#87. Niki Taylor - Reiki 101 & Universal Energy
Published April 6, 2018
72 min
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    Niki is an experienced Reiki Master-Teacher with a really interesting story. She offers both Reiki sessions and also facilitates Reiki practitioner training workshops.

    After reaching her own rock bottom, struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, she was led to Reiki through a series of synchronistic events. We talk more about her journey and I get my Reiki-for-dummies questions answered.

    I’ve been interested, yet confused, by the concept of Reiki for the longest time. So long, I felt it was about time I simply had a conversation where I had the chance to ask all of my completely inexperienced questions.

    And if I’m a little nosy about what on earth this Reiki thing is, then I’m betting a few of you have heard about it too. Or maybe you haven’t? If you have or you haven’t – you’ll still get SO much out of this conversation.

    Some of the things we cover in this episode include:

    -      What Reiki actually is

    -      How energy can be sent through time and space

    -      How we all have our unique energy signature, which means that two of us can do the same thing very differently

    -      How the idea of energy can be scary when you come from a religious background, but how it can be thought of as just another label for the holy spirit or gods presence

    -      How even if you aren’t a Reiki practitioner you can use Reiki energy

    -      The importance of the “feel good” factor when choosing a practitioner (or a Life Coach for that matter)

    -      How we can process the hurt and fear we see in the world today

    -      What sending #loveandlight means from a reiki perspective

    -      How we have the power to raise or lower our vibrations

    -      How important water is to our well-being and our we can supercharge our own water to make it even more awesome

    -      And tones more of course

    To find Niki, you can head to www.awakenspiritualtruths.com or on Instagram@highvelocityspiritualcoach.

    To find out more about Kate and her programs, head to www.thrive.how

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