You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Pete Holmes
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Love the show!
I always skip the we made it weird episodes but I love the ones with Pete and a guest. I’m sure Val is great but when she’s on the regular episodes, I can’t get very far into them. Her constant mmmm’s are so distracting!
My favorite podcast
Bill Simmons, Bill Burr, Marc Maron, and Pete Holmes are the Mount Rushmore of podcasts IMHO. All of them were early adopters of the now extremely popular media platform, but Pete’s personal growth from episode to episode makes You Made It Weird the crème de la crème. Kudos and Richard Lewis’ BOKU! Birbiglia’s Workin It Out has 10 years to go for carving out another old man on the mountain.
Hi. I don’t matter in the grand scheme of life, the world, your podcast…. BUT, I feel the need to complain. (…I guess because I love the podcast so much. Right? No “good job”’s only scathing judgement.) Again. My comment won’t matter, but Val…the “mmmm”’s that consistently flood the airwaves when you podcast with Pete are so overwhelmingly distracting. I appreciate your active listening, but as a consumer of the airwaves…this constant vocalizing makes me turn off. Granted, this vocal validation is also something my mother does…which may be why it makes me cringe…because I hate my mother. Hence, I may only be projecting. And if no one else cares, I’m obviously the outlier. Buuuuuut…yes. It takes away from what your guest is saying. I want to hear them while they’re answering your questions. You can let them speak without having to vocally let the audience know you’re there listening too. I know and believe that you’re already engaged.
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❤️the show, hate the mmm
Release the Stanhope episode
Release the Stanhope episode
Huge bummer he didn’t air the Stanhope ep.
Pete seems very unlikeable after he didn’t air the episode he recorded with Stanhope or an explanation.
YMIW is on a hot streak!!!
This show has been magical for me. ive been listening since the beginning. recently, the Robin Tran episode helped me realize that I'm transgender, and 10 YEARS of being suicidal is quickly evaporating. i wanna live now! and every episode for a solid 2 months has been brilliant. I'm so grateful for this podcast i could never express it. Petey is a true legend
Great guests but please fix the audio
Love Pete and his guests. But the audio quality is so bad it’s hard to listen to. Pete’s mic is constantly clipping and the levels are too quiet for the guest. Please use a better mic and use compression filters and fix the levels and it’ll be way easier to listen to. 🙂
First time listener
Good show. Please have on Paul and Sasha from Community News podcast. Would love to hear you all in conversation.
Love show!
Love the We Made it Weird episodes. Just one teeny tiny favor Val…….please please stop the mmmh agh mmmm sounds.😬😬 We know you are listening it is cringy to hear the moans. Can you imagine if we heard that on every show🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Just a request may not ever see this🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Loving and inspiring
I love the exploration and love in this podcast. More! More of this in our world!! MORE!!!!!!
Great discussion
Please stop apologizing for your relationship with Jesus. You’re messages are thoughtful and I always come away with something meaningful to think about. You have a beautiful and patient approach that many appreciate. No apologies are needed when you’re so open to other points of view. Keep up the great conversation.
P. Munro
Constant whining about his life makes the interviews unlistenable. Dude, grow a pair.
Good show!
Loved the episode with Chris Martin but so sorry I found the girl a bit annoying with the mmmmms. Just wish it had been Pete and Chris.
Hayley Elizabeth Carr
Val- good, Too much Val- bad
I like Val, I do. I really like the “we made it weird” episodes. That said, the Chris Martin episode should be renamed the “Val episode… oh and also Chris Martin was there”. I think solo Pete does a better job with questions for the guest and giving them room to speak.
Shut up
Pete needs to learn to stop interrupting and interjecting his own stories. Not a fan of the woo-woo talk, and his laugh is faker than Jimmy Fallon
I think Pete needs two podcasts…
One for him, and one for him & Val. No disrespect to Pete & Val but the joint episodes just have a very different vibe that I’m not really into and it would be nice to have them separated. I usually skip the ones that are labeled, but sometimes Val appears on interviews and they’re not labeled, and that just leads to disappointment. I’d love to have known, for example, that the episode with Chris Martin was a joint effort with Val before I started listening.
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Chris Martin
I loved the interview with Chris Martin. He genuinely inspires me to be a better person. 🙏❤️
This episode was a hot mess
I know Pete says he sometimes talks to much. He does. I like him because of his enthusiasm, but sometimes it borders on manic and ruins a show like with this episode. Pete fragmented Abby’s story to the point that it lost any semblance of how his experience played out. This was the least generous show I’ve heard Pete do. There was no space given to the guest for continuity. I’ll look for Abby elsewhere because this was a frustrating mess of an interview.
