckin'.  We have two interviews with programmer/designer Rick Levine.  Paul covers the recent Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival, while Gary Magnan tells us all about The Portland Retro Gaming Expo (and LTO Flash updates).  And there's Feedback, Mentions, News and George, with a dash of Christmas cheer from the gang.  Oh, and maybe some time travel..?0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV, insert Truckin' cartridge and go!0:00:29 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Christmas Remix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:01:45 - George: episode rundown / West Bound and Down!0:04:44 - Welcome0:36:41 - CB McHaul TV commercial0:37:08 - George: story time0:39:53 - Feedback0:44:32 - George: emails0:45:34 - N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T.0:54:46 - 80 of the 80s promo0:55:47 - TYCO US 1 Electric Trucking TV commercial (1)0:56:18 - George: thank you0:59:33 - Robots Unite!0:59:56 - News1:21:14 - News [from the future?]1:24:58 - News (continued)1:30:53 - George: favorite Christmas films1:31:52 - Intellivisionaries promo1:32:03 - Expo Talk with Paul: Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival1:36:46 - Truck Driving Song1:38:15 - Expo Talk with Gary Magnan: Portland Retro Gaming Expo1:56:40 - Convoy!1:57:54 - Game Review: Truckin' (part 1)2:27:32 - Interview: Rick Levine (episode 3 sessions)2:38:38 - TYCO US 1 Electric Trucking TV commercial (2)2:39:08 - George: Christmas jokes2:41:15 - Game Review: Truckin' (part 2)3:09:41 - Pittsburgh Dad: Christmas3:10:42 - Inty Chiptune Break: "Jingle Bells"3:11:18 - Game Review: Truckin' (part 3)3:15:35 - Interview: Rick Levine (2015 sessions)3:47:01 - RGR promo3:47:19 - George: Merry Christmas... no, really!3:47:44 - East Bound and Down3:49:03 - Game Review: Truckin' (part 4)4:03:45 - Listener audio: Greg Polander4:09:07 - George: happy?4:09:37 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen4:16:05 - Outtakes
October 31, 2015
In this episode, another non-game review... well, not exactly.  Rick covers IntelligentVision's Ms. Pac-Man in a Homebrew Highlight segment.  We interview listener/homebrew programmer Gary Magnan (aka 'FreeWheel').  Will talks about The Retro World Expo, and Rick discusses his plans for the Extra Life charity event.  And there's Feedback, News and George, with a dash of Halloween spookiness.  Oh, and something is up with these podcast robots...0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... then... Garbage Day?0:00:48 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Halloween Remix) by 'Nurmix'0:02:51 - George gives the rundown of this episode0:03:50 - Welcome0:15:05 - Imagic TV commercial - Toughest Game0:15:37 - Feedback0:30:19 - Ghost Town?0:31:02 - Listener Interview: Gary Magnan (aka 'FreeWheel')1:09:32 - The No Swear Gamer loves George!1:14:41 - News1:27:54 - Intellivisionaries Promo1:28:06 - Extra Life Charity: Rick1:30:56 - Retro World Expo: Will1:39:43 - Odyssey 2 in the feed? WTF?!1:45:58 - Homebrew Highlight: Ms. Pac-Man (IntelligentVision)1:55:51 - Greg & Donny Have An Accent1:58:47 - Dear Mr. Intellivision1:59:37 - Robots Unite!2:00:07 - Close Encounter!2:00:40 - Wendell Brown promo2:01:00 - Garbage Day (continued)2:00:27 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen2:05:04 - Outtakes (Inty chiptune: "Decade Demo Gigadist" by Nic Alderton)*2:09:17 - The Robots Are Running The Asylum * Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier* The song "Garbage Day" is by Karen Potje
September 26, 2015
