Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 192: The McPherson Tape (1989) and In Search of Darkness (2019) plus Howl (2016) and Vampire Cleanup Department (2019)
Published March 30, 2020
134 min
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    Practicing social distancing? Great time to shelter with us at HORROR MOVIE PODCAST—we’ve missed you! In Episode 192, another Frankensteinian episode, horror hosts Dr. Shock, Wolfman Josh, and Gillman Joel bring you a spoiler-free Feature Review of The McPherson Tape (1989)—aka UFO Abduction—as well as a Collector’s Crypt featuring In Search of Darkness (2019) and several mini-reviews of films from the end of last year including The Furies, Head Count, The Human Race, and Vampire Cleanup Department. We also have a Shudder-Sponsored Screaming Online review of Howl (2016) for your listening pleasure.
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    I. Introduction
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    [ 0:03:50 ] III. Real Talk: LIFE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19

    [ 0:32:35 ] II. Feature Review: THE MCPHERSON TAPE (1989)
    Dr. Shock 7.5/10 ( See it in the Theater / Buy it! )
    Gillman Joel: 7/10 ( See it in the Theater / Buy the Director’s Cut! )
    -Found Footage Critic’s link buy The McPherson Tape

    [ 1:05:10 ] III. Collector’s Crypt: IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 9/10 ( Buy it! )

    [ 1:18:00 ] V. SHUDDER-Sponsored SCREAMING ONLINE Segment
    Dr. Shock recommends Howl (2019)
    —Try SHUDDER free for 30 Days with Promo Code: HMP

    [ 1:32:00 ] V. Micro Reviews:
    [ 1:28:16 ] THE FURIES (2019)
    Wolfman Josh 6/10 ( Low-Priority Rental )
    Dr. Shock: 6.5/10 ( Rental )
    [ 1:32:25 ] HEAD COUNT (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 7.5/10 ( Rental )
    Gillman Joel: 7.5/10 ( Rental )
    [ 1:41:24 ] THE HUMAN RACE (2012)
    Gillman Joel: 7.5 ( Rental )
    [ 1:49:09 ] VAMPIRE CLEANUP DEPARTMENT (2019)
    -horror adjacent, Chinese “hopping vampire” comedic romance
    Wolfman Josh: 6 ( Low-priority Rental )

    VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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