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Updated review: this podcast fell off
Edit: kinda dropped off in the past year. Episodes are less interesting and more often featuring just an episode of some other podcast. Too bad, this was one of the best podcasts out. It seems like the hosts are moved on to other projects. Michael Hobbes is hilarious. I love this show. My only dislike is that there are so many shows about OJ (and a few other similar themes). The DC sniper 5 parter was great, like it had an arc and ending. The OJ episodes are like unending though. But that said there are some really awesome episodes and this is one of if not my favorite of podcast duos. 10/10 with banter, which is where 98% of pop culture podcasts lose me, with the cringy/unfunny sidebars. You guys really rock at podcasting.
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Used to be my favorite
This used to by my favorite podcast, but it’s not the same without Michael. I wish the show would have been retired after he left.
going to miss michael!!!
i’ve loved this duo since the beginning, but excited for sarah as she moves forward. will continue to listen to him on maintenance phase.
*Chef’s kiss* perfect if you’re high
highly recommended. Great stories, superb banter. Just finished the Princess Diana episodes which were sad and insightful with funny side convos about dirty talk. I love this podcast.
Earlier shows w Hobbes shine
Michael Hobbes is a gift- a master communicator and very fun. I preferred his dynamic w Aubrey G. on Maintenance Phase. Now that he’s jettisoned off to new ventures, I no longer listen bc the quality of the podcast cannot sustain its early glory.
Design Genius
Wonderful, intelligent, charming
I listen to a lot of different podcasts and different types of podcasts. This one has such a wonderful balance of personality, great information, and thoughtful discourse - I learn a little about the world, my own assumptions and thinking, and how well thoughts can be shared with every episode. If you crave thoughtful discourse with likable hosts, check it out. And I DARE you to not fall completely in love with Sarah’s laugh!
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🤔 Really??
Talking about the limitations of narrative… by using only narrative. No data or evidence beyond the story you’re weaving together about the cause/effect relationship between true crime and culture. The lack of self-awareness was astounding.
Needs tighter focus
Sarah can tend toward navel-gazing a lot when sometimes it isn’t relevant to the topic or, frankly, very interesting. I’m also concerned about You’re Wrong About without research or a string foundation on concrete fact. There were some great points in the true crime episode that I agree with, but in lieu of research they both seemed to spitballing based on vibes.
Favourite show for fun facts
I love listening to shows that teach me new things and this show is my diamond in the rough. It’s factual and well sourced along with critical thinking and connecting obviously connected dots that were not put together at the time. I recommend this show to any of my podcast listening friends
Alexandra Bass
This show rocks. And it WAS capitalism all along.
Really enjoying this podcast
Great podcast. Sarah and Mike work well together and make the topic entertaining and informative.
_Still_ a great show
Love this show, still. Hope Michael can guest host some time.
Poor understanding of topic
If you don’t understand a topic and don’t want to spend the time to educate yourself, then please do not try and teach others about the topic. That’s doing more harm than good. You’re making overarching claims that can not be concluded from actual peer reviewed journals. Cherry picking studies from 60 years ago isn’t how science works.
THANK YOU, Sarah and Mike.
What a wonderful and informative show!! Even if there are times where I didn’t agree, I never felt talked down to, so that’s very refreshing in the age of the “woke” podcasts. I’ll forever be grateful for this podcast getting me thru the pandemic and opening my mind to subjects I was “wrong about”. That being said, it has to end now that Michael is gone. And this is in no way a disrespect to Sarah. Believe me, Sarah has such an amazing, interesting, and humorous take on the subjects. Her pop culture references, her way of getting Mike a little flustered sometimes, and the way she loves doing the show, even when it’s in a McDonalds parking lot, really gave the show a fantastic kinda fun vibe to how Mike is very analytical and thorough with his research. That’s my point, it really only works with the BOTH of them. I recommend going and listening to all the shows up and thru Mike lives in a downtown motel. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Thank you Sarah and Mike for all the hard work and wonderful content and hope to hear more amazing things from the both of you in the future. Cheers!!!
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ian yancey
new listener poor experience
I’ve listened to a handful of random episodes from the backlog that I enjoyed. The True Crime episode, however, was a poorly presented dump of opinion and anecdotes, not fact. I will be honest that I listen to a lot of True Crime content and agree that there is much to criticize (hosts caring more about money than victims, poorly done comedy, bad research, lack of credit to sources, and overdramatization) but that doesn’t seem to be what was focused on, though I turned it off halfway through because of how frustrating the whole thing was. What was presented didn’t seem to align with the name of the show and was incredibly off-putting. It makes me question the quality of other episodes, the ones I listened to previously were on things I knew little about, so now I’m hesitant to bother with any others.