In this episode, we review... nothing!  That's right, no game review this time around (part of the format changes), but we still have a heck of a show... We interview the guys behind Throwback Network (Rob O'Hara and Sean Johnson) in our 'Mentions' segment.  We also have a listener / Intellivision hacker interview with Greg Goodwin (aka 'doctorclu").  And there's Feedback, News, and George.  Our guest Corrections person is Ryan Waltrip (aka 'S1500') from Classic Console Gamernews.0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV... then... turn it off again? 0:00:06 - George gives the rundown of this episode 0:00:39 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 0:02:02 - Welcome 0:03:08 - What have we been up to? 0:09:17 - Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (1) 0:10:34 - What have we been up to? (continued) 0:19:50 - SNES Podcast promo 0:20:12 - 'Pod Secret' (TV commercial parody) 0:20:49 - Feedback 0:27:50 - Intellivisionaries Promo (1) 0:28:00 - Feedback (continued) 0:37:47 - Shelving Time! 0:38:05 - Feedback (continued) 0:39:29 - N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T. (Throwback Network) 1:36:04 - Inty chip-tune break: "Illusions" 1:36:32 - News 1:47:25 - George plays Scattergories (1) 1:47:46 - UK Mike / Retro Gaming Roundup promo 1:48:04 - Listener Interview: Greg Goodwin (aka 'doctorclu') 3:02:49 - Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (2) 3:12:57 - Listener Interview (continued) 3:15:56 - Intellivisionaries Promo (2) 3:16:00 - RVG promo 3:16:25 - George plays Scattergories (2) 3:16:52 - Kimba The White Lion 3:17:33 - Expo Talk: Rick - Replay FX 2015 3:34:29 - Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (3) 3:34:57 - North and South Park 3:35:56 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen 3:39:05 - Outtakes (music: Atari STE "Sea Of Color" - Dead Hackers Society) 3:42:10 - What did Ferg say!?  
September 8, 2015
In this episode, we review the Elektronite / First Star Software game Boulder Dash.  We interview the programmer Scott Nudds, as well as the president of First Star Software, Richard Spitalny.  There's also Feedback, News, Mentions and George - and we discuss some format changes for the show.0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert Boulder Dash and go!0:00:26 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Extended Mix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:05:23 - Welcome & Show Changes Discussion0:17:01 - William on corrections + 'Pixburg Retro Gamer'0:18:07 - Parker Brothers Popeye, Frogger, Q*Bert TV commercial0:18:37 - Feedback0:36:01 - "Ye Olde English" promo (Vic & Vipp)0:36:46 - Pittsburgh Dad (1)0:37:01 - News0:50:56 - Pittsburgh Dad (2)0:51:30 - Naberhood promo0:52:34 - N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T.0:57:14 - George reads your letters1:00:11 - Game Review: Boulder Dash (part 1)1:33:15 - Interview: Scott Nudds (programmer of Boulder Dash)1:53:16 - Retro Gaming RoundUp promo1:53:33 - Russ Haft promo1:53:42 - Game Review: Boulder Dash (part 2)2:05:51 - Interview: Richard Spitalny (President of First Star Software)2:52:12 - Pittsburgh Dad (3)2:52:48 - Homebrew or not?3:09:00 - Inty chiptune break: 'The Entertainer' (ECS / Melody Blaster)3:09:26 - Oh, Montana...3:09:54 - Game Review: Boulder Dash (part 3)3:24:33 - Rockford!3:25:30 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen3:31:10 - Outtakes (music: 'Mace' Atari Falcon Virtual Synth)  
June 28, 2015
In this episode, we review the Mattel Electronics game TRON MAZE-A-TRON.  We interview the programmer Russ Haft.  We have a listener interview with Shawn Franklin (and his son Alexander contributes his thoughts on Intellivision).  Questions For Keith is back, and there's a listener audio contribution from Will Hutton.  There's also Feedback, News, George and some surprise guests.  So strap into your light cycle and enter The Grid...0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert TRON MAZE-A-TRON and go!0:00:26 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:01:42 - Welcome & Thanks0:06:04 - William, where are you going?0:06:47 - Voice? Ferg? Huh!?0:09:00 - Welcome (continued) and C.O.R.G.S. talk0:43:05 - 7800 Game By Game Podcast Promo0:44:22 - Feedback0:59:17 - "Ye Olde English" Promo (Vic & Vipp)1:00:01 - Mattel Electronics 'TRON video games' TV commercial1:00:50 - News1:13:25 - Retro Gaming Roundup Promo1:13:42 - Dave Rolfe Promo1:13:56 - Questions For Keith2:25:37 - George moves?2:26:51 - Café Pierre2:28:25 - Listener Interview: Shawn Franklin (and Alexander Franklin)3:22:57 - Intellivisionaries Promo3:23:01 - Game Review: TRON MAZE-A-TRON (part 1)4:22:39 - Interview: Russ Haft5:47:32 - Excerpts from "TRON 1.1" by Tom Kahelin from Intellivision In HiFi5:49:34 - Listener Audio Submission: Will Hutton6:11:26 - Game Review: TRON MAZE-A-TRON (part 2)6:22:09 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen6:25:52 - Outtakes (music: "TRON 1.1" by Tom Kahelin from Intellivision In HiFi)
