Sean McCoy - Meeting players where they are
Published March 2, 2020
42 min
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    Welcome to Game Mechanics, a show about Tabletop Roleplaying Games from lots of different perspectives. I’m Logan Jenkins.

    Today, I’m talking to Sean McCoy. Sean is one of the co-founders of Tuesday Knight Games, and the designer, writer, layout artist, and illustrator of Mothership, a sci-fi horror TTRPG that won the 2019 Ennie for best game! Sean is also lead designer on other Tuesday Knight Games, which makes Sean an expert on both TTRPG and boardgames design. That’s why I wanted to talk to him. I started this conversation thinking it was going to be about the difference between board game and RPG mechanics, but it blossomed into designing games generally, graphic design philosophy for games, remembering that players have brains, and more. It’s not overselling it to say that this conversation changed the way I think about game design. I hope you get some of the same sort of revelations from listening in. Let’s get to it!

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