Kristen Csuhran
this sacred space is here to help guide you, inspire you, ignite you, + to shift your perspective to one that sees the light in all things. that honors the blessings of being present in human form at this vital time in evolution. to assist you in cultivating your most divine expression + mastery, to give you energetic insights beyond what you may be able to perceive, to help you illuminate your shadows + to nurture them with forgiveness + love, and to empower you to be your most resilient and radiant self.
AUGUST ENERGETIC THEMES + reclaiming your power
In this Episode Kristen dives into the major energetic themes of these times and especially of August.
Aug 4, 2022
30 min
Deeper support for navigating change
In this episode Kristen dives in and offers more support as to all of the change that is currently occurring in our inner and outer worlds. She also shares some encouraging perspectives and analogies as to how you can look at what's moving through your life right now and also why change can feel so hard or why we can feel so stuck in the midst of change.
May 30, 2022
29 min
In this episode Kristen shares deeper themes she's been seeing energetically that are all centered around great change that is taking place right now to support even deeper shifts in Identity and new found clarity that arrives with aligning with a new Self.
Apr 4, 2022
20 min
Hello beautiful souls! In this new episode Kristen dives into the current energetic themes present March 2022 and how we're being given many opportunities to step off of old subconscious cycles and patterns and to create a new "spin" for ourselves. We're being unearthed right now, and shown our old foundation so that we can rewrite a new one. This month will continue to help us call on our ability to return to the Self, our safety, our power so that we can be the conscious creators of our lives instead of the past overriding all we're trying to manifest in the present.
Mar 2, 2022
26 min
Navigating Abrupt change
Hello beautiful souls! These energies are so transformative! I wanted to share a little bit more about some energies that I'm seeing playing out so powerfully in  my life and in so many of my clients lives as well and how you can navigate them. Anchoring into our body and working with our Nervous System will continue to be of so much importance as the body and turning inwards is what allows us to remain more centered when everything around us is moving and changing form and appearance. Blessings x
Feb 14, 2022
37 min
2022 Energy Report
Hello beautiful souls! Now that we're fully immersed in 2022, I finally wanted to talk about the underlying energetics and what we can see showing up in our inner and outer realities this year. On top of experiencing massive and abrupt change, there will be great focus on connections and relationships and how they really hold the mirror up for us to see ourselves even deeper. We'll be navigating through polarity and duality and how we can come into greater harmony and balance to be One with all of creation instead of resisting it and avoiding it. We'll be creating more union internally and externally within the Masculine and feminine. The sacral chakra will also be up for a great deal of clearing, strengthening and integration around all it holds space for... the subconscious, inner child, self-protective parts, traumas, coping mechanisms, "shadows", emotional body, traumas, etc. It will be a powerful year to help us anchor it to our bodies even further by working on safety and honoring our Nervous Systems.
Feb 2, 2022
0 sec
In this episode Kristen shares what's in store for us in the final Monthly Cycle of 2021 and what is up and coming as we enter 2022. December is a 12 month which encourages new beginnings, anchoring in even more of our power and authentic voice and truth by removing all of the patterns that are keeping us from existing in this space, especially with the help of a lot of the fire energy that's very present which is a gift of the divine masculine on behalf of love.She also dives into an overview of what the energetic themes will be in 2022, which is a 6 year. 2022 will focus a ton on our Earthly selves, balancing heaven and Earth, the feminine and the masculine, and especially the purification of our bodies, removed of excess density, interference, fear, and our subconscious programming or lineage patterns that we needed in childhood for survival, but that are no longer in service so that we can anchor the soul back in to the body and feel more safe walking our Earthly journey.We also will continue to see the rise of the Divine Masculine which is the warrior, protector, strength and grounding so that the Divine Feminine is free to roam and occupy her rightful space here.In joy!
Dec 13, 2021
35 min
In this Episode Kristen dives into the deeper energetics and themes of the Powerful 1111 Portal that helps us usher in incredible change. Experiencing things like upheaval, greater clarity, revelations, awakenings, realignment, and new beginnings of all forms are all very present right now. She also shares about her new Understanding your Nervous System Mentorship and what a supportive space this can be for you during this time in our individual and collective journey.
Nov 10, 2021
18 min
In this Episode Kristen dives into the energetic themes of this year and dominantly what's here for us this October, November, and December 2021. We're now in an 11 monthly cycle that supports us in our higher alignment with our most Sovereign nature which is our divine blueprint. Kristen sees the 11 as a pillar of light that calls us back to our center as so much of what will be present this November will continue to hold space for us to return to our core truths, to come back home. This higher frequency of light that the 11 holds also helps reveal to us our shadows, along with our light so it continues to carry that Scorpio energy of the Subconscious, our inner child, and the divine feminine. Wishing you all such a powerful November.
Nov 8, 2021
30 min
OCTOBER 2021 ENERGY REPORT + current energetic themes
In this episode Kristen goes over the current energetic themes of 2021, October 2021 and what all of these current planets in Retrograde are helping to stir up in us. This period is deeply connected to returning to Oneness within our self and our truest identity, rooted in a very deep, safe, and grounded knowing of who we are. In joy!
Oct 4, 2021
27 min
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