The No Jumper Show Ep. 41
Published May 7, 2020
134 min
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    0:03 Watching podcasts on drugs 1:27 Fashion Nova 2:42 No Jumper TikTok 3:43 Iphone low power mode debacle 6:39 Ridge wallet 9:55 Juice Wrld and youtube CEO 12:33 Philip Solo + House Phone binging Youtube and ordering uber eats 14:22 Playboi Carti review and full break down 17:02 Maybe he has a secret baby Iggy?? 17:53 The gay vampire persona 19:22 Carti fans are gay for him but don't know it 20:10 Anyone dating a girl like Iggy would brag about how pretty she is 23:20 Review of the most generic project ever 28:16 645AR used for racist tik tok 28:51 Carti vs 645AR 29:51 Carti Youtubers investigated previous versions that didnt come out 31:07 Why Carti's roll out is messed up 31:56 Drake overshines artists and can rarely come back from it 33:27 House Phone is the only one always defending Carti 34:44 Drake's expensive outfit 36:11 Drake's new project review 37:02 Carti features with Drake "He's the messiah of rap" 37:49 Akademiks freaking out during live with Drake 38:28 Drake's Rap Radar interview 39:30 Josh got sick 41:44 House Phone got shut down trying to open up to them 46:25 Celina Powell and Tory Lanez 48:08 First episode not aired live, internet is not working 49:17 Poker podcast is boring? 49:49 Back to Celina Powell and Tory Lanez criminal case 51:20 Should Tory Lanez do the baby voice? 51:51 Adam finished his Safaree video and House Phone "dont careeee" 53:51 Safaree's DM captions are super suss 54:30 Brian Pumper video is coming next 55:44 Revenge's Young Thug photoshoot 59:40 Carti vs Mosey "Mosey has no mystery!" 1:00:16 House Phone PSA "Dont DM me for anything No Jumper socials" 1:03:20 Elon Musk and Adam's baby name 1:05:38 Travis buying baby shoes before having his baby 1:09:10 Is Bape still cool now? + Fashion/Hypebeast conversation 1:10:35 The friend who bought Bape with settlement money 1:13:38 Adam is a regular guy who doesnt care about fashion, and that's totally fine! 1:16:16 Nike vs Supreme and reppin skate brands when you're not a skater 1:18:48 Being a "crunchy!" vs the Crunchy Vlad video + The Three 6Mafia complaints 1:21:04 6ix9ine back on IG 1:23:10 The TKay of the north 1:25:27 White rapper unity? G_Eazy old performance was wack 1:26:56 Drake unfollowing Doja Cat 1:28:18 AD's story about an incident at a video shoot 1:31:49 Lil Tjay vs Rubi Rose debacle, Adam sides with Tjay 1:38:30 Rubi Rose and her group of baddies and not being such a boss after all 1:40:53 Kid Laroi and his older wack videos + being friends with rappers 1:44:31 Kid Laroi industry plant? 1:51:18 A Chinese friend was offended by Kendrick's asian inspired set + artists being mysterious to maintain a mystique appeal 1:56:07 Carti can't keep doing the subpar lyrics on fire beats 1:59:20 House Phone still defends Carti 1:59:36 Adam is tired of people praising Travis Scott for his live shows more than his music 2:01:26 Skippa Da Flippa attacking Quavo 2:09:13 Why the No Jumper Show is popular because we touch on the underbelly of the culture as well as Drake and other mainstreams FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: and adam22hoe on Snapchat
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