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All the funny people
Pete’s discovery of working out and how he casually makes fun of himself is hilarious. I don’t know if there’s another podcast I love as much!
Dear Pete,
You’ve seemed to harness Joey Gladstone’s energy nicely. 🕯 Now let’s get philosophical and push the envelope this week… -LA RAMS DASS- -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Pete’s Teeth
Are fabulous. You can hear them sparkle from the podcast. Best sight gag in the podosphere. Love you, Holmes. Pete has been podcasting for years. It’s been a great pandemic treat, these existential fart joke marathons, but there’s an amazing back catalogue, as well. Some really amazing interviews. And it is a treat to see how Pete caters each weirdathon to the guest. Also, as a conscientious consumer, I really admire the way Pete Holmes deals with sponsors and sponsorship. You can tell that there is a good deal of thought and care in the process of how these products are endorsed. I can’t stress enough how this small measure of personal accountability impacts the whole creative sphere. It is artists taking charge of how art is funded.
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Great guest variety
Just started listening a couple of months ago, o really enjoy the show. My favorite episode is the Brian Greene episode. It’s great to have a talk about physics with a comedic aspect.
Busy Crossover
I was afraid this connection may’ve been a dud. But super here for these two together! 🤣
Mld 9000000
Pete is funny and witty and I was so excited to start listening to the podcast but I couldn’t finish one episode because of the way he constantly interrupts the guests. I hope someone is reading this reviews and giving him so feedback!
Love the God talk
Pete Holmes know so many nifty quotes that express spiritual ideas better than a 3 hour lecture from Megan
I heart BP AND PH
Just here to say that I am part of the cross over from YMIW and BP is doing her best podcast. This recent busy Phillips interview was so great , and love YMIW and Pete in general .
I don’t understand why Pete has guests. He loves to talk, even if the guest is in mid-sentence. He interrupts constantly. Terribly frustrating.
Form follows function.
If “We Made It Weird” episodes stop I will be sad.
These are a part of my weekly rhythm now and always feel like a recharge to be living into healing through loving attention. Thanks guys!
caleb from minnesota
the brett goldstein episode
total perfection
Reincarnation with Brett Goldstein
I feel it’s the same reason a child doesn’t believe an adult when they're told, “if you continue on that path, you’re going to suffer.” The child doesn’t have to be 5, they can be 25 or 45 the point is we have to suffer to know what is real. You might say we’re supposed to learn the hard way. Just a theory.
Listened to the Patton episode, very hard to get through with Pete talking over them every minute.
Host talks more than guests 😞
Dude…. Shut up 🤫 let the guests talk.
The Great Interruptor
Listened to the Patton Oswald/Meredith Salinger episode. I won’t be listening to any other episodes because Pete Holmes’ interrupting makes for a very frustrating listening experience. He may as well not even have guests, since he really seems to like his own stories much more than he cares about his guests answers/stories.
Makes you smile
Deep breaths of spiritual ideas and lots of jokes to boot. Great listen and great questions.
Love this podcast! I can spell diarrhea from working at an animal hospital for 5 years.
Kind, Introspective, and funny. What more can you ask for?
From profound discussion to comical banter, I genuinely appreciate this podcast for every sound wave it channels into my brain. Pete is purely wholesome, I adore how he unabashfully will laugh (long and loud) over whatever he finds funny. What makes him so great to listen to is that he says things honestly, while also being very considerate of his guest or the audience. He makes the guest feel comfortable and I believe that invites them to be so open and present. I highly recommend this podcast, this has introduced me to very funny or intriguing people and I have my own musings based on conversations I've heard on here. My specific episode recommendation is any of the three that he does with BO BURNHAM! Ugh, so frickin' good.
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Love and appreciate
Pete and Val are wonderful & the guests are great. Thank you!!
You made it weird
I love the really loving, spiritual talks between Val and Pete. They can talk about anything because they both feel so loved by the other. I want to say though, you made it weird, on episode 40, when Pete was riffing on the work culture at Enterprise; as I was listening to the podcast while working at Enterprise. It was very meta 😂 🤗
East Forest
This episode was every thing we wanted and more!! Thanks Pete and East Forest! One lo❤️e.