June 11, 2015
Retroaction Entertainment, Intellivision Productions and Realtime Associates present to you... Intellivision classics Astrosmash, Shark! Shark! and Night Stalker re-imagined and modernized for gamers of all ages on PC & MAC.  For more information visit:  
April 18, 2015
In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. basketball games NBA Basketball and Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball respectively.  We interview designers / programmers Steve Ettinger, Dave Warhol, and Ken Smith.  We also have listener audio contributions from Robert 'Intellivision Dude' Worden and Official Show Sports Correspondent Greg Miller.  We talk to 'SoCal' Mike Kennedy about the Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter, as well as his other projects.  Brett Weiss comes on the show to discuss his video game books.  And we hear from Todd Holcomb about his Ultimate Intellivision Flashback.  There's also Feedback, News, Mentions, Aleks On Intellivision, the Odyssey 2, 'William' (Robotic Announcer Guy), and George.  So grab your basketball(s)... and have a listen!0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert [either basketball game] and go!0:00:29 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:01:51 - Welcome & Thanks0:11:13 - The Odyssey 2 on 'robots'0:12:16 - Welcome & Thanks (cont.)0:18:12 - RVG promo0:18:32 - Welcome & Thanks (cont.)0:20:00 - Feedback0:30:56 - A contest!?0:31:18 - Feedback (cont.)0:34:05 - Channel F Podcast promo0:34:24 - Intellivision TV commercial (Mike Gibson & Ian Chappel)0:35:16 - News0:48:19 - The Odyssey 2 and 'William' on professionalism in podcasting0:49:15 - News (cont.)0:51:53 - Naberhood promo0:52:57 - N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T.1:03:48 - 255 Computer Command TV commercial1:04:49 - A Diner boat?1:05:19 - Japanese (Bandai) Intellivision TV commercial1:05:32 - George reads Rick1:06:14 - Interview: 'SoCal' Mike Kennedy / Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter2:09:00 - Spaulding Intellivision II TV commercial2:09:40 - Interview: Brett Weiss3:00:05 - Mattel Electronics Basketball TV commercial3:00:33 - Game Review (part 1)3:14:47 - [Flashback] Interview: Ken Smith (NBA Basketball)3:20:42 - Game Review (part 2)3:36:36 - Interview: Steve Ettinger & Dave Warhol (Slam Dunk)4:24:48 - Inty Chip-Tune Break: "Bedtime Tune" by Der Luchs + George reads4:26:28 - Intellivisionaries promo4:26:38 - Aleks On Intellivision [music: "Back Again" by Ceaven]4:35:27 - Game Review (part 3)4:42:55 - 'William' and the Odyssey 2 on the special version of Slam Dunk4:44:44 - Game Review (part 4)4:52:45 - Listener audio submissions: Robert Worden & Greg Miller5:06:07 - Intellivision Flashback commercial5:07:50 - Astrosmash Gen2 game play5:08:41 - music break: We Must Fly Like Seagulls" by Brent Santin & The Ovoids5:12:20 - RGR promo + George on 'size'5:13:00 - ColecoVisions Podcast promo5:13:18 - Interview: Todd Holcomb (Ultimate Intellivision Flashback)5:51:06 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen5:55:55 - Outtakes (music: "Frequent 000" - Atari Falcon Virtual Synth) + 'William'
February 28, 2015
