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Horror Movie Podcast
Jay of the Dead
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One of my favorite all time podcasts
I am a huge horror movie fan, and as we all know there aren’t that many of us out there. I found this podcast a year ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite all time podcasts. After listening to a couple episodes I decided to go to the website and start from the first episode and work my way up. What a goldmine of amazing reviews!! I love listening to the in depth reviews from Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dave Doctor Shock Becker. Their reviews are so well thought out and come from the heart. It feels like I am sitting with a group of friends going over these movies. And even if there are differing tastes they are friends first and foremost and hear each other out without drama or awkward fighting. Also I am happy with their choice of Gillman Joel to replace Jay of the Dead. He has become my favorite HMP host, he always makes me laugh every episode. And his tastes generally match mine as well. His is a voice for radio ladies and gentlemen! And don’t get me started on their intro music. The evolution of their original intro music to what it is today is super cool. I need it as a ringtone, seriously that’s my jam! Anyway, Horror Movie Podcast, keep up the awesome work. I realize how much work every host puts into this Podcast and it shows. For the best quality podcast on horror movie reviews, look no further than Horror Movie Podcast.
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Top 3 best horror movie podcasts
I love this podcast. These guys rule and it’s my go to podcast. Can’t wait for new episodes
Simply the Best
You can feel the depth of knowledge over time and genres from these podcast hosts. I have listened to have a half dozen podcasts and there is no better horror movie devoted podcast than this one. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
Great show! 🎃
Maybe the best horror content out there. These guys know their stuff!
Best Horror Movie Podcast!! 🧟‍♀️
If you’re looking for a horror movie podcast, look no further. This is the best horror movie podcast!! Gillman Joel, Wolfman Josh, & Dave Dr. Shock Becker give great straightforward reviews & their banter is hilarious & fun! I find it hard to wait for a new review & the month of October is always a great time!! Thanks guys for your hard work & all the bonus information you provide!
The perfect Podcast
These three gentlemen are outstanding hosts. I hold all three of them in the highest regard! I especially love how relatable they are, I.E. they’re not afraid to say “I haven’t seen that one” or “I picked that up, but still haven’t watched it” I also love hearing stories from their youth and how it relates to the film they’re discussing, like the dates that didn’t like Army of Darkness, etc. I appreciate the amount of work they put into each episode. It has really helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic. A hearty thank you to HMP, I’m dead serious when I say I appreciate you all.
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Best Horror Movie Podcast
Horror Movie Podcast is a fantastic show with three hosts who really know their stuff. They are articulate, knowledgeable and engaging and at times, downright hilarious. This podcast makes my long ride to and from work something to look forward to. If you're a horror fan, this podcast is the best of the best.
Best. Horror. Podcast.
Thank you Joel, Josh & Dave! Listen to this show - you won’t regret it! I discovered HMP aka ‘The Best Horror Podcast’ on my way down to my parents place in rural NC over the Christmas Holiday 2019. I listened to the Top 10 Horror Movies Of The 1980s in my car on the drive down....at night...down a deserted highway....alongside the Dismal Swamp Canal....alone in the car....just the dog and me....it was amazing! When horror is your happy place, that’s the best kind of car ride! I was immediately hooked. Since then, I’ve binged pretty much every episode back to the beginning. Every car ride, every house cleaning, every dog walk, I was listening to y’all discuss (sometimes argue and debate) my favorite genre. I didn’t think anyone could give me a new horror movie to watch, I thought I’d seen them all, but I’m almost always jotting down a title or two to look up later. Lately, in our country, it feels like we are living out the plot of some real life horror movie and it’s been wonderfully therapeutic to escape into this world. Horror has been my favorite genre as far back as I can remember. It’s awesome listening to people who seem to love it just as much as I do! I can’t say enough good things about this show. If you love horror, you HAVE to listen. Even if you just like horror - listen to these guys so you find out the right ones to watch. The guests are great too! I mean who has a cetologist on when talking about sea monster movies? These guys! Thanks again. Know that y’all are TRULY appreciated. Keep up the great work you do on this show!
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To the guys of this podcast
I recently have discovered these guys on podcast . Hands down it is one of my favorite podcast shows. I’m also a Horror fan one of my favorite is Halloween and Freddy . I have also discovered news movies by these guys and let me just say they know what they are talking about. I hope you guys talk about the 13 ghost movie as to me is was very good and I would like to hear you guy’s intake on it.
