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A great story
I’m already hooked to this story! It is an awesome story that you really have to dive into with great audio quality Go get hooked on Dupaul’s story!
Well crafted and compelling
Usually not a fan of storytelling podcast, but I really enjoy this one. The story is thoughtful, the audio is high quality, and the length of the episodes I’ve listened to have been just right.
Great Hook
As far as audio dramas/ audiobooks go, this one has a great hook! The world building is vivid, straight off the bat. I like the audio effects - they add a great atmosphere. Wonderful job! - Outrageoulsy Unnecessary Podcast
Vivid descriptions and delightfully unsettling music sets the tone for this tale. A perfect show for a red eye road trip.
Ours, Played
This is the first audio story I have ever listened to and I was pleasantly suprised. I was immediately immersed into the story and loved the characters. Made my drive to work bearable. Keep up the good work!
This has me hooked. The sound effects, the voice acting, the pure energy and enthusiasm has me deeply invested in the story. Subscribed.
greasy satchel
I’ve been searching
I’ve been searching for a good audio drama and I think I’ve found it! It's like listening to a good audio book but one that doesn’t put you to sleep. The sound effect are awesome and I love the characters. Must listen
More than I expected
To be honest, I didn’t expect to like this show. I’m not usually into this sort of thing but the planning, energy and enthusiasm put into it really changed my mind. If you’re a fan of high fantasy and world building subscribe now. The audio quality is also great and the editing and sound fx give it an old school radio drama feel that is on par with many pro audio books. Can’t recommend enough!
Great theater keep up the good work
A lot of fun!
Nick is an excellent storyteller and will have you sucked in right away.
Dope stuff
Shows dope, great production!
A great story
Warning: honesty ahead. I’m not normally a fan of this type of story. I was afraid I wouldn’t get into it, but gave it a shot. I’m happy to say, Nick’s work is daggoned good. This is a well-planned, well-executed story that just gets better as it goes. No matter your comfort-zone, give “You Are All Alone” a listen. You’ll be glad you did.
This is why we have earbuds!
Beautiful story and an amazing lore. If you enjoy audiobooks and great storytelling, this is the show for you!
The story is compelling! The narrator’s voice and sound design are fantastic. Highly recommend!!
Princess Kayos
Love this podcast. What a great storytelling and such a fantastic journey you go through.
When I found this on twitter just didn’t think much of it but listening it. I love listening to audiobooks, It just felt like an audiobook!! It was so amazing. So come and give it a listen and download it!!
Original and Smart
If you like post apocolyptic story, midevil and a journey into the unknown then this series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Face paced and original. Subscribe today:)
Mac Jackson
Very well done!
This show has EVERYTHING! An engaging narration, a superb story, sci-fi elements. If you love serialized audio dramas, look no further.
After The Snap Pod
I love this show! Download now!
Love this show. Discovered it in a reddit forum and binged like crazy! I wish it released more often
Unlike any podcast I’ve listened to
What an awesome creative show. Unlike other podcasts where I listen gut 20 mins and switch to something else, I found myself listening to this from my shower in the morning, to my commute, to walking into the office. Only then I had to turn it off to sadly do my job. Can’t wait to put it back on, super addictive and binge worthy. Subscribe right now!
Hit subscribe and get ready to binge. A wonderfully entertaining podcast that takes you on a fantastic journey!
super nerdy
Unique and Engaging
Nick does an incredible job setting up a unique and interesting audio drama unlike anything else I’ve listened to. If you’re a fan of fantasy, you definitely need to check this out!
Dedicated and Beautiful
Nick Richardson presents an episodic epic that rivals Lord of the Rings and Warcraft. If you are a fan of fantasy, you don't wanan sleep on this one. Each episode delivers a beautiful balance to satisfy but still leave you wanting more.
Captain Nostalgia
Good Podcast!
So creative and challenging to do a show like this and it’s so well done! What a great way to share a story like this.
Great concept
Really like the show concept here. Every episode is so interesting, keep it up!
Vivid imagery and storytelling
This is a very fascinating podcasts with rich characters and an engaging narrator. Definitely hit subscribe and follow this show. Very impressive.
JV Torres
Alone listening
The best audio and fiction can be an escape into another world. You Are All Alone is one such escape. It’s creative, engaging and keeps you wanting to hear more. The world is well established and dripping with originality. It is also well narrated, something that many similar shows might struggle with. While it can be listened at anytime, it’s perfect to listen to while on a long drive or as you work. Listen and subscribe now!
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A World of Possibility
It's refreshing to find a podcast that isn't just three drunk guys sitting around and talking about whatever interests them. Nick's narrative opens itself up to a wealth of possibilities and I think that the direction it is going in is not only fascinating, but also exciting. Many literary themes are wrapped into this story and it truly feels like Nick is doing a good job balancing them all at once. I don't want to give much away so if you're into narrative podcasts, just go ahead and listen already!
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smff podcast
New favorite
This show is excellent! Perfect for long commutes. Just checked out the original episode and I’m hooked
Grave Girls love this podcast!
We love this podcast! Amazing sound quality! You can tell how researched it is and it keeps you interested! Keep up the great work! 🖤
Amazing Show!
Nick's show is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, fantastic narration and story-telling dynamics, this wholly original Pod will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!
Pod Addict T
Love the Concept of this Show
This is a nice straightforward approach to a science fiction concept that reminds me of old-time radio, but only if they could have imagined this kind of future. I'm so glad I discovered this podcast and like how the host is so easy to listen to with great stories and excellent writing.
Tim O'B
Wish there was more
Wish the show released more often but other than that complaint it's awesome
Improved a ton
Been listening since the beginning and the show has improved so much. Love it
BaBa for life
Love the characters in the show and I can't wait to see where they end up
DuPaul that dude
DuPaul is a straight up G!
stright g
I want more!
Love this show. I can not wait to hear what happens next!
Gets me through my day!
I manage a Landscaping company and I listen to multiple podcasts throughout my day and week. This one is by far the best one. Every time I see there’s a new episode I can’t wait to put my headphones on and get lost in DuPauls world. The sound effects really puts this podcast on a new level. Keep up the good work and keep the content coming.
Love it
Absolutely love it. I always love a good story! Not to mention the hosts voice is soothing and helps me fall asleep
Can’t wait for the next episode!
Makin me nuts
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