The Intellivisionaries Podcast
The Intellivisionaries Podcast
The Intellivisionaries
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My Favorite Retro Gaming Podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! It’s got amazing sound quality and the music is out of this world. And the level of detail they dig into their topics is unmatched. For someone who grew up with the Intellivision this show is impossible to beat. My only wish is they would put out more episode!
Interesting and A Great Trip Down Memory Lane
I stumbled upon this podcast one Christmas during a bit of a nostalgia trip that seems to happen around the holidays. I wondered if there was an Intellivision podcast and low and behold this very podcast had only started up a few months earlier. All three guys are fun to listen to. It’s like hanging out with some old friends. They really do a great job, not just talking about the system but going as far as to find and interview old programmers or Mattel employees. It’s really great. If you spent any time in your youth playing the Intellivision and have fond memories of it you’ll definitely get a kick out of this podcast.
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Dr. Funny
Impressive, Most Impressive!
I truly enjoy each and every episode that I have listened to so far. Keep it up! Thanks for your hard work and dedication. This makes my work day go so much better!
Incredible Podcast!
Paul (Nurmix), Rick, and Will have created a phenomenal podcast. This is a must listen for fans of Intellivision, and fans of retro games in general. Much like how the Intellivision went deeper in richness and complexity on their game releases, the hosts go DEEP in researching each title. In short, they know their stuff. They also regularly feature interviews with progammers and other industy luminaries. Add in ample doses of humor, Paul's incredible original music, and unbelievable production quality, and it gets no better than this. Subscribe now! Sing
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For All Fans of Retro Gaming
If you want great, solid, in depth Intellivision news, reviews, and interviews then this is your podcast. These guys go above and beyond to deliver the history as well as tell you what's happening right now with the Intellivision. Intellivision lives! ---thanks to the people who put out this podcast and the community that supports it.
Fantastic cast
A great podcast entertains and informs you. I also didn't grow up with an Intellivision but am happy to have these three great hosts talk about their memories and enjoy the skits and interviews. Great production too!
Aaron Hickman aka Diagamblic
Great podcast
Hosts mesh together well and keep the show interesting and entertaining. I never had an Intellivision, but still find it a good listen with a lot of information presented.
Serious Intellivision
I don't own an Intellivision and I never have. Growing up, I can't say I knew a single person that owned one. I've never even played an Intellivision game on real hardware. So why did I listen to this podcast? Well, I'm a video game junkie and I thought I'd check it out just to see how somebody could possibly talk for 5 hours about a game console that never seemed to be all that popular even in its heyday. Well, thanks to Paul, Rick and William, I'm hooked and happily listen to every word. They do an amazing job of research, and their passion for the games is infectious. I've now played some through emulation and find it to be a fantastic game system that seems awfully advanced for 1979 technology. The interviews with game designers are top notch - they ask smart questions and it is a real treat to hear about how these games were created from the people who were there. A+.
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Just too cool!
I really love this podcast. Brings back so many memories… Keep up the great work (love the long podcasts too)
Absolutely Amazing Podcast
If you like any kind of classic games, I highly recommend this podcast. I did not have an Intellivision when I grew up, but I am enthralled by this podcast. Paul, William, and Rick do a masterful job; the show is well-researched, it has great original music, doesn't veer off the subject like classic gaming podcasts can, and is also hilarious in parts! Their love for the subject comes through loud and clear, making this one of the best classic gaming podcasts out there. Download an episode and see for yourself, you will enjoy every minute!
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Finally a good show about the Intellivision!
Wow! Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work. I'm really wating for the next epsiode.
Can't wait for the next episode!
Ah, the Intellivision. I loved my Atari 2600 but the Intellivision my friend was lucky enough to get for Christmas caught my eye. This podcast really captures the feeling of the time when the Intellivision was released. It's got great production values and you can tell the creators know (and have a place in their hearts for) this piece of video gaming history. Good. Stuff.
Great audio quality, great stories and great chemistry make the Intellivisionaries a great podcast. Even though I didn't have an Intellivision as a kid, I enjoy listening to the episodes and find myself wishing I had spent more time playing these games! Highly recommended for fans of the Intellivision or retrogaming in general!
Rob O'Hara