This is most definitely one of my FAVORITE podcasts out there. The top tens of the decades are my favorite and funny, informational and it makes me decide which horror movies to buy, rent, or skip.
Best Horror Movie Resource!
I've been listening for about 2 years and love it. They have a huge catalog of back episodes covering so many movies that I can always get good recommendations. Love the franchise reviews in particular. The guys are so informative and fun to listen to. Keep it up!
This show revived my love for Horror
I started listening to this show on a whim because I hadn’t seen a quality horror movie in a while and I needed advice. I listened the the 2018 and 2019 top ten picks and Wow these guys know what they are talking about! It makes me think back about going to the movie rental store every weekend as a kid and picking a new horror movie to watch. This show is great. I do miss Jay though. Bring Jay back.
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Great show
Love listening to these guys , like listening to couples buddy’s having a conversation about horror movies with a couple of cold ones
So Enjoyable
These guys don’t know it but they are my new best friends. I love the podcast topics (including pig headed horror) and the entertaining and informative discussions. The shows are long which I love for my long commute. I started listening to some of the older shows first so I still trying to find out what happened to Jay - I miss him on the newer shows. I
Best horror podcast out there and my favorite podcast period.
Love these guys and their intelligent conversations and breakdowns of films across the spectrum of the horror genre. I highly recommend!
Kyle R Harris
Fun show
I love this show. Great deep dives into horror themes and what makes us love these films.
Y’all read my mind!
I agree with y’all almost all the time!! It’s refreshing to hear halls love for horror!!!
Top notch horror podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, and I absolutely love it. These guys feel like family at this point. They’re funny and entertaining, and they certainly know their stuff when it comes to horror.
The Best podcast, horror movie or otherwise. A constant on my playlist. Thorough reviews, the hosts knowledgeable, entertaining with distinct personalities and a great rapport.
Michele Philly
Best horror podcast
The longer podcasts length make work a joy and do not feel like a drag as the conversations are always entertaining and insightful.
Great resource for those looking for new horror movies
I started listening when I realized you couldn’t trust every horror movie on Netflix. Their reviews guide me to the ones I’ll like, love, and be spooked by
I love this podcast
I've been a huge horror fan since I was a little kid. I didn't get into listening to podcasts until last year.. This was the first podcast I ever listened to! I listen to every new episode as it comes up on Apple podcast, and every day at work I listen to the older episodes. Currently working backwards through 2017.
A lot has changed....
I’ve been listening a long time and really appreciate the entertaining discussions about new and classic movies. If you haven’t listen in while you owe it to your self to check it out. The flavor has changed with the new host. Always good but now different.
N1kk1 fl1pp3rs
I’m a horror movie fan. I’m a horror movie podcast fan. This podcast is considerate, professional, and at times very funny. I’ve never enjoyed listening to hours of critique so much! My favorite bonus is learning about odd foreign horror movies that I then have to track down and watch. Truly insightful heartfelt conversation about the best movie genre ever. Thanks guys!
THE go to horror podcast!
I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple years and they know their horror! Great insight without spoilers ... and I love that they don’t always agree. If you love horror, subscribe!
Excellent show for horror fans(and generally family friendly)
I’ve been listening to HMP for a couple of years now and it really is the best podcast for horror fans. The hosts are all great and seem like genuinely good guys. These guys are knowledgeable but not snobby about it and always have great perspectives and opinions.
Jawn of the Dead
Great hosts
I accidentally stumbled on to this podcast looking for reviews for IT and I have been hooked ever since they do a great job doing deep dives on reviews and also bringing some attention to smaller horror movies that I might not have checked out.
Great podcast
I was looking for something to listen while i was at work and to keep my mind occupied because i had just lost my dad , i found you guys around the time of you guys slasher monster episodes , doc shock has really introduced me to a-lot of movies from the past like the 60s 70s and i am constantly going back to older horror movies,Wolfman is very knowledgeable and i enjoy his commentary even though j of the dead has step down his wittiness was always a welcome and enjoyable , I appreciate you guys and all that you do by educating and being so informed on my favorite genre of movies, WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT HORROR MOVIES.