In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. 'educational' games Math Fun, Word Fun, Learning Fun I and Learning Fun II.  We interview designers / programmers Kimo Yap and Dave Warhol about the games.  We also have a listener interview with Intellivision enthusiast Karen Overstreet.  The Intelli-Virgins are back discussing Lock 'N' Chase, and of course there's Feedback, News, the Odyssey 2 and lot's of George.  So sit back and have Fun and Learn!0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert [educational game of choice] and go!0:00:27 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Extended Mix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:05:26 - Welcome0:11:16 - Intellivision TV commercial (free TV)0:11:46 - Corrections & Thanks0:17:17 - George (landfill)0:18:08 - Feedback0:32:52 - Aleks [NOT] On Intellivision0:33:13 - George (Nolan Bushnell)0:34:56 - RGR Promo0:35:12 - News0:48:19 - News - Live Guest: William Moeller of Elektronite1:07:07 - News (continued)1:13:38 - Intelli-Virgins: Lock 'N' Chase1:44:52 - George reflects1:48:31 - Listener Interview: Karen Overstreet2:33:00 - George reviews Word Fun2:36:36 - Intellivision TV commercial (Burger Time)2:37:07 - George reviews Math Fun2:40:31 - Intellivisionaries Promo2:40:39 - Game Review (part 1)3:24:37 - Interview: Kimo Yap (Math Fun)3:59:36 - Game Review (part 2)4:03:26 - Interview: Dave Warhol (Learning Fun I & II)4:11:23 - Game Review (part 3)4:21:40 - Will & Margo review the games4:35:46 - George calls Victor4:37:46 - Inty chip-tune break: "Leaving Taramis" by Jochen Hippel)*4:39:25 - Game Review (part 4)4:42:53 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen4:47:25 - Outtakes (music: "A Long TIme Apart" - Atari Falcon Virtual Synth)4:51:22 - George (final thoughts)* Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier
January 29, 2015
Happy New Year!  In this episode, we review the Mattel / INTV Corp. release of Thunder Castle.  We interview the designers and programmers of the game, Connie Goldman and David Warhol.  We also have a listener interview with Australian Intellivision enthusiast Harmik Khoronian.  And there's plenty of Feedback, News, George and the Odyssey 2 in this one too.0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert Thunder Castle and go!0:00:21 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:01:43 - Welcome / Thanks0:18:43 - George on Ten Pence Arcade0:19:07 - Feedback0:27:43 - Intellivision II TV commercial0:28:12 - Feedback (continued)0:30:22 - The Odyssey 2 / Intellivision IV speaks?0:30:53 - Feedback (continued more)0:33:33 - Mac or PC?0:34:02 - Feedback (continued more still)0:36:01 - Montana!0:36:23 - Feedback (continued even more than before)0:37:39 - Rhode Island!0:37:57 - Feedback (geez, finish it already!)0:51:12 - George on Atari 2600 GBG / Ferg0:52:20 - Naberhood promo0:53:24 - News0:56:05 - Magnavox Odyssey TV commercial0:56:55 - News (continued)0:57:23 - The Odyssey 2 & Yadranka0:57:47 - News (continued - here we go again)1:00:50 - Clever, that!1:01:54 - Arbor Day!1:02:25 - News (oh brother)1:18:13 - Dave Akers promo1:18:31 - N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T.1:23:09 - Listener Interview: Harmik Khoronian (part 1)2:02:51 - Myer TV commercial2:03:51 - Listener Interview: Harmik Khoronian (part 2)2:35:31 - Intellivision TV commercial (Australia)2:36:28 - Listener Interview: Harmik Khoronian (part 3)2:37:16 - Thunder Castle 'Deep Dive' Game Review (part 1)3:12:25 - Interview: David Warhol & Connie Goldman4:20:23 - Intellivision Flashback TV commercial (edit)4:22:06 - Alex On Intellivision: Thunder Castle4:25:15 - Thunder Castle 'Deep Dive' Game Review (part 2)4:37:44 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen4:41:45 - Outtakes (Inty chiptune: "Best Part Of Creation" by Gunnar Gaubatzen)* * Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier
December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Intellivisionaries!  We talk about our Christmas memories, and hear from listeners, as well as show regulars like Keith Robinson, "George", Alex (on Intellivision), Luke, The Odyssey 2, and more.  No game review this time around, but plenty here for holiday cheer!  Sit back with a glass of spiked eggnog and enjoy!