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The Best
Definitely the most entertaining podcast I’ve found in awhile. Sarah and Mike are the apples of my eye.
Delightful and insightful
The first episode I listened to (I think it was the McDonalds hot coffee case) was on a whim and I quickly started binging. The format of the show makes it so easy to become invested in whatever topic they’re diving into that week. I feel like they treat each topic fairly, recognize their own feelings about things and how that plays into their previous or current views, and acknowledge when the information on a topic is limited or fuzzy. Most of all, they just have a delightful banter with each other and make you feel like you’re sitting with two friends who have extensive knowledge on sometimes random, though usually important, topics. I am not looking forward to the day when I get caught up on episodes and have to wait for new ones - I will likely start binging their other podcasts they sometimes highlight in the show which have also been awesome.
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Losing one of the hosts makes the show utterly unlistenable. The other shows that the hosts do are not nearly as strong as this one was when it was going strong so overall it’s just a total loss.
Only one criticism...
Sarah— clear your throat!! That “growl” is distracting and unappealing. Really.
The best
This podcast is so good. There are some episodes where I went in thinking, “eh, I’m not interested in the topic, but I’ll listen anyway.” And then end up so invested! If you’re looking for episodes to start with I highly recommend the Kitty Genovese, Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Terri Schiavo episodes. All the episodes are wonderful, but those are my personal favorites.
Love this podcast!!
You both do such an amazing job researching past events. I appreciate the new perspective your research and journalistic expertise bring to something I thought I knew. I usually hate banter in podcasts but all the banter you two bring are so relevant and insightful. Thank you for the amazing content
So good
…but when do we get the Sarah Buffy content??
these mortals
Missing Michael
Unfortunately after Michael left the podcast it quality has declined. Sarah want to be more nuanced but she often falls into what she criticizes: generalizing. She now sounds pretentious and as if she’s above her listeners. The last episode on True Crime is very poor, the guest is not an expert even if she wants to portray herself as such and they regularly made generalizations they accuse others of making. Her article is also very one sided and somewhat blind to other research and even anecdotes on true crime. The topic is far to broad and it would have helped someone with such impeccable ethics like Michael to put a more profound and thoughtful spin on the episode. I certainly hope the podcast goes back to being as nuanced and thought provoking as it was.
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Pablo Honey baby
Generally great, but some episodes miss the mark
I’m glad Sarah is continuing the podcast and focusing on the area that it was strongest—social commentary! Episodes about True Crime, weird inflated human trafficking statistics, or maligned women of the 90s, are definitely the show’s best offerings. However some episodes in the backlog really miss the mark. I’m specifically thinking of the anti vax episode, which focused only on the widely accepted narrative of “white suburban moms are dumb and scared that vaccines cause autism.” I’m glad they had a non neurotypical guest, but I was real hoping to hear a discussion about the history of unethical clinical trials and medical bias against women and POC. These are big factors in the current backlash against the COVID vaccine and I’m disappointed they didn’t discuss it. There are a few other episodes that suffer from the same issue, where the hosts just present an already accepted narrative and act like it’s new information.
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about the true crime episode
you can't say it's super unlikely to be murdered or sex trafficked when you're leaving black and indigenous women out of the conversation. not every woman is a white woman ?? please do better
Where’s Michael Hobbes?!?
The show has lost its way. The first episodes without Michael Hobbes were excruciatingly dull. The humor and banter around interesting topics is just gone. Sad to lose a great podcast.
Phyllis Robbins
An antidote for nihilism.
I was drawn to this show for the premise. As an '80s kid, I was really intrigued by the idea of learning the actual truth of what went on while I was growing up. It's bananas to think about how much of what we were taught and told to believe was just...wrong. So if that's all the show was, I would still be super into it and eagerly devour every new episode. But what I found was so much more than that. In Michael and Sarah, I found people who don't just care about getting to the truth -- they also respect the humanity of every single person they talk about. There's no black-and-white thinking, no snap judgments, no "good vs. evil". In a time when it often feels like people like that are as mythical as unicorns, it's been immeasurably helpful to be able to tune in and hear that at least two such creatures exist.
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Nothing gold can stay 😔
I am so sad mike left. I have devoured this pod since it began, but these new episodes are so incredibly boring and dry. Like… deeply unfunny and monotonous I’m genuinely heart broken. Even the things I’m interested in hearing about just do not capture me….I’m trying to finish the Ed and Lorraine Warren episode and the guest is just so mind numbingly boring and she just goes on and on while saying absolutely nothing. I’m hoping this is an uncomfortable adjustment period, but my gut feeling is this is sad beginning to a bitter end 💔
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This is seriously ridiculous!!
