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Your Purpose is Beauty
Mercedes Lyson
Your Purpose is Beauty brings you eco/organic, luxury, and niche beauty product reviews and critique, as well as intellectual discussion about the beauty and alternative health industries.  Hosted by independent beauty journalist and PhD sociologist Mercedes Lyson, this podcast will also explore why people have chosen beauty as their profession or passion through interviews with brand founders, beauty professionals, bloggers/influencers, and creatives. Exclusive episodes of this podcast are available at, and Mercedes' 6 years of eco beauty video content can be found at
All the New Skincare I’m Testing and Using (and Loving): Biophile, Earthwise, In Fiore, Agent Nateur, et plus
It’s a tough job but…here I am, doing it. Always testing new skincare! There hasn’t been dedicated skincare chat here on the podcast or on YouTube in a good couple of months and as a result, we have a ton to cover today. Settle in for an hour of in-depth eco beauty product chat.
Nov 23
55 min
Busy Life Update | November Wedding, Baby L’Amour’s 2nd Birthday (!), Home Improvements, Beauty Shopping
October has been a very full month around here, and I was blanking on an episode for this week so…when in doubt, chat about real life? Today I’m sharing the major goings on around here, and also included some beauty talk towards the end where I discuss the Limited Edition Beauty Heroes Box featuring Earthwise Beauty and Pacific Northwest Essences. Also it was time for some online beauty shopping cart curation (Credo, Sephora, Beauty Heroes).
Oct 26
1 hr 3 min
October Boxwalla Beauty Box: The Logic of Finding Fine Things feat. Fine Cosmetics & Naturallogic + A Limited Edition Box (from a fellow sociologist)
There’s something quite exciting about a beauty subscription box that comes every other month. And even more exciting when they release limited edition boxes alongside their regular beauty box for those who want to dive deeper into an intriguing brand. Such is the case this month from the ever-interesting Boxwalla! I just about turned into the red flamenco dancing emoji when I read that the Founder of Fine Cosmetics, Judith Springer, has a PhD in Sociology (among other interesting skills and work experience). A sociologist formulating eco beauty products? Naturallogic, the other brand featured in the main beauty box was also a new discovery for me and a truly lovely one at that. We’ll spend the hour discussing both brands and all the products included in box boxes at length, plus I riff a bit on this trend I’ve been observing towards ultra minimal (basically no) skincare. A bit of barrier/microbiome healing, a bit of sustainability sensibility, a bit of rebelling against the beauty standards that refuse to fully die but may be under construction because self care? As always – it’s just complex! Potential for a future full episode on this for sure. Check the show notes below for all the references and links you need and if it’s not there, it will be on along with a full transcript with timestamps and hyperlinks for this episode.
Oct 19
51 min
Pamela Friedman, CV Skinlabs: Products for the Most Sensitive, Compromised and Fragile Skin + Understanding Medically Treated Skin
Today I have a conversation with Pamela Friedman, the President and CEO of CV Skinlabs. CV Skinlabs was born out of a need for truly safe and effective skincare products for people with the most sensitive and compromised of skins – those dealing with the side effects cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These solution-based formulas are also excellent for people dealing with skin issues like eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and chronic dryness. In this episode Pamela and I cover: *Pamela’s longstanding interest and work in beauty and wellness *Why CV Skinlabs is unique in their focus on medically treated skin * What actually happens to skin undergoing chemotherapy and radiation? *A thorough tour through the product range *Other products and wellness habits in Pamela’s life And of course lots more! I have been using the CV Skinlabs Body Repair lotion *religiously* over the past 4 or 5 years. I’m never without a bottle. These products are especially made for certain challenged skin conditions but are truly good for EVERYONE, all ages, all skin conditions. I hope you enjoy hearing from Pamela and see below for a special offer for Your Purpose is Beauty listeners!
Oct 12
50 min
What's in the Cup + On My Mind: Where to Start with In Fiore, Reflections on Breaking Up with Bravo/The Real Housewives, and New Beauty Segment (Essential | Extra | Exiting)
Thank you for your patience while Your Purpose is Beauty was off air last week due to extenuating circumstances with our audio engineer. We are getting back on schedule! Please forgive the 199 Campaign intro ad, this episode was supposed to be played the last Monday of September and the campaign has since ended. So now it’s October and it’s time for another What’s in the Cup episode (previous episode structures like this can be found in Episode 24 and Episode 34). Today the FAQ I’m answering involves the San Francisco-based brand, In Fiore (Perfumery as Medicine) – I’m offering some basic navigation, suggestions to get started, et cetera. Then, I dig into some reflections around my ending with Bravo television, in particular the Real Housewives franchise. I spent (more than?) a decade watching this show with sociological interest, and it was this most recent season of RHOBH that helped me finally clarify why I’m no longer willing to give my mental consent over to this show, or really this channel. Last, we end with a new segment I’ll be including in What’s in the Cup episodes. Kaveh (my partner) came to me with the idea to do a version of “Marry, F, Kill” of beauty products as a recurring podcast segment. I titled it “Essential, Extra, Exiting” and yes J. Rosebrook is exiting for good this month. Let’s discuss!