November 29, 2014
We review Coleco Donkey Kong plus DK Arcade and D2K Arcade.  We interview the head of Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers William Moeller.  And we interview Carl Mueller Jr. - programmer of the DK/D2K Arcade games.  We also have a listener interview with "Intelli-Virgin" Greg Polander, and get his thoughts on the Intellivision Flashback.  Of course Feedback, News and George are here too.   0:00:00 - Turn on the tube TV insert Donkey Kong.. no.. DK Arcade and go!0:00:50 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:02:12 - Welcome / Thanks0:18:51 - Coleco Donkey Kong TV commercial0:19:01 - RVG Promo0:19:25 - Feedback0:46:35 - Hurry up!0:47:17 - Feedback (continued)0:56:48 - A message to George0:57:25 - promo0:58:30 - News1:10:08 - Holiday Special Podcast promo1:10:37 - Listener / Intelli-Virgin Interview: Greg Polander1:42:43 - We Were There (Intellivision Flashback commercial)1:44:28 - Listener / Intelli-Virgin Interview: Greg Polander (continued)1:54:35 - Intarivisions promo1:57:24 - Intellivisionaries promo1:57:35 - Donkey Kong + DK/D2K Arcade Game Review - part 12:15:39 - Interview: William Moeller (Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers) - 12:41:41 - George on DK Arcade2:42:56 - Interview: William Moeller (Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers) - 22:53:28 - Mr. Rogers?2:54:26 - Interview: William Moeller (Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers) - 32:57:02 - Donkey Kong + DK/D2K Arcade Game Review - part 23:25:46 - Interview: Carl Mueller Jr. (programmer: DK/D2K Arcade) - part 14:00:24 - The Channel F Files promo4:00:41 - George?  Is that you?4:00:54 - Interview: Carl Mueller Jr. (programmer: DK/D2K Arcade) - part 24:33:56 - Inty chip tune break: "Ghosts 'N Ghouls 2 (Tim Follin)4:35:39 - George doesn't sing4:36:30 - Donkey Kong + DK/D2K Arcade Game Review - part 34:58:02 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen5:02:19 - Outtakes
October 27, 2014
Halloween tricks and treats abound in this spin-chilling episode.  Imagic's Dracula gets a deep dive review.  Listener interview with Jeff Long.  Homebrew Highlight (Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril), Intelli-Virgins (BurgerTime).  Feedback, News, Mentions Of Significance, George, chainsaws and more (wait... chainsaws?)0:00:00 - Turn on that tube TV to ch.3 and play Dracula!0:00:25 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Halloween Remix) by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen0:02:28 - Welcome and discussion0:15:17 - Feedback0:20:25 - SoCal Mike Promo (RGR?)0:20:39 - Feedback (continued)0:38:46 - Imagic 'Experts' Intellivision games TV commercial0:39:13 - George wishes you a Happy Halloween0:39:38 - Non-Intellivision Mentions Of Significance0:50:17 - George "Pod Secret" commercial0:50:54 - General Mills Monster Cereals TV commercial0:51:22 - Halloween Treat #10:51:51 - News1:13:09 - Can We All Get Along? (for all you Atari Agers)1:14:30 - George spends Halloween with Keith1:15:39 - Intellivisionaries Promo1:15:46 - Listener Interview: Jeff Long (part 1)1:42:41 - "We Were There" (Intellivision Flashback commercial)1:44:27 - Listener Interview: Jeff Long (part 2)2:09:35 - TV Powww!2:10:27 - Listener Interview: Jeff Long (part 3)2:16:36 - George on Nolan Bushnell2:17:11 - Listener Interview: Jeff Long (part 4)2:19:21 - Intelli-Virgins! (BurgerTime)2:51:43 - Video Games Live: Level 4 (Kickstarter)2:56:07 - Halloween Treat #22:56:40 - $50 Intellivision Rebate TV commercial2:57:09 - Channel F Files promo2:57:25 - Homebrew Hightlight (Sydney Hunter - Shrines of Peril)3:06:53 - George wants his Flashback3:07:34 - Dracula (Imagic) Game Review (part 1)3:46:53 - Halloween Treat #33:47:18 - Dracula (Imagic) Game Review (part 2)3:57:19 - Halloween Treat #44:00:00 - The bells toll (it's been 4 hours already?!)4:00:14 - wrap-up / “Treasured” by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen4:05:00 - Music and sounds from Intellivision 'Scooby Doo's Maze Chase" + outtakes