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fred dixon
Necessary horror podcast to check out
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a relatively short time- probably around a year and a half. It’s continuously on my radar and look forward to the newest episode. The reviews are in-depth, honest, and entertaining. The atmosphere that the guys create is on-point and straightforward. Great content and highly entertaining podcast for the horror fan. Thanks for all your work!
Horror Podcasting on Another Level
This is some seriously rich horror content that’s provided by amazing, knowledgeable and DEAD SERIOUS hosts. I’ve been listening since 2014 and have been hooked ever since! If you like to explore beyond the horror cinema and uncover the “why” behind it all...these are your guys!
Love the movie lists
I can’t get enough of the reviews. I always have new movies to watch. I’m obsessed with horror and I never have to worry about what to watch next. I have one complaint. You made me rewatch the Puppet Master movies and I did not enjoy that. Haha!! Love you guys!
Great Podcast from a Horror Nut
Really good podcast, doesn’t feel as long as it is so don’t be afraid....or be afraid idk ha
Da Real B-Whizzle
These guys are legit!
Always entertaining and surprisingly clean for the subject matter! They have a good rapport and never fail to put new horror flicks on my radar. Highly recommend!
The Essential Horror Podcast.
Beautifully rich discussions of the horror movie genre. I luckily found this gem randomly and the discussions are perfectly balanced and insightful into the topic which (at the time) wasn’t as popular. The hosts (old and new) layer their experience and knowledge of the genre each episode to build an intriguing and fantastic ride which has me wanting the next episode every time the last one ends. No joke or fluff, this podcast is honestly my go to and find myself re-listening to quite often. Thanks for all the great discussions and suggestions!
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Horror experts
I'm a realitvely new listener, but I am catching up as fast as I can! I love that the reviews and that the reccomendations are coming from lovers of the genre and experts in everything horror. Thanks guys and I'm excited to listen even when it's not spooky season!
Great show!
Just a long-time listener, first-time reviewer who figured I should finally give this podcast the 5-star review it deserves! I’ve been getting my movie recommendations from here for months now, and I’ve seldom been let down by them. I love how the hosts utilize their vast knowledge of horror movies and cinema in general to give an objective perspective to their reviews. This is a podcast that I have recommended - and will continue to recommend - to all of my horror-loving friends. Thank you guys so much for this show, and keep on being Dead Serious About Horror Movies!
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My favorite podcast
This podcast has got it all. A good amount of humor without being distracted by it, an in-depth analysis without being pretentious, and hosts that convey how much they know and love film. I trust these guys opinion, I enjoy hanging with them (aka listening to them) and I think the cool/calm cohosts balance out the host’s chatty high energy nicely. Thanks for all the work this team does to bring us such a great show.
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The real deal
This is the go-to for horror movie podcasts. These guys know the ins and outs of horror, and not just the mainstream stuff...you will be given suggestions and critiques from every corner of the horror universe. Completely obsessed with the quality and content of HMP.
Deeply frustrated!!!
Best Horror Movie Podcast.
I’ve listened to the ‘cast for a few years now and really enjoy the camaraderie of the fellas. While they don’t always see things eye-to-eye, that’s what makes it interesting. Being a lover of all things slasher, this week’s (10.13) Top 10 80’s Slashers episode was one I’ve been waiting for and rather than go through the standard picks, thanks for dropping out your top 5 to begin with.
probably leaving site
The Gold Standard
You have one of the very best hosts in Gill-man Joel and the two best co-hosts in Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock Dave dispensing their vast knowledge of horror film cinema. This podcast is embarrassingly good. From their now legendary series on the slasher film movement to their incredible franchise reviews, to their best of the year and annual horror awards episodes, it simply doesn't get better than this. You will be entertained, you will be enlightened, you will be addicted to this podcast. Bow to the mighty, mighty HMP.
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Decapitated Head and Shoulders Above the Rest
HMP is without a doubt the best horror podcast. I have been a die hard horror fan for 35 years. I gave up on horror in the 2000’s and thought I grew up, grew old, or just started to hate the cinema. HMP not only restored my faith in horror, it sparked a nostalgic flame that still burns bright. The smart and insightful dialogue of all the hosts is only bested by the joy they feel when they are discussing good movies, key elements, scary moments, and/or how the movie relates to society as a whole. The hosts pure love for the genre is contagious, and the only cure is more HMP! The only thing needed is for J to rise from the dead and make his return.
