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ZedTalk #32 - Maxim Bayarsky
Mar 11, 2022
9 min
ZedTalk #23 - Jetlag
Awesome to do this with Jet, a friend of @6ixzed , young entrepreneur out here with a love for his people, nft's, photography, music, and apparel. Had his work up in Times Square a couple weeks ago! Follow him @jetlag_ and his company @jetlagdigital
Sep 18, 2021
43 min
ZedTalk #20 - KEN!
Aug 6, 2021
34 min
ZedTalk #19 - Fade Awaays
Fade Awaays! while being young, they're totally accomplished. Relentless Rock N' Rollers who've transferred live energy into "These Visions", a sonically thunderous, mystifying four track. If you'd prefer to stream ZedTalk on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Youtube, then do it. Our 7th monthly Zine, featuring @fadeawaays and more is coming next friday, stay in the loop!
Jul 23, 2021
31 min
ZedTalk #18 - Rikashay
Rikashay are this fun, always evolving, rock n' roll "pop meets weird" band. Whether it's music videos, live shows, or ofc the music itself, they always pique interest, entertaining each time. This ZedTalk brings you closer to the band, reveals them to you, whether you're sleeping or you're already about it! Go check Rikashay's latest single "Digital Love"!
Jul 23, 2021
37 min
ZedTalk #16 - Nerima
Jun 18, 2021
25 min
ZedTalk #15 - Bijoy Arora
Jun 11, 2021
34 min
ZedTalk #13 - Tealousy
May 28, 2021
26 min
ZedTalk #12 - Ursula Hegge
May 26, 2021
17 min
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