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Young Nails Biz Talk
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Welcome to Young Nails Audio, hosted by Habib Salo, CEO of Young Nails Inc., the premier manufacturer of professional nail care products. On this podcast, you will find business building concepts, ideas, and strategies focused mainly on the beauty industry, taken from The Biz Talk Series on our YouTube channel, as well as other original content specific for Young Nails Audio. We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!
EP 187 Debunking Common Nail Myths
Is it true that gel is better for the natural nail than acrylic? Do nails need to breathe? Will your clients leave if you raise your prices? Today Habib and Tracey are going to discuss some of the most common nail myths- and let you know whether they’re true or not.
Dec 1
16 min
EP 186 How to Deal with Distractions in the Salon
Have you ever had a challenging nail service due to distractions in the salon? Today Habib and Tracey discuss many of the potential distractions (phones, boyfriends, food) and how to successfully communicate your policies with your client in a clear and respectful way.
Nov 26
16 min
EP 185 Should You Offer Discounts?
As a nail tech should you offer discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs? If so, what is the appropriate time to run a special sale? Today Habib and Tracey give their take on when and how nail pros should offer deals for their clients.
Nov 24
17 min
EP 184 Make My Nails FAMOUS
On today’s episode Habib and Tracey talk about how to get more exposure for your nail business on social media. They discuss how to use Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 Strategy and location marketing to grow not only your Instagram following, but your clientele as well.
Nov 19
20 min
EP 183 Price Competition in the Same Salon
Today Habib and Tracey are going to talk about price competition between both nail techs and salons. They talk about pricing your services according your local market, undercutting, and perceived value based on price.
Nov 12
14 min
EP 182 Reality Checking My Nail Clients
On today’s Biz Talk, Habib and Tracey are talking about expectations versus reality in the nail salon. Sometimes it's better to be honest with your clients about which services you can actually provide them rather than trying to give them whatever they want- and failing.
Nov 10
14 min
EP 181 Overcoming Adversity with Will Truong
Today’s Biz Talk features special guest Will Truong, who shares his inspirational story of overcoming adversity. Will Truong was able to battle not only poverty, abuse, and prejudice, but also the possibility of permanent paralysis. He continues to inspire others to not give in to overwhelming circumstances but channel their inner pride, courage, and strength to overcome any obstacle.
Nov 5
35 min
EP 180 Taboo Topics in the Nail Salon
There are some topics of conversation that are better to avoid in the nail salon. Today Habib and Tracey discuss what topics are best to steer clear of and how to defuse a conversation if it begins to get uncomfortable.
Nov 3
17 min
EP 179 Biz Talk Q&A #4
It’s time for another Q&A session with Habib and Tracey! Today they cover cancellation policies, ski slope nails, best chairs for nail techs, and more!
Oct 29
18 min
EP 178 How to Survive Holiday Nail Season
Holiday nail season is officially here! Today Habib and Tracey talk about how nail techs can prepare for the season and what they should expect.
Oct 27
13 min
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