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No Jumper
No Jumper
The Coolest Podcast In The World. Hosted by Adam22 Watch these interviews on YouTube right here:
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No Jumper Girl Review
I love this podcast and listen to the no jumper show all the time. Also I would love having Lena on more!!<3
The pod is chill, and fun to listen to. Thanks for all the interviews Adam.
Blac chyna episode 😂
This girl should be ashamed of herself for acting a fool!!
bring the thots back!!
thot next door was the only reason I watched this lame podcast
This Podcast is for 16 year olds and their irrelevant music generation . Thots next door is also awful and a waste of time.
Where at the THOTS
I subscribed only to listen to thots next door. They’re energy was great and they were so funny. Yea they could use some reminders to not talk over each other and maybe a good PR person. But I’m actually really sad when I found out just now that the show is no more. Find a new platform ladies! Just get some equipment and start your podcast. You don’t need no jumper.
So funny
Thots next door has me hooked these girls are so relatable. So much better than call her daddy I’m so happy I started listening
Make Thots Next Door a separate subscribe!
Meh on the usual stuff, just not my vibe. But the girls?! That is the energy 2020 needs. Please make it it’s own podcast so I can subscribe without all the boring misogynistic stuff. Please?
TNG was awesome
Revolutionary 💗💗💗💗
Great Podcast and Interviews.
I listen to No Jumper quite often. Every interview Adam dives into the intervee’s life and mind. Great way to get to know people. No Jumper show is good too, every week I look forward to it.
Ivanita is doing so well and like she is funny and Beautiful of her she likes me we are best friends to Each other Dobre brothers is Amazing like pulling pranks on Lucas Marcus a lot you know go my channel is Lisa Dobre and click below Comment you are done give us 1567 post 34 followers subscribe my lock Channel watch my videos pulling pranks on Marcus Lucas
Mariana Santana sofia
AK Vs. adam
Akademiks acres like my ex on her period. BITCHY
20/20 of rap culture
Adam does his research, not gonna be a fan of every guest, but when you get a guest you like in your for a treat. Smart well thought out questions.
Best general music/life whatever podcast
Love all the topics and the interviews they hold. They are great to listen to keep it up! I can drink three bangs in a row Adam... 😂😂😂
Rappers ,strippers
When I started listening to your podcast about 3 weeks ago I noticed about 1/4 of the way through the interview it seems like you are checked out from who ever you are interviewing . And on one show you had Stormy Daniels on and she said that she was the longest actor in the business that’s because she has to not because she wants too. She busted!
N word central
Its insane how often housephone says the n word. Its like a white girl saying “like or literally”
Dear Mr. 22,
Colson Baker seems to be a perfect blend of David Bowie and Rakim. 🕯 It’s Opposite Day. 🕯 “The voice” he’s discovered during quarantine makes me want to LIQUID YAWN 🤮 🤢 🤮 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
22 shots
Long time fan here, good to see Adam refocused, his getting this channel back In order!! Keep it up brother
MAD PROPS TO HOUSEPHONE ON THE LATEST POD W AD & CAMGIRL! not to say he didn’t have it in him to begin with but it was dope to witness him hold down the responsibilities of leading a podcast, like bringing the conversation back to topic & maintaining smooth/natural conversations throughout. Absolutely killed it having to take on Adams roll in his absence.
Adam cares more about stores than black lives. It’s obvious these issues don’t affect him and I’m sad bc I supported Adam. You were talking about the issues with no empathy for the black community and it’s because you’ll never know how much pain we’re feeling and have been feeling. This isn’t just some fun debate... this is real. Dude stop profiting off our culture. You were basically using Republican/Trump talking points. This podcast episode was dangerous and I’m sorry Housephone and Camgirl has to listen to it and stay civil. Disgusting. You want to think of yourself as an ally but it’s not enough. You will be remembered on the wrong side of history.
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Singh awk jam
House phone
House phone is the goat!! Can girl is the feds I’m telling you she boring af!!!
Love it!
No jumper- Coolest podcast in the world
the onl nickname not taken
No jumper
They have the best podcast in the game 🤟🏻👍🏻
Every podcast is lit
Foussey is the dumbest person ive ever heard Hahahaha
What’s up Adam!!
Adrian from eastern Washington (practically Idaho) here. Just wanted to say fantastic podcast! By far my #1 go too, I’m checking every morning for content! Keep up the great work bro!! Hit me on IG @a_staab
Adam is H i L a R i O u S 😂😭
when he said Celina the 🐸 Powell had bird boobs, serious STDs, told her he would never help her build a platform & then called her a cracked out space cadet.. #micdrop 🎤⬇️ throw the whole burnt 🐸 away 😭😂🤣🤣😂
Bad Babs
Fire cam girl
Cam girl is over sensitive and not funny, house phone Adam and yuri should be the main host
I’m a fan of the interviews. Adam ask the tough questions. I’m just not a fan of the actual podcast show.
coolest podcast evr
good podcast
More housephone and camgirl
LOVE the weekly podcast with camgirl and housephone wish y’all would do more content with them!!!!
No Jumper=The Best Podcast ever made
Fi stah
You bool fool
Dope af keep smashing them hoes and livin your best life keep it lit 🔥
Lowkey hella good
This is the best podcast that I have heard in my life
II Super D 26 II
Put ep 21 of no jumper show on here
No Jumper
Best podcast in the world no 🧢
Christina Galbato
A parody
Avoid, Adam22 is a nazi white supremacist. Alt Right propaganda
I’d rather not.
Thought it was about basketball with the name and cover art but not about basketball just about Adam’s girl getting banged by multiple black men why he records these podcasts lol
Ben Simmons????
I thought this was a Ben Simmons pod.
My favorite podcast lets u keep up with different people like Dax getting jumped etc. nothing else to say it’s just good
Listen everybody
I’ve got something to say. About the one and only XXXTENTACION. I’d like you all to know, that xxx gave us not only music, but information that depression is normal, but when lives are lost to suicide each week or month. Multiple artists have showed and told us that suicides not okay, yet it still happens so stopping all this violence gone in to the world and give us the piece we needed and each artist that have tried, thank you all for helping and I hope all of you understand to help all the criminalization and suicides in the world go away so we don’t have to lose the ones we love so thank if you’re reading this
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chunga chunga chungaoo
Da best
A very interesting fun talk show where blunts are hit harder than the topics.
Fuego! Top 5 fav podcasts.
Best podcast ever
Adam 22 best interviewer hands down!
Best Podcast, Stay medicated
To low. If you use the transit, terrible can’t hear them speak on high volume. But Adam probably purposely did this just so he will have all the views on YouTube instead. Smdh Adam why.
leonardo caspari
I really like when Lena co-hosts. She always offers an alternative perspective that adam wouldnt otherwise reach and i really appreciate that.
Thief and a liar
Adam22 is garbage
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