Your Dog's Best Life
Your Dog's Best Life
Liane Ehrich
Hosts Liane, Emily, and Maggie will explore topics affecting our dogs. From training and veterinary science, to husbandry and more, we will take the time to explain what we see as the biggest issues affecting our dogs today. With extensive experience in the field of dog and animal training, the veterinary field, and shelter work, we explore issues where we disagree, and where we see eye to eye. Our goal is to bring you up to date explorations of dog behavior and training in a fun, easily understood (and possibly geeky) manner
Episode 20: Set Your Training Up For Success
Too often our dog training plans fail because we didn't spend enough time setting up a successful picture. In this episode, Liane discusses how to ensure that your dog has every chance to succeed in training. We also examine what to do if training doesn't succeed as planned. Shownotes can be found at:
Oct 21
48 min
Episode 19 - Understanding Impulse Control in Dogs
In this episode Liane explores what Impulse control is, and how to gain a better understanding of how to help our dogs make better decisions. Liane Explains the difference between Impulse Control and Stimulus Control, and why creating a dog with better stimulus control is the way forward with a dog who may exhibit behaviors that we describe as impulsive, including jumping up, aggression, and the like. Join us on Facebook at Empire Ridge Ranch Shownotes can be found at:
Oct 14
46 min
Why Positive Reinforcement Training Fails
Liane is all by herself on this one, so be kind! In this podcast she discusses the reason that positive reinforcement training fails and how you can avoid these common pitfalls. Positive reinforcement training can be incredibly powerful, and almost anything can be trained using positive reinforcement training, yet, oftentimes we hear that reward based trining failed. Why is this? Learn how to ensure that positive reinforcement works for your dog in this podcast. For Shownotes:
Oct 6
46 min
Casas and Canines and The Dog Spot
Emily got a new gig as owner of one of Tucson's premier pet sitting companies, so we thought we'd talk a little about her company, Casas and Critters, as well as Liane's businesses, Empire Ridge Ranch, her dog training company, and The Dog Spot, a trainers co-op in Tucson. For additional information, please visit our shownotes here:
Sep 23
19 min
Safely evacuate, travel, or leave your pet
Emily and Liane discuss how to ensure pet safety when forced to evacuate, when traveling, and when leaving pets in the care of sitters when traveling. This detailed podcast describes all of the things to keep in mind to ensure that in the event of an emergency, planned or unplanned travel with your pets, or you leave your pets with a caretaker everyone stays safe. For the purposes of our show notes, we have written three separate posts outlining Evacuation - Travel - and Petsitters separately - all of them can be found here:
Sep 15
1 hr 20 min
Dealing With Frustration In Dogs
Maggie and Liane discuss how to address frustration in dog training. This is a dense subject with many facets, and we attempt to break it down and create real life solutions to help dogs deal with frustration. Frustration is part of every day life, and as it is part of the RAGE System as outlined by Panksepp, it can be incredibly powerful. Ny introducing small levels of frustration into dog training, we are able to inoculate our dogs against inappropriate levels of frustration later on. Complete show notes including videos can be found here:
Sep 10
1 hr 10 min
Dog Parks and Doggy Day Care
Liane and Emily discuss the pros and cons of dog parks and day cares, and provide tips to help ensure that your dog enjoys their day care or dog park experience. We discuss what we see as the fundamental flaws of dog parks and day care centers, and how to ensure that dog owners have the tools to use these places safely. Dog Daycare and dog parks are both recent phenomena in the world of our dogs, and yet many feel that dogs who do not attend these types of play groups are somewhat missing out. We explain what we see as the fallacy of this mindset, and describe what we see as fundamental components to create happy well-rounded, and tired dogs. SHownotes and resources can be found here:
Aug 24
1 hr 32 min
Barking Dogs and Basic Training
Emily and Liane discuss how they would solve the problem of dogs rushing and barking when strangers arrive at the door. We also discuss what we teach in basics and puppy classes and why.
Aug 19
1 hr 32 min
Ep 12 Separation Anxiety in Dogs
This week, Emily and Liane discuss Separation Anxiety in dogs. We drill down to look at the symptoms associated with separation anxiety, and the various causes as described in the 2020 research paper entitled, Developing Diagnostic Frameworks in Veterinary Behavior Medicine: Disambiguating Separation Related Problems in Dogs (full link and explanation can be found in our show notes). We discuss ways to prevent separation in our dogs, methods for diagnosing separation anxiety, and ways to help dogs already experiencing separation anxiety. All of our links, as well as additional information and tips to assist dogs experiencing separation anxiety can be found in our show notes:
Aug 11
1 hr 27 min
#11 - Dog Sports - Rally with Randi Hubbard
This week we spoke with Randi Hubbard about the dog sport, Rally. The AKC recently introduced virtual rally titles for Rally Novice and Rally Intermediate. We discuss what rally is, how to get started, what you need to work on, and how to enter your first dog show. For all links and shownotes, please visit our website: If you enjoyed our show, please, rate, review, subscribe, and share. You can contact Liane on Facebook or Instagram at Empire Ridge Ranch GwePk5cyVE2f6YFuOx9q Thank you!
Aug 4
1 hr 1 min
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