Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
Kate Snowise, Self Help
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A thoughtful and positive podcast
I stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks ago when I was feeling that I needed something positive to listen to and to learn from. This podcast is thoughtful, spiritual and full of positivity that I was craving more than I truly knew. I often learn something new when I tune in and I have felt much more positivity in my every day life which I am incredibly thankful for. I’m glad I’m just starting this podcast and looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey with Kate and her guests.
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A Llerena
I’ve learned so much
So happy a friend recommended this podcast to me. It’s become part of my self care routine, which I learned about through this podcast. Kate’s wisdom and relevant topics have helped transform my life for the better! These are the things they should be teaching in schools!
LOVE this podcast!
This podcast is very inspiring and I have learned so much about how to improve myself and my life. I enjoy listening to this podcast, especially if I am having a rough day. Thank you so much for this podcast, it has had a great impact in my life. I am extremely grateful and feel blessed to have found this podcast! 🙏❤️
Impactful and Engaging!!!
Kate Snowise really knows how to deliver to her audience. I’ve only listened to a few episodes after discovering this podcast and I am blown away by how informative, empowering, and helpful this is for those looking to improve and heal their relationship to self. So happy I stumbled upon this and can’t wait to keep devouring her content :)
So helpful!
Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast! I have learned so much and I am only on episode 14!
Mom/Nona to many,...
Thanks for the diversified raw, honest and positive approaches to many issues we all face at one time or another,..Appreciate it! God bless,...🙏
I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
Temujin Taft
Soothing to the soul
I truly appreciate this podcast. In the poop storm that was 2020, I turned to all things therapy and self help to help manage my anxiety and depression triggered by panic and isolation. This podcast helped save me. Thank you so much for providing such great practical advice for us all!
Thank you!
I found your podcast after leaving an abusive religion that taught me to perform for my worthiness, that I had to earn my worthiness. Leaving made me weak and unworthy in the eyes of my family and community. Your podcast, specifically the third episode, was life changing. I had never considered that I was worthy just as I am. It set me on a path to discovering new and healthy scripts for my life. Thank you!!!
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My Happy Place
Thank you for your vulnerability, honesty, insightful podcasts and inspiring guests. Love the suggestions on books and other resources. Thank you for creating this space!
Amazing podcast 👍🏻
Found this podcast about a year ago! I am ADDICTED to Kate Snowise 🤩💜🌈☀️. Her insights and guest speakers aided me in the recovery process with anxiety and depression. I could listen all day 👏🏻
Staci 💜
New season
The host’s voice is so soothing. I am so happy to have her back.
All podcasts
Feeling inspired!
I always feel inspired after listening. Great way to start the day!
Perfect timing!
So grateful I came across this podcast! All of the guests I’ve listened to so far have been so helpful, informative and practical. I’ve had a handful of mini-breakthroughs while listening, and I’ve had to start a dedicated notebook! Thank you, Kate!
Helpful and encouraging...
Love this podcast. I’ve been a lifelong agnostic, but started dabbling in spirituality lately by listening to different podcasts - looking for some comfort and a different way of thinking after a family member’s medical diagnosis. This was what I needed. The reflections from Kate and her guests are so thoughtful. The topics resonate with things I’ve experienced and thoughts I’ve ruminated over. I come away from the episodes feeling calmer and more grounded. Highly recommended.
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New listener 123
So helpful..
Kate is really doing a great service to people through this podcast. Listening to the shows has given me great insight on how to navigate through life and live life to the fullest.
Both informative and inspiring
I love all of the information Kate and her guests share in this podcast. So many practical tools and useful guidance.
All shows
Very uplifting and informative. Love all your shows. Keep it up!
Love this podcast
This is my favorite podcast. I’ve been tuning in for about a year now, and just recently dove into the past episodes. There’s a nice balance, variety, and diversity to the episodes and guest perspectives. I feel it’s also really inclusive in how it’s all presented. After listening to an episode, I always find that I feel motivated and thoughtful. I am so grateful for Kate and Here to Thrive that I did something I’ve never done before: write a review. I hope more people discover this treasure.
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Purely amazing💕
Kate has managed to balance the science of psychology and her own life experiences to bring us basically free life coaching in her podcasts. I absolutely love listening to her before work and at my lunch break. She always manages to bring me a new perspective and I always finished the podcasts feeling astronomically better than I did before. Thank you Kate for making this. keep on doing what makes you happy 😊 words can’t express how grateful I am for your entire channel. Thank you!!!
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Elle McFadin
Thank you Kate !
I discovered your podcasts during this awful 2020 pandemic. There aren’t enough words to tell you how they have become an uplifting, engaging resource for me ! There are some angels here on this earth and you definitely stand among them!
I can’t put into words how badly I needed this podcast. She gets me through my days!
cant find a nickname not take
Highly recommend!
I highly recommend this podcast to anyone going through a stressful time or just looking to improve their quality of life. Kate is so calming and inspiring to listen to. Can’t wait to hear more episodes and Kate’s take on dealing with these difficult times during a pandemic.
Love this podcast!
Here to Thrive has motivated me to simply be more aware of my being. It has helped me enjoy the simple things in life, as well as face some of the tough stuff. Extremely eye opening.
me, myself, and I 🙂❤️
The best podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 weeks and I’m obsessed. The things I am learning can not have a price put on them. It’s life changing and spirit awakening
Life changing
I love this podcast. I’m in my twenties and started listening while walking my dog every day. Kate is not afraid to talk about real, hard, ugly issues that many people struggle with, in fact she dives into them! This is my favorite podcast and I recommend it to everyone.