September 27, 2014
The Intellivisonaries - Episode 13.  Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack review.  Interview with programmer/designer David Rolfe. Classic Gaming Expo 2014 coverage ("IQ" competition, listener 'roundtable' discussions, and episode recording sessions - all done in Las Vegas).  Plus Feedback, News, Mentions and more. 0:00:00 - Turn on that tube TV to ch.3 and play Blackjack! 0:00:50 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen 0:02:11 - Welcome and discussion 0:18:03 - Ken Smith promo 0:18:19 - Feedback 0:21:14 - George! (1) 0:21:57 - Feedback (continued) 0:23:34 - The Odyssey 2 speaks! 0:23:55 - Feedback (continued) 0:24:59 - Intermission 0:25:41 - Feedback (continued) 0:27:14 - Luke promo (1) 0:27:39 - Feedback (continued) 0:27:59 - Intellivisionaries promo (1) 0:28:05 - Feedback (continued) 0:29:40 - RetroGaming Roundup promo 0:29:52 - Feedback (continued) 0:33:34 - The Odyssey 2 speaks! (to Karen Overstreet) 0:33:52 - Feedback (continued) 0:37:44 - Braceface (band) - "I Remember Intellivision" 0:39:45 - Non-Intellivision Mentions of Significance... 0:46:11 - George! (2) 0:46:58 - News 0:49:49 - Hal Finney - games tribute 0:50:51 - News (continued) 0:52:18 - Star Strike TV commercial (another Hal Finney game) 0:52:48 - News (continued) 0:57:12 - Robo-Ferg? 0:57:23 - News (continued) 0:58:05 - "We Were There" (Intellivision Flashback commercial) 0:59:50 - News (continued) 1:01:26 - Extra-Life charity promo 1:03:20 - "IQ" (Intellivision Quotient) CGE competition (at our booth) 1:22:05 - 1979 Intellivision demo video (part 1) 1:22:54 - Luke promo (2) 1:23:09 - Inty chip-tune break: Nils Feske - "Rectangular Waves* 1:24:26 - CGE Roundtable - session 1 1:49:04 - Channel F Files promo 1:49:20 - Intellivisionaries promo (2) 1:49:25 - Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack game review (part 1) 2:11:10 - Interview: David Rolfe (part 1) 2:42:12 - 1979 Intellivision demo video (part 2) 2:42:52 - Interview: David Rolfe (part 2) 2:55:11 - 1979 Intellivision demo video (part 3) 2:56:27 - Interview: David Rolfe (part 3) 3:08:32 - 1979 Intellivision demo video (part 4) 3:09:30 - Interview: David Rolfe (part 4) 3:19:25 - 1979 Intellivision demo video (part 5) 3:20:13 - RVG (UK gaming website) promo 3:20:37 - Parker Brothers games TV commercial 3:21:06 - CGE Roundtable - session 2 3:57:22 - Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack game review (part 2) + wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) 4:13:36 - Happy Birthday Intellivisionaries! *Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier
