You Must Remember This
You Must Remember This
Karina Longworth
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Enjoyable, entertaining, insightful!
Sometimes I need a break from crime podcasts. You Must Remember This is a perfect oasis! Karina Longworth is such a good presenter and historian. She does a great job sifting through hype and myth to tell a story of the good, bad and ugly of early Hollywood. It is obvious she is passionate about her subject matter. Having said that, she does not idolize or sugarcoat people places or events. Even if you are a casual fan of pop culture and not an old movie buff, these stories are intriguing and appealing. I always come away entertained, having learned something or gained historical insight. Im a big fan and highly recommend this podcast to just about any podcast listener!
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Enjoyable, but...
...please stop attempting accents (e.g., when quoting Otto Preminger).
current podcast
The Tahoe casino mentioned in recent podcast is pronounced cal neeva Thank you
joe speaks
Dino and Marilyn
Awesome narrator, super interesting content! Love this walk down memory lane ❤️
Ignore the haters
This season and Six Degrees of Song of the South are two of my favorite seasons, and I admire the way that Longworth covers race in the entertainment industry.
Not a true history podcast; host gives her own opinions and political beliefs
This podcast opens by saying it is “dedicated to exploring the history of Hollywood’s first century”, but it does not. The host simply takes stories, which are widely known, and inserts her own opinions and political beliefs. A podcast about history should be objective and presented accurately with facts, and this one not accurate or fact checked.
Swell pod!
I was introduced to the pod back on the Charles Manson anniversary when some website recommended Karinas historical retelling. That was 100 episodes ago and it hasn’t failed me since. At the end of the pod, when Karina is reading the credits, she says something like, “written, edited, and hosted by Karina Longworth…(and whispers) that’s me.” I always whisper also! SomeHour long podcast take a week to listen to. This podcast goes by too quickly!
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Joey mattivi
Like the new season but the background music is too much
The background music makes it impossible to listen to the new season :( especially because I hear the same song on tiktok all day
Annoying Speech Pattern is a Distraction
While the stories are quite well written and entertaining, the hosts tendency to over enunciate every syllable of every word is quite distracting. Her obsession with articulation and pronunciation can be comical at times and distract the listener from the story she is trying to tell.
A Clueless Local
Dino and Sammy
Love this new season! Karina still has that smart, sexy voice and is just snarky enough.
Storytelling at it’s best!
Karina’s storytelling is riveting. Her voice is smooth and perfect for the genre. My new favorites podcast!
Every season is a banger!
The serial episodes of this podcasts are so well researched, compelling & told with the pizazz befitting the golden age of Hollywood. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Best Old Hollywood Podcast ever
I love this podcast. From the music to Karina's breathy voice, the stories are interesting, well-told, researched, and fascinating. I'm always disappointed when a season ends and excited when a new one begins.
Great Podcast
I love the information, well researched and really interesting and well told. I sometimes find the way she speaks really difficult to listen to. It’s a forced, ultra enunciated accent. Early episodes don’t have it as much as the newer ones. It’s awkward, but worth pushing through and getting past as the content is great. Hopefully the poorly executed, fake mid-Atlantic accent can be dropped so we can focus on the material as it can be distracting.
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Too woke, I’m out
This show was sometimes fun but slow and odd. Now that it’s woke it’s just too painful. Avoid.
Sammy and Dino
Wayyy tooo much SJW wokeness!!! Would be interested in the story if she wasn't so ashamed of her race, and constantly reminding you, because whites are the only race that are ever racists according to libtards like these people.
Great Poscast
Yet another fabulous YMRT series. I look forward to every episode!
Extremely Addicting
This is basically a perfect podcast. Yes Karina’s speech style is interesting, and I’ve grown to love it. It seems like quite a few (right wing) people are upset that she is “injecting politics” into the stories. What these people fail to grasp is that history and media are both inherently political. When politics and money have directly shaped the film industry since its conception, there’s no way to tell their history without addressing that. I suppose the people who angry are just extremely sensitive and uncomfortable to find that they are on the wrong side of history.
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spooky little b*tch
Love the Hollywood history; don’t love the affected style
Love the thoroughly researched and interesting Hollywood stories. But the affected, strange diction of Karina Longworth is cringe-inducing and makes this podcast less enjoyable. Just one example—it’s “twit-er” not “twit-ter” as she says. The pacing is also really, really slow.
Great content, but…
I love the content of the podcast, but the narrator is hard to listen too! The exaggerated pronunciation makes me feel like being read to in pre-school.