You made it a cult
For years this podcast was a must listen for me. The conversations were once full of insight and humor. Now it’s almost entirely propaganda for American mysticism appropriated from the east and whitewashed for the privileged.
Cartoon Logic
Host Constantly Interrupts
I have tried to like this podcast so many times because I was a big fan of Crashing and Pete’s book. But he is a horrible interrupter and I always have to stop listening. He expects the guest to remember the place in their story so he can tell three anecdotes in a row - many of which I’ve heard already. On the Conan episode, he was very respectful and didn’t interrupt and it was a great episode. And Conan even tried to say that one of his big lessons as a host was to not interrupt and let the guest shine. Pete’s response was to justify WHY he interrupts. He totally missed the point that Conan was suggesting he be a better listener. And after that episode he went back to interrupting his guests. Pete: Pretend all your guests are Conan. You were a good host for that episode.
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Captain Canine
The podcast I didn’t know I needed
I heard about this podcast on the Late Late Show with James Corden. The episode of this podcast with Jason Segel was my first listen and was so honest and insightful.
🤞for deep listening
Whew - the premise is sweet and I wish I could enjoy it more because of that, but the interrupting is really hard to hear and get through. I have tried many times but almost always have to shut it off. It’s both difficult in the sense of just an audio experience that’s stilted but also very hard to hear someone (the host) just repeatedly interrupting and talking over others.
We made it weird makes my week!
I’ve been listening for a couple of years and I love that there’s literally a decade of episodes to pick from. Pete’s personality is to be chatty and sometimes he interrupts, but I love how he has taken this feedback and improved. The older episodes had a lot more interruptions, but now he can catch himself when he’s going to talk about his POV or ask a leading question and at least acknowledges this. I love hearing the growth! Sweet lady Val is a national treasure. Pete and Val have shown me a real example of what it looks like when a couple respects each other and supports each other in their individual growth. I have been leaning more into my spiritual side but don’t know a lot of people on the same page. I learn so much from you both!
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Love this podcast and crashing!
I love listening to this podcast! I love Pete’s laugh, his jokes and also hearing about how people get their starts in the entertainment industry. P.S. I binged all of crashing and I want another season :’( so good!
Nolan Hennney
More interviews please
Really missing the old format. Zero offense to Val who is lovely but I skip all of those episodes.
Let your guest answer your questions...
I’ve loved Pete’s work, but I tuned into his interview with Scott Avett and had to turn it off from frustration after about 20 minutes. He would repeatedly ask Scott a question and then interrupt to answer his own question. He was a non-listener, uncomfortable with leaving any space for the guest to formulate a thought. I’ve experienced a couple podcasts like this where the host has a degree of fame and they just can’t resist making it about themselves. I’m sure he loves and appreciates Scott Avett, but it sounded like a desperate play for Scott’s approval rather than a sincere attempt to learn more about the artist.
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Love Pete (but less Val, please)
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now and love it! I’ve even become a fan of Ka’chava and Charlotte’s Web thanks to Pete’s Picks! Lately, however, there have been SO many episodes with his wife Val, and I do not care for it at all. She’s nice and all and they have a great relationship, but that’s not what I’m here for! I’ve reduced my listening considerably because of this. Can we please go back to how things used to be??
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Always my favorite
This podcast got me into podcasts years and years ago and it continues to be my favorite. I have loved being on this journey of heart and soul with him over the years and find so much humor and insight each week. The new addition of We Made it Weird might be my favorite, the way they communicate with each other inspires me and my relationship. Yes he interrupts and can tend to lead the conversation but that’s his personality and often it takes him and the guest to a really cool place. As for those complaining about ads, a) it’s called a skip button 2) it’s better than a commercial break every 5 minutes. Joe Rogan and many other podcasts do the same thing. It’s a business, he needs to make money! So I 11/10 recommend! Start at the very beginning and work your way to present, you will be glad you did.
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I didn’t ask for diet culture
Started listening to a random episode because this podcast was recommended as a mood booster. However I stopped after 20 minutes because the episode I randomly chose was chock full of diet culture with juice cleanses, clean eating, etc. As a healthcare provider, I have major concerns of people without medical credentials talking about diets (doing a juice cleanse? Hello, malnutrition that will wreck the gut and metabolism!). Couldn’t stand anymore time listening to people talking about something a healthcare provider would not recommend. I was literally cringing at the diet culture and *dangerous* information being discussed.
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