You're the Expert
You're the Expert
Chris Duffy
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Good this podcast is.
Pretty good!
I like this podcast, I really do. But each episode can be a hit or a miss with me. Since it revolves around a rotating cast of both comedians and scientists, each episode depends on the chemistry between both parties. Sometimes it's amazing! I love the episodes that Jo Firestone features in, for example. Sometimes, I skip past episodes because either the scienties or the comedians were not engaged. Despite this, I have listened to almost every episode and have only skipped over a couple. Give it a try!
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Feisty and creative
This show has the energy and spontaneity that I wish Wait Wait still had. When there's a new episode, it goes to the top of my queue. Hilarious and educational.
Must Listen
Is there anything better than something that makes you smarter and makes you laugh? They’ve just got to find a way to make you spontaneously lose weight while listening to it. P.S. Their live shows are *fantastic.*
Alena in NYC
I love this podcast. I’ve learned so much while still getting a good laugh. I put it on when I have long drives then I’m full of fun facts when I arrive. It’s made me a star at trivia nights.
I have become a You’re the expert evangelist. It’s my favorite podcast I hope to get to attend a broadcast in person soon.
This show brings me joy!
I mostly listen to True Crime podcasts, this is a rare exception. I am grateful for the laughs!
Perfect combination of humor and educational material
Rally love this podcast. The guests are always insightful and humorous I. Their own right and the host does a great job of keeping the comedians on track so we can learn a thing or two while we laugh. Just give it a listen!
It's Good.
Trust me. It's good. And hilarious.
This is quite simply the best podcast ever made in the history of podcasts. I love it. I always learn a ton and I always laugh out loud and I am always telling my friends things I learned from the show. If I had to give up all podcasts except one, this is the one I would keep.
The best!👊🏻
This is indeed my most favorite podcast! 😃
Makes me ridiculously happy
I was told about this show a month ago and have since listened to all 3-4 years of episodes! I love all of the comedians, I learn a lot about all sorts of scientific fields, and Chris Duffy is a gem. This show seems tailored made for me, or anyone who is interested in science, trivia, and funny people. I hope to go to as many live shows as I can. Please come to Chicago!!
Funny and smart!
I really enjoy listening to this show, always make me laugh as I learn new stuff. I still have a bit of the archive to go through but can't wait for new episodes as well.
Light-hearted fun
This is a really fun podcast. You'll learn an odd factoid or 2 by the end of it while enjoying a panel of comedians scramble over each other to figure out what's going on.
I love this show - the comedians are hilarious and the host is amazing!
Great podcast
Witty and informative, one of my favorites. Highly recommend attending a live taping!
What a fun, engaging show! Chris Duffy is an excellent host.
Such a clever show!
This show is so smart and funny!
The best
The science podcast around!
Smart Show
A rare opportunity to learn about science and be entertained. Some of the topics are things that I have little opportunity to hear about, this presents them in ways that amuse as well as educate. Love it
For anyone who loved when the Colbert Show had Neil Degrasse Tyson as a guest
Every episode is packed with humor and a bit of science understanding. One of the few podcasts that every member of the family likes listening to, especially any episode with Jo Firestone, Josh Sharp, or Ken Reid.
Comedy show that also informs
In every show, the host invites a panel of comedians and an expert in a scientific field, who all engages in a fun, engaging and informative conversation in a game show format. This podcasts definitely deserves more audience
As a scientist, this one is not for me.
I wanted to like this podcast; I really tried. However, I found the musical interludes between segments to be irritating and the questions and discussion to be quite mundane. I'd recommend this podcast to the general public, but if you have any sort of degree in science the content can be a bit trivial.
Way too hilarious!
Oh my goodness! I love this show! I listen to it at work all the time, and my coworkers are always asking what I'm laughing about. Super interesting and informative as well.
Magnus Kane
So hilarious. Chris Duffy is so quick-witted and his commentary is on point. I love that I always learn something new and laugh out loud.