Favorite Podcast!!
I discovered this podcast during the COVID lockdown of 2020. I listened while I rode my bike and walked my dogs. Every episode is so well researched and delivered expertly. I was so excited to find a new season featuring Dino & Sammy!
Dean Marden
A podcast about Dean Martin in which his last name is pronounced “Marden”. Yet I listen because the material is compelling.
just lost a long time listener
i was so excited to listen to this season, having loved all the other episodes. shortly into the first episode, you just had to bring president trump into it with a negative and incorrect spin. if you’re gonna mention that fox news endorsed trump’s america loving policies, you need to also mention that npr, cnn, abc, msnbc, and cbs are all propaganda machines for the democrat party who lie everyday to the american public. be truthful as well as entertaining. it’s not hard. wishing you all the best, kathy
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Pearl Clutchers
I’ve been a faithful listener to YMRT since at least 2015, and frankly, any criticisms I ever had melted away in the face of overcritical reviewers who critique Karina’s voice, diction, the ads (become a Patreon supporter if you don’t like them. Producing a podcast is a labor of love, not a moneymaking endeavour for most), or finally, any mention of politics. Spoiler: by definition a podcast series about Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons is political. Do you lodge a complaint with Wikipedia when you read the first paragraph of Hopper’s bio and of her enthusiastic support of HUAC? She also campaigned for Republican causes and candidates. Hopper’s political views colored her entire career. Fact. And to those pearl clutchers who say Karina needs a safe space: nice projection. Grow up, get over yourselves and engage with the media *you choose to consume* like an adult. And you’ll have to fight me first if you wanna come at Karina Longworth.
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Gladys Cooper
The Wire of Hollywood podcasts
Knowingly digs through the secret plot lines that alter our entertainment and lives
Great stories…
Rippin Rich
I love old Hollywood and I can’t wait to hear new episodes of this podcast. I love the research and storytelling. Her unusual delivery doesn’t bother me, since I associate it with a good tale. I like that she often focuses on women and their experiences - although to my surprise I really liked the series on Boris Karloff and Bella Lugosi too!
Two Stars to Acknowledge Older Episodes
So much tone deaf wokety woke wokeness in the newer shows. I can’t make it through an episode. I’ll give Karina two stars to acknowledge the high quality of the older podcasts. It is possible to tell an interesting story without injecting political views. She did it for years.
Despite pronunciation issues
I always appreciate YMRT more each time I listen. It’s intelligent, well-researched and Karina Longworth is brilliant at weaving together history and culture to bring context to Hollywood and its players that illuminates current times.
Welcome Back!
Haven’t even listened to the new episode yet, but excited to see it pop up in my library. This podcast has been insightful, thoughtful, well researched, and a joy to listen to. Quite frankly, the knuckleheads who have left reviews in the past overly focused on Ms. Longworth’s somewhat quirky delivery style are probably not actually film lovers, and certainly not interested in the long and complicated Hollywood history related thereto, which they would come away with a much richer knowledge of if they would have paid attention.
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LaFortunate Son
Let's go Branson
Your liberal moral superiority is too much. Go back and listen how sexist and racist you sound. stop holding history to todays PC standards. Love the idea of your show but you kids these days and how you"feel" unsubscribe
Dean MarTin nor MarDen.
Great episode I love your podcast I love to hear about old Hollywood and you do such a Great job at researching. But please learn to say your “T’s”it’s Dean Martin not Dean Marden. Dean, as well as Sammy, we’re such great stars please do right by him and pronounce his last name correctly.‘s.
You Must Give It A Listen
Making movies is a business. But it’s a business of creativity, egos, and propaganda to uphold certain social constructs. Longworth has both a curious and dispassionate eye for the world that these people and their stores exist in. She legitimately cares that the record gets reset for Frances Farmer or Ramon Navarro. As she focuses on ‘the reset’ for each individual, a more informed view of the world they all inhabit emerges. The cultural suppression was, unsurprising, real. The exploitation and abuse was as well. These are people capable of reaching a proverbial tipping point. Time and distance allows that perspective. If you are new to class movies, this is an excellent guide to titles, actors, directors and writers. This is a wonderful rabbit hole. As they say in every submarine movie ever made: Dive! Dive! Dive!
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Brilliant, Moving, Compelling Podcast
This is such a great, informative series! The series about Polly Platt is so brilliantly told and forms a great counterpoint to Season One of The Plot Thickens about Peter Bogdonovich.