Love it
I’m just getting started but there is so much insightful thought sparking information. I love listening.
Empower yourself!
I was looking for a pod cast that would help start my day off on a positive note and also give me something to mentally “chew on” during the day. Love this pod cast! Great guests and topics and really enjoy every episode I’ve listened to. Keep up the great work!
Life changing!
I just started listening today and already listened 6 episodes... wow! You got me hooked! You are absolutely amazing and have already helped me begin to overcome some great struggles. I am already feeling so optimistic and energized to make some positive changes in my life. Thank you for your inspiration and kindness in making this podcast for others to become the best versions of themselves- I’ve already recommended this to many friends and family (ps I’m from Minnesota). ☺️
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Love it! Very helpful
I was looking for a self- help podcast and this one is perfect! I love being able to self- reflect, while learning about others’ experiences too!
Excellent Podcast for The Decade For Me
Kate! I listened to your last podcast in November and love your ideas for listening to my inner voice! Thank you ! ❤️❤️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Always delivers!! 🙏🕉
I love this podcast. It’s informative and useful. I always receive amazing takeaways!!! Subscribe!! You be glad you did. ♥️💋👠🎉👍🏾
Practical and engaging advice!
I listen to Kate’s podcast a few times a week when walking my dog and I’ll extend our walks so I can keep listening. The advice is so practical and research based and Kate is great at delivery. She’s so knowledgeable but willing to learn more. I love the way she phrases things and highlights things I might otherwise not think about. Here to Thrive is awesome and I wholeheartedly recommend it!
So Much Good Advice
I definitely didn’t expect to relate to so many of Kate’s episodes. I am always taking notes, and taking her advice to heart. I have started a new morning routine based on episode 128, and I am loving it! I do a morning meditation and journaling along with my morning exercise, and I feel like my anxiety is getting better along with my having more patience during the day! And her accent is so charming as well! Thanks for doing a podcast!
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I stumbled across this podcast recently and I can’t stop listening! I’m going to finish soon and I don’t know what I’m going to do! I love listing to this when I get ready in the morning.
Sydney Alane
Awesome Podcast!!!
Kate, host of the Here to Thrive podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement, personal development and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Love this
I happened upon this podcast recently, and every single episode is wonderful and applicable to living a confident and empowered life. It’s great to be reminded of different (and varied) ways we can live our best lives.
Life changing!
This is my first time ever leaving a review/ feedback on a podcast or for any app, but I just... HAD TO! It’s truly the least I can do considering how you have impacted my life in such an unexpectedly inspiring way. It’s very difficult for me to relate to all the repetitive self help guides and leaders that were surrounded by now a days. You put things so simple & relatable that it feels ACTUALLY possible to achieve. I feel soooo blessed to have come across you… Thanks for all the podcasts, workshops, practical advice and smiles you continue to put on my face :-)
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anoyed rider
Mrs. Stiner
So helpful and inspiring!
I feel like this podcast came into my world at just the right moment! I’ve spent every morning for the last week listening to Kate on my morning walk, and I feel like she’s talking right to me! As a woman who struggles with self-doubt and self-sabotage, it’s refreshing to hear someone talk so openly about the problems and offer real, actionable advice to help me feel better and regain control. Thank you for keeping it real, Kate!
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Great daily habit!
Love this podcast! Thanks Kate for delivering such great content and insight into living a better life with a healthier mindset!
I love this podcast
I’ve been feeling kind of down and my life isn’t that great so when I came across this podcast it made feel a bit brighter in the day. it felt like I had someone cheering me on in life. thanks Kate. I love the stuff you do.
I love your podcasts
I’m new to listening to podcasts and have been searching for one that would help me move through this next chapter of my life. My boys are grown and gone, I have been a stay at home Mom and now find myself trying to rediscover who I am at 52. I really enjoy and am getting a lot from your podcasts
absolutely love!
Wow! I was not a huge podcast listener and then I heard this one..I’m addicted! I work in the psychology field and find this so fascinating. I am learning how to better care for patients and myself! Thank you so much ♥️
My favorite podcast ever!!
I started listening to this podcast thinking it would be relaxing while I was driving. It’s become the one podcast i always keep up with!! I live by the tips Kate provides about how to live more intentionally and how to reduce stress. My life has gotten exponentially better since this podcast became part of it. I’m constantly sending people episodes to listen to. If you struggle with stress or feel down about something, this podcast is your new best friend!!
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Love this podcast
After listening to 1 episode I literally couldn’t stop listening. I listened to nearly every since episode within a few days! This podcast is so uplifting, motivating and awesome
Sharp 'ess' alert
Love the podcast but I have a problem listening all the way through due to the audio issues and pin sharp "s" sound when Kate speaks. I know there are filters for this. The audio is loud and quiet as well. I have an issue buying into podcasts when people don't really know their audio challenges and work to solve them.
Glad to find this podcast
Listening to your podcast is very helpful and inspiring.
You need this podcast in your life!
Kate is phenomenal and very easy to listen to. The time goes by so quickly and I always end up feeling like I can take on the world after I listen to her. I’m lucky enough to be friends with her in real life (yay for those random park encounters with your kids ☺️) and she’s just as wonderful in person! I can tell you from experience she practices what she preaches. She’s full of so much wisdom, love, and compassion. She is a great friend, wife, and mother. I feel honored to know her and I’m thankful I have her voice cheering me on in the car every day. Take a listen.. I promise you won’t regret it!
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So happy to have found this podcast! I’ve been bingeing for a week! Thank you from Colorado! Sharing with friends for sure.
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