August 26, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 12.  Thin Ice "deep dive" game review.  Interview with Keith Robinson and Julie Hoshizaki (designers/programmers), as well as George 'The Fat Man' Sanger (composer).  Listener interview with "Alex" from Brazil.  MAME Cab segment with Rick.  News, Feedback and fun.  Now with 32% more "Will" than ever before!?   0:00:00 - Turn on tube TV to ch.3, insert Thin Ice, power, reset, hit the disc, go!0:00:20 - The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen0:01:41 - Welcome and discussion0:09:51 - Oh... Canada?0:11:05 - "Dear Mr. Intellivision" (TV commercial)0:11:36 - Feedback0:30:13 - George (1)0:30:35 - Feedback (continued)0:39:00 - Astrosmash (band) - "Ssssnake Demo"0:41:40 - Eddie Dombrower promo0:41:52 - Rick talks MAME cab0:51:50 - George (2) + "Leaving Taramis" by Jochen Hippel [Arnauld Chevallier]0:53:29 - News (featuring Intellivision guitar music by Vague Reality)1:12:53 - George (3)1:13:14 - Listener Interview: "Alex" from Brazil (part 1)1:43:22 - B-17 Bomber (TV commercial)1:43:52 - The 'F' Files Podcast promo1:44:22 - Listener Interview: "Alex" from Brazil (part 2)2:17:14 - Thin Ice game review (part 1)2:44:39 - Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 1)3:00:29 - Inty chip tune break: "Maple Leaf Rag" [Dave Warhol]3:01:46 - Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 2)3:35:39 - George 'The Fat Man' Sanger - "Surfin' On Thin Ice" (LIVE)3:38:36 - Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 3)4:26:04 - Julie Hoshizaki hates penguins?!4:27:10 - Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 4)4:34:20 - UK Mike (from Retro Gaming Roundup) promo4:34:47 - Thin Ice game review (part 2)4:54:46 - Intellivision! (Australian TV commercial)4:55:43 - Antic promo (Brad Arnold)4:55:56 - Wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen)5:01:46 - Outtakes (extended version) - What's up with Will?!* Outtakes music: "Sharpness Buzztone" by Jean Seb Gerard [Arnauld Chevallier]
July 28, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 11.  A "deep dive" game review of Q*Bert, the arcade conversion.  We also have another "Questions For Keith" session, with Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, discussing the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console from AT Games.  Rick interviews listener & game reveiwer 'TrekMD' from Retro Video Gamer (UK forums).  And we have several guest podcasters offering their opinions of Q*Bert, including Chris Bidwell from Now You're Playing With Podcast, Ferg from The Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast, William Culver from The ColecoVisions Podcast, and Dubstep Dad, Sweet and Aaron from Retro Obscura.  We also reveal the winner of the "Mr_INTV" AtariAge Intellivision giveaway contest.  And we introduce a new segment "Homebrew Highlight", basically a mini-review of a modern day Intellivision game.  Of course we have our usual news, listener feeback, mentions and strange drop-ins that Paul likes to do for some reason or another.  Enjoy!
July 20, 2014
In this special edition of The Intellivisionaries Podcast, we interview the four guys behind "Project-L".  If you don't know what Project-L is, download the podcast and find out - with guests William Moeller, Joe Zbiciak, Steve Orth, and 'Voltron'.
June 29, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 10.  Join us as we go "deep" into the dungeons of Treasure Of Tarmin / Minotaur.  We interview designer / programmer Tom Loughry.  We also interview Scott Nudds who is currently programming Boulder Dash for the Intellivision (coming soon from Elektronite / First Star Software), and William Moeller joins in for part of the interview too.  Rick gives us another programming segment, and we include our usual feedback, news and fun ("George" is back too).  See you on level 256! *Note there are some audio issues with Tom Loughry's interview due to a bad line.  It was cleaned up as much as possible, but is not perfect.