P, Tony
Lost me
Started with the older episodes and they were really enjoyable and I was willing to overlook any shortcomings. But then I thought the gossip columnist episodes would be intriguing and ran into the producer’s political biases and lack of self-awareness becoming unbearable. Too bad, but there are also only so many hours in the day and this podcast will not be one of those hours of my day.
For more than movie buffs
I started listening because of her excellent series on Disney’s Song of the South and have been a fan ever since. You don’t even need to have heard of the subjects to enjoy (I’m currently several hours into the season about Polly Platt, about whom I knew nothing before starting).
Highly highly recommend
One of my favorite podcasts. So interesting and so well researched. Highly, highly recommend.
Would be 100% better with a better narrator. It is like fingernails across a chalkboard. Her sentences go up, the down. And she stretches the last word in the sentence out. He voice goes up, then it goes downnnnn. Like a bad reporter.
Great podcast
How did I just find this? It's a gold mine of fun listening.
Very interesting and entertaining episodes.
Very well documented. I’m enjoying the series on Hollywood Babylon. The only regret I have is the use of AI for some of the narrations. I see that as an unecessary gimmick. Other than that, Congrats for a great show!
Boris Kudelsky
Interesting topic but
Podcaster takes foreverrrrrr to get to the point. Round and round we go till she finally lets us know. Her voice the way she speaks it’s soooo annoying.. You can tell this is a fake voice/persona and this is not how this person sounds normally. Please just talk like normal or take a course in speaking. Also don’t have to explain every little detail.
Excellent Podcast
I just listened to the Polly Platt episodes and they were wonderful! It was a great introduction to Karina’s podcast. I learned so much that I didn’t know about Polly and about some of the movies that I love. I highly recommend and can’t wait to listen to all the other episodes!
The Inside Scoop on Old Hollywood
As someone who holds a motion picture production degree with a minor in history, theory, and criticism, this podcast is fascinating to me! I truly enjoy the research and thought put into each episode— from the music selection to the dramatizations inserted into the stories. I’m a true fan. I like hearing the gritty truth behind some of the stories I had a formal education on. I’m late to the party, and I’m working my way through episodes from past to present. I’m excited to work my way through future themes and series!
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You Must Remember This
This is a fascinating podcast. It’s obvious that Ms. Longworth does exhaustive research and careful writing. I’ve truly enjoyed listening. Anyone not familiar with the Manson Murders will be amazed by the detailed information found here. She narrates these pods (mostly) by herself and, while that’s generally okay, her rigorous diction and pronunciation can be stilted and intrusive. She gives the valley girl spin to every word that ends in “ten” or “den” as in, wri.ten as opposed to writ.n. Also, some of the name pronunciations should be firmed up. For instance, Jay Sebring. She pronounced it Seh-bring for the first few episodes before correcting it to See-bring. These things merit mention because this podcast is so heavily narrated. With that said, You Must Remember This is definitely worth your time.
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Has become liberal TRASH. Such a shame, used to be fun and enjoyable.
Love the subject, not the treatment
I love history and inside stories of Hollywood but this podcast series clearly has a Progressive agenda and that calls into question the accuracy of the stories recounted here. I believe the term is revisionist. I also note many Progressive signals in your diction and terminology It’s a good effort but very hard to believe any of it is wholly reliable given the left-wing filter through which it’s being told.
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Wonderful, well-researched stories
I love listening to this podcast, and even though the pronunciations are a little puzzling sometimes, Karina is an excellent storyteller. The tr*mpers here who are pretending they were ever interested in the subject matter should get a life and go listen to whatever anti-science RWNJ they like best.
Great stories. Excruciating narration. An over articulated, self conscious manner. Sounds stilted and unnatural. Pleasant voice but distracting. Thanks though, for the cultural history.
valarie mack
Just One More…
Netflix, Ruffles, and You Must Remember This. What do they have in common? Just one more…I am obsessed with this podcast. I love this podcast! The behind the scenes stories are riveting and the storytelling is captivating. I am on season 3 in just 2 days!
Are you trying to run off your listeners?
Let me state out front: I love the topic! The problem is the speed at which you deliver it! I found the trick of listening at 1 & 1/2 speed, but I question why you don’t work on your delivery? I mean listen to the commercials imbedded in it alone and you’ll want to pull your hair out! 2 1/2 minutes to sell us on x, y, z? I’m surprised you get paid for it.
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