Oct 5
1 hr
An Ode to Autumn: Seasonal Energetics, Fall Eco Beauty Favorites, Nourishing Food + Tea, Astrology & Cozy Healing
An appreciation for autumn (the best season) that goes beyond pumpkin spice, BBW candles, and Hocus Pocus. I’m very interested in seasonal energetics, and share how I’ve come to understand my affinity for this season based on Chinese Five Element Theory (I’m very strong Metal type), astrology (pure Air type), personality (INFJ), and limbic system imprinting from childhood growing up experiencing distinct and archetypal seasonal transitions in upstate New York. Then of course we talk about fall (eco) beauty favorites (skincare, a bit of makeup, body and hair care, et cetera), nourishing foods/teas/medicines, a look ahead at the major astrological transits this fall, and I end with answering a few questions I received on Instagram.
Sep 21
1 hr 10 min
Another Empty Eco/Organic Empty Skincare Review: Disposable Makeup Wipes, First Earthwise Empty, 5Yina, Cleansing Balms + Tons More
Nothing better than using up our products, is there. It’s supremely satisfying to hear this bag of empty glass bottles clank together as I dig things out to tell you about! I hope you enjoy hearing all these thoughts on my latest round of empty eco/organic skincare. If you’d like more, Epiosde 8 here on the podcast is also a skincare empties episode, and if you search “L’Amour empty skincare” or “L’Amour skincare empties” on YouTube you should see a whole slew of videos I’ve done over the past 6 years. So happy to be back with you this week after my end-of-summer podcast break!
Sep 14
1 hr 1 min
Lin Chen, Pink Moon: Elevating Women Through Mission-Driven, Eco, and Ethical Beauty & Wellness
Today’s conversation is with Lin Chen, founder and CEO of Pink Moon. Pink Moon is an NYC-based boutique consultancy and newly launched wellcare and beauty e-commerce platform that features female-founded eco beauty and lifestyle brands. Lin has a long career arc in eco beauty, and I so appreciate her veteran knowledge and perspective. In today’s conversation we cover: *Lin’s extensive background working for different eco beauty brands, and what led her to launch her own business *How Lin curates her online boutique; deciding on brands to carry, what products from a line to feature, et cetera *Pink Moon’s attention to Mom + Baby brands and products *Some of Lin’s favorite skincare, and what some of her beauty routines look like (hint, lots of Earthwise which is a brand Pink Moon carries!) *What some of eco beauty’s biggest challenges right now, and how can the community continue evolving in a compassionate and inclusive way Those are just some high points! Pink Moon carries an intriguing and also manageable array of brands and products, and I went on to place an order myself to get the Pink Moon experience and donate 10% of my order to The Lyson Center. I unboxed this order in a Mercedes Shops video for YouTube which will be available for viewing this week. For Your Purpose is Beauty listeners, there is a special offer if you decide to shop on Pink Moon now through the end of September 2020. Details below!
Aug 24
1 hr 8 min
Taking Questions from Instagram #2 (Part I): How to Find an Acupuncturist, My First YouTube Video in 2014, Visual Artists, Educational Philosophy, et plus!
I last did a Q+A right when the podcast launched at the end of 2019 (Episode 2!). I decided that before I take a brief end-of-summer break that I would query for questions again on Instagram. I got more than enough, in fact enough for two episodes. Part II of this Q+A will be the Patron-Exclusive podcast episode on Monday September 7th so I hope you’ll tune in to both parts!
Aug 17
1 hr 6 min
August Boxwalla Box(es!) Review + EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Discussion (feat. Lovinah and Votary)
In addition to their regular August Beauty Box, Boxwalla has curated a limited-edition makeup and skincare box – so we’re discussing both boxes today. I first reviewed Boxwalla on Episode 27, and I’m glad to make the podcast Boxwalla's review home. In addition to sharing my experience with the products featured from Lovinah and Votary, the episode closes with a discussion around EGF (epidermal growth factor) in skincare. This is something I’ve touched on before through encountering Yuli’s Ambrosia Beauty Nectar last summer, which also contains EGF. I talked about this most recently in a Product Crit on YouTube (link below), and in today’s episode I share what is probably a more unconventional perspective than most in the skincare world. Please come say hi on Instagram (@lamouretlamusique) and let me know your thoughts on this!
Aug 10
1 hr 4 min
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