May 28, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 9.  Another "deep dive" game review, this time it's Beauty & The Beast from Imagic.  We also have an interview with the programmer / designer Wendell Brown.  We chat with Scott Schreiber and Mike James from Retrogaming Roundup about Classic Gaming Expo 2014.  And we introduce a new segment "Questions For Keith", where we ask Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions listener-submitted questions.  Of course we have our usual news, listener feeback and mentions, and we even "Say Pow!" in this one!  Huh?
April 27, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 8.  We take a "deep dive" into Sea Battle, have an interview with Blue Sky Ranger Dave Akers about his past and current Intellivision games, and also interview Ken Smith, programmer of Sea Battle (and other early Intellivision games).  Plus we have our usual news, listener feeback and mentions. Chris Bidwell from Now You're Playing With Podcast guest hosts, and Rick begins a new modern day Intellivision programming segment.
March 29, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 7.  We review all three baseball games: Major League Baseball, World Championship Baseball, and World Series Major League Baseball.  We also interview Intellivision baseball programmers David Rolfe and Eddie Dombrower, as well as listener Steve Herold.  And we have our usual news, feedback, mentions and music.
February 24, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 6.  We do our traditional "deep dive" game review; this time it's The Dreadnaught Factor from Activision.  We interview the programmer / designer of the game, Tom Loughry.  We also interview Kieren Hawken (aka "The Laird") from Retro Video Gamer in the UK.  And this month we have a special guest host, Kevin Savetz - author of "Terrible Nerd", one of the hosts of Antic: The Atari 8-bit Podcast, and an Intellivision collector.  And all the feedback, news and fun you've come to expect from our show is here too.
January 23, 2014
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 5.  We take a "deep dive" into the Intellivoice game "Bomb Squad", talk Intellivision with video game legend Tommy Tallarico, interview Blue Sky Ranger Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, and Mattel Electronics alum Joey Silvian.  Plus we have our usual news and listener feedback segments, and a lot more 'explosive' Intellivision fun!
December 18, 2013
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 4.  Merry Christmas!  We talk about the home-brew game "Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents", interview its designer/programmer James 'dZ Jay' Pujals, and do an in depth discussion of the game itself.  We also interview Phil Boland about his Sears Overlay Set.  And this episode is packed with holiday goodness, including a reworked Christmas Mix of The Intellivisionaries Theme, Intellivision Christmas music, and an additional original Christmas tune ("Lonely Christmas" - by Paul Nurminen) that accompanies our 'end of year' outtakes.  Grab some eggnog, sit back and enjoy!
December 4, 2013
Due to multiple requests, here are two original music tracks (by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen) that are featured in every episode of The Intellivisionaries - minus the overdubs and the annoying chit chat!  "The Intellivisionaries Theme" (the intro music used in the episodes), and "Treasured" (the music heard at the end of the episodes).  Thanks for asking for them, enjoy!  Also, extended mixes of both tracks are in the works... stay tuned!
November 21, 2013
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 3. In this episode we do a "deep dive" on Microsurgeon by Imagic, including an interview with its programmer and designer Rick Levine! We also have some Intellivision related news, some feedback from listeners (including some really fun Astrosmash memories), and an interview with William Moeller of Elektronite (with some sneak peeks at upcoming titles). And of course we're bringing all the fun, music, and excitement that this historic platform warrants to yet another episode.
October 23, 2013
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 2.  In this episode we do a "deep dive" on Astrosmash, discussing its history, and our memories and opinions of this iconic Intellivision title.  We also talk about the latest Intellivision news, have an interview with Mike Kennedy (aka SoCal Mike) about his projects, and Rick tells us all about his personal story and history with the system.  Finally, within this episode you'll find an exclusve special offer from Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers... not to mention all the additional fun, music and excitement we try to pack into every episode.
September 22, 2013
The Intellivisionaries - Episode 1.  We introduce ourselves, talk about our direction for the show, and discuss in depth the Mattel Electronics Intellivision "Master Component" game console and related hardware.  We also talk about its history, its features, its competitors, and its current day support from Intellivision Productions, home brew / independent developers, and its fans.
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