Your Favorite Band Sucks
Your Favorite Band Sucks
Mark Mosley & Tyler Mahan Coe
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Congratulations, you've found the bravest podcast on the Internet! Now, let’s review the facts: there’s no such thing as good art and it’s a red flag for any adult to have a favorite band. Naturally, most of you will disagree with that statement. That's fine. If it helps, pretend the hosts are only playing a drinking game. Some algorithm randomly assigns a band to deconstruct and that's all Mark and Tyler are doing in every episode. Start with an easy one, some band everyone already knows is trash, like The Beatles or The Clash. Laugh along, “Hahaha! So funny... Yes...” With time, though, the realization is inevitable: this is a true crime podcast. Culture is a pyramid scheme and your favorite band is just the soundtrack to a fake vintage t-shirt. (Your favorite t-shirt also sucks, by the way. This podcast sells better shirts at because we care.) In the end, it all comes down to one question: can you find the inner strength it takes to press play and learn why Your Favorite Band Sucks? [REQUESTS? We only take them from subscribers, so smash the button and put that request in a 5-Star Review!]
Aerosmith Sucks: Part 3
When we’re talking about a band as insufferable as Aerosmith, you really "don’t wanna miss a thing,” so enjoy the climax of this terrible group’s trilogy: 90s Aerosmith and beyond! Alicia Silverstone’s wedgie! Song doctors! Our review of Armageddon - the movie and real life!
Sep 17
30 min
Aerosmith Sucks: Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of the Your Favorite Aerosmith Sucks podcast! In this installment, Mark helps Tyler through childhood trauma caused by Steven Tyler's... well, everything about Steven Tyler. Also, everyone who thought the "Walk This Way" collaboration with Run DMC actually mattered was either a dumbass or an executive at MTV (and therefore a dumbass). Step right up, folks. School is in session.
Sep 3
33 min
Aerosmith Sucks
If we had a dollar for every time someone told us to listen to Aerosmith's early stuff, we'd pay Aerosmith to stop being a band. And they'd take the money. You know why? The only thing they've ever been good at is taking money from idiots.
Aug 12
38 min
Destiny's Child Sucks: Part 2
Well, it turns out we weren't ready for the jelly. Talking about this soap opera of a "group" took longer than we thought it would, so here's Part 2: The Bootylicious-ing! Can Mark & Tyler prove themselves survivors? Listen and see.
Jul 23
39 min
Destiny's Child Sucks
Let's just say there's such a thing as your dad being too big of a Jackson 5 fan. There's also a reason your worst high school girlfriend listened to Destiny's Child. Ready for this history lesson on 90s pop? No, you're not. You could never be ready for us to tell you EVERYTHING THE ILLUMINATI DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW about Destiny's Child... You could never be ready for this jelly.
Jul 9
45 min
Beck Sucks: Part 2
This guy should have been a one-hit wonder and we never should have had to do a single episode about him. But no... You people had to start taking him seriously after Odelay and now this is happening: Beck Sucks, Pt. 2: Beck to the Future! Mark & Tyler get into the ridiculous critical acceptance of "Sad Beck," the Grammy Awards and, inevitably, more Scientology...
Jun 25
45 min
Beck Sucks
Beck is the only argument needed against having respect for 90s pop culture. This is what every 8th grade boy in America was like before ADHD meds were invented. Beck's music is what it would sound like if chugging a 3-liter of Surge cola and shooting yourself in the b-hole with a paintball gun was a band. Now add Scientology. See?
Jun 11
38 min
Beethoven Sucks
It's no exaggeration to say this podcast probably wouldn't exist without the everlasting influence of Ludwig van Beethoven on music. This guy sucks so much he basically invented it. This guy sucks so bad it killed classical music entirely - which is actually pretty awesome, not gonna lie. This guy sucks so hard we had to make a long episode AND A NEW T-SHIRT about it... Press play, then head over to to check out Tyler's original artwork and pre-order the new shirt!
May 28
1 hr 9 min
Pantera Sucks
This is what happens when you’re too ugly for hair metal. Honestly, the guys in Pantera should have worn MORE makeup if they wanted to record a soundtrack to the evil western KISS would have made if they were actually badass. Then they had to go and single-handedly destroy the genre of metal. Thanks, guys. Pantera sucks.
May 13
51 min
Billy Joel Sucks: Part 2
The suck level in Billy Joel's career was simply too much to cram everything in one episode, so Mark and Tyler came back for seconds. Since you people let this guy have somewhere close to a dozen Top 10 pop songs, quite a few of those need to be discussed at length.* Just like every great sequel, it's everything you loved about the first one... but more! The generation gap gets wider! Billy Joel gets richer and further out of touch! The ripoffs get ripped offer! We finally start the fire! *The album version of "Piano Man" is nearly six minutes long.
Apr 29
44 min
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