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My Favorite Horror Podcast!
HMP is by far the best Horror movie podcast around. The film reviews are well researched and thoughtful. There are interesting perspectives on the genera by each of the hosts. The hosts are active on their social media and message boards and engage listeners. There is a huge backlog of episodes to keep you entertained for hours. Do not sleep on this podcast and subscribe now. Like right now. Do it.
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Informative and fun
I’ve been a listener for a few years now and really enjoy this podcast. I am a fan of horror movies of course, but am also a jack-Mormon, someone who went to Mormon church every week as a kid and I actually find the now retired host Jay personable and fun to listen to. The rest of the cohosts are great as well and I have listened to many of the podcasts they do, such as Universal Monsters, Retro Movie Geek, Forgotten Flicks, and Movie Podcast Weekly. Some horror podcasts I listen to can get way off subject and can be crude, which becomes a bit much. This is a great one!
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Kenny Temec
I’m dead serious about this review.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now and realized I’ve never written a review! This podcast is every horror fans dream! In depth coverage on all things horror by some of the most relatable podcast hosts I’ve ever heard. HMP has a huge back catalog to get me through the days in between new biweekly releases. 10/10 would recommend!
Would be a really great podcast but...
So I really enjoy the conversations and the depth of them also. The host and guest hosts are always knowledgeable about the subject matter and are really good at not being to snobbish between old school and new school horror. Being a big fan of 80’s and 90’s horror I sometimes struggle with the abundance of new horror but the podcast is good at breaking films down to their core which helps encourage viewings. So here is the but, I get really really bored and frustrated how much the host jay of the dead brings up religion. I understand when the large part of a films content is religiously based but he constantly goes on about his faith and how it affects him. They are horror films, they are all based on death, pain and fear these are things that religion also have ties to so it is always possible to make comparisons. If jay would pump the brakes on his faith i would have happily used the rating by one star.
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Thank you!!!
I just started listening to this amazing show several months ago and I became instantly HOOKED! Everyday at work, I have to listen to an episode or two(the longer the episode, the better) I always make sure to have paper and a pen to write down movie titles you guys mention. The guys on the show are AWESOME!!! And I love how each of them have their own unique touch to the show. I know I mentioned this to y’all on Twitter, but this show gave me the inspiration to be part of the podcast world. ❤️ so HMP will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! PS I’m down for “pig headed” horror 😂 Jay is on to something y’all! -ash2ashes
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Best Podcast for Horror Fans
Some may say the Puppet Master franchise does not deserve more than a six hour long discussion and breakdown. If you disagree with those people, then you should be listening to Horror Movie Podcast. If you agree, and you are a horror fan, then you should still be listening to Horror Movie Podcast becasue there is plenty in there for you. Listen to it for new releases and recommendations, go back into the archives and listen to one of your favorite franchises or themed episodes. Hours and hours of great content from three intelligent guys (and guests) who are passionate about horror. Start listening now.... and start compiling your 2018 top ten list!
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AnthonyR the Beijing Beast
I bow to this podcast
Are you looking for long podcast episodes on horror? Are you looking for the best podcast voice ever in Jay of the dead? Are you looking for smart funny thoughtful personal horror conversation that feels like you’re with friends? Look no other than Horror Movie Podcast with Dr Shock, Wolfman Josh and Jay of the Dead....you are home! Do it up!
Made Me Fall Back In Love With Horror
An incredibly insightful horror podcast that tries to get at the heart of any sub-genre they tackle throughout their exstensively entertaining catalogue of episodes. I started casually listening about two years ago and became so hooked I had to go back to episode one and listen to every episode they produced from then to the present. During this process I became obsessed with the horror genre like I had been back when vhs rental stores where still around. Their franchise reviews are particularaly inspired. Funny, informative, and for the most part, for the whole family. Horror Movie Podcast is simply the best, accept no substitutes.
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Eddie McKenzie
Very fun show!
I've been listening to these guys for a few years now and thought I'd leave a review. Their personalities click well, and you can tell they are very passionate about horror, and just movies in general. High production value. Good stuff!
Steve Bawden
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