These two are GOLD
Is it weird that I want to be friends with you guys?
Love this show
I love this show. Sarah is the queen of sharp, soundbyte-able quips. It’s so funny, and so satisfying. You really do become a little wiser with each episode you listen to.
Love this pod
I originally became interested in this podcast because I loved the way they dissected events to reveal the racism/sexism behind them. However After listening to the weird goodbye Mike episode, I’m so confused. The episode was basically the two hosts rambling about how this time has been very syressdul for them and they no longer enjoy doing the show. Of course it’s not surprising when white folks decide to abandon important conversations like this because “the sun has set on it”. I wish they would just hand this concept over to some people of color who can give personal insight into these issues. Another thing I don’t get is why they are still releasing episodes after spending all this time talking about how they don’t even like doing it anymore/their heart isn’t in it. Then why go through the motions? It seems so disengenuine and makes me view their whole podcast differently. Seems like they got through the topics THEY wanted to talk about so now they feel like they’re done. The sun doesn’t set on these issues for everyone else… I’m suddenly questioning what the actual purpose of the podcast was and why they felt the need to handle it like this? White privileged is amazing…
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Love so much! Please number the episodes :)
I love you guys so much, every single episode is well researched, clever, funny, and fair. Which is so hard to come by. You are my favorite podcast ever. My only request is please number your episodes!! Specific ones are tough to find without that. But regardless I’ll search all day for them because I love you guys so much!!!
Oh, you need a nicknam?
Podcasts don’t get better than this
I just discovered this podcast a month ago and it’s becoming one of my favorites. Mike and Sarah set the record straight on so many topics and they do it with humor and passion. My feeble understanding of so many things has been severely challenged.
For All the Jessica’s Out There
I love you both and I love Jessica Simpson. Thank you for spreading the good word that women in media (and everywhere) are DYNAMIC BEINGS.
Leaky Shoes
literally my favorite show ever
this show got me into podcasts, and it is my go-to recommendation to EVERYONE i come across. i love this podcast so much i downloaded the apple podcast app to leave a review
So happy to stumble upon this
I want to be best friends with Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes is sunshine. Discovering this podcast (via one of Michael Hobbes’ other podcasts) has been a gift.
Amazing podcast!!
I’ve listened to the episodes of You’re Wrong About countless times. They are thoroughly researched, interesting, complex, nuanced, and created with incredibly care. In addition they are so entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. I am so appreciative that this pod exists!
I love you guys
I laugh so much + love you guys. Honestly the best podcast ever
Block Justin Timberlake
Thanks for helping me see the humanity in other people and give young me some grace :) and for being so smart and funny along the way 🥳
So glad I found this podcast
I was in the mood for a new podcast to binge, but wasn’t sure what I wanted. Found this in my recommendations and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!!! I started at the very beginning and I’ve already learned so much. Both hosts are hilarious and insightful without seeming too pompous. Really enjoying this.
Sarah and Michael are so wonderful to listen to! Their research is in depth and their banter delightful. The OJ case serial is fabulous- can’t wait for more!
My go to.
Love this podcast and Sara was always my favorite and she’s bringing it even more now! ❤️
Sarah Marshall Is My Hero
Hello fellow Portland lady w ADHD, you rock and I love this show! If you ever find your way to pdx sliders I will buy you lunch! Awesome show, thank you for researching so I don’t have to
Makiah Schlicker
Love this show!
I’ll miss Michael but Sarah continues to bring creative stories to tell us!
bummer. now that michael’s gone…
we’ll just never learn how the oj simpson trial ends
sky animals
She’s doing an incredible job through the show transition! I still love, love listening!
Long time listener
I have loved this show for so long! I wasn’t sure how it would be without Mike , I love the rapport between you but I’ve absolutely loved the last two eps. You’re killing it Sarah!
Is YWA over?
I wouldn’t bother subscribing if you actually enjoyed the original content and structure of the You’re Wrong About podcast that the first few episodes had. They haven’t uploaded an actual episode of the real podcast since early September. Every “new” episode is a guest host who talks to Sarah about a random topic. I originally subscribed because I really enjoyed Mike and Sarah’s discussions of commonly misunderstood stories or topics in pop/social culture. Now it’s just a boring history lesson which is fine, but not what drew me into the show in the first place. I’ll be unsubscribing and hoping this show can return to its original format in the future.
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I could listen to Sarah’s voice all day!
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