Perfect blend of comedy and science
Perfect format, idea, host, guests, and comedians. So good, you don't even realize you are learning a lot about science that can usually seem dry.
Scientist approved!
Love this podcast. I always enjoy hearing other people's science exploits and I regularly laugh out loud while listening. Also, Everything that Jo Firestone says makes me laugh. I want to hear her talk 24/7.
Wonderful recommendation from a friend
I’m so glad a friend mentioned this podcast to me! The guests are very interesting and often funny, the host is great, and the panel is very entertaining.
Hilarious and smart!
This is a really cool podcast! Funny and smart.
Weeeee yipeeeee
Absolutely brilliant
I am completely hooked on this podcast. It’s informative, extremely funny and overall a joy to listen to. Great comedians, great guests and a great host. I have listened and subscribed to several podcasts but seldom feel inclined to post a review. This is one which really deserves applause and is worth listening to. Two thumbs up!
Poignant and questioning. Love this show!
only for moz
Love this podcast!!!
The only downside to this podcast is that it doesn't release new episodes often enough! I get so excited when a new episode comes out. The comedians are awesome, Chris Duffy is awesome, and most of all, the guests are awesome because they are experts who teach me about their areas of expertise while having a good sense of humor about the comments and jokes from the rest of the team, host and panelists alike. I usually google the expert at some point during the podcast because they are so interesting and I want I know more, and at some point I have googled each of the panelists and host to see where else I can find more of their material because they are so entertaining. I highly recommend subscribing! One of my favorite podcasts!! Release more often, Chris Duffy!!! :)))
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My new fave podcast
Hilarious and engaging
A great way to access science
If you like thinking and like to laugh, this is for you.
Chris Duffy is a great host
Really enjoyable
Great podcast!
Very funny and informative. Highly recommend!
Love it!
Enjoying listening to the evolution of the format...very entertaining and I learn something new every time!
Very Funny and Good Science
I discovered this show and am hooked. It's very funny and the comedians do a great job of 'guessing' what the topic is about. I wish more science was presented this way. Harry Gordon as the pitchman in the bayesian segment is very funny. My favorite show of them all.
Get on board early because this is going to be huge
the concept is so clever, the comedians are hilarious, and the experts are fun! it's a perfect does of learning and laughter.
witty and informative
What a great show! I laughed out loud at the conversations and the comments made by the comedians while learning about a scientific topic that I knew nothing about. Such a hilarious and yet informative podcast!
530 we
Entertaining and interesting
This is a great new show that would fit right in with the best of the NPR line up. A panel of comedians tries to guess the job of an expert with an obscure title. Hilarity ensues. The best part is hearing the experts try to draw ANY connection to their work from the crazy theories of the comedians.
Easily one of my Favorite Podcasts out there
With a simple yet deep concept and hilarious and original comedians, YtE is a great example of a podcast with a concept that will take a while to go stale. I highly recommend it.
Kentucky F. Chicken
Brilliant and hilarious
A concept that blows Wait Wait out of the water.
Jack McNamara
An Hilarious and Irreveant Look At High Science
The format is simple. A panel of commedians try to guess what an expert is, based solely on the incomprehensible name of their field of study. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong, sometimes there's a comedy song. But you'll always learn something, you'll always laugh, and you'll always be surprised at how good a sport the experts are.
Ben Sn.
Incredible show!
This show is hilarious and informative! One of my favorite podcasts!
NPR's Future Hit
Fits right in with my favorite podcasts: This American Life, Radiolab, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Wouldn't be surprised if this is picked up by NPR!
Great Show
Just recently discovered this show and i have to say its very well done. Do yourself a favor and subscribe
Great show, great host!
Chris Duffy is a great host and the shows are all tight, informative and funny. Looking forward to following the evolution of the show and hearing from more experts!
Entertaining and Informative
I've seen a couple of these live and this was one of the better segments. Kind of a frightening subject!
hilarious, smart, and engaging
This show is hilarious, smart, and engaging. It's like a cross between the Daily Show and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Definitely worth subscribing!
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