XDOG Podcast
XDOG Podcast
Stan Smith
Host Stan Smith (CEO of XDOG) provides tips on how to improve your dog's overall health, get valuable training details, and insights on personal growth & business development.
XDOG PODCAST Ep. 9- Jeremy Sebree (Unique Canine)
In this episode of the XDOG Podcast listen as Jeremy Sebree and Stan Smith discuss dog training, the future of his company Unique Canine, and more!
Apr 6
13 min
XDOG Podcast: Ep.8- Amanda Caldron (Team Minion)
This week we have Amanda Caldron from Americas Top Dog and she talks about her experience, what she's doing now, and what the future holds.
Mar 23
32 min
True Beast Talk- Auditing Your Pack
Welcome to the first episode of True Beast Talk. In this series Stan will be providing advice on an assortment of topics from relationships to business. On this episode he covers auditing your pack and how to remove toxic people from your life.
Mar 19
3 min
XDOG Podcast: Ep.7- Katie McCutcheon (The Incredibullz)
This week we have Katie from the Incredibullz stop by and we talk about a range of things from dogs to current events.
Mar 15
1 hr 1 min
XDOG PODCAST EP 6- Art Ortiz (DogFit Dallas)
Welcome to the XDOG Podcast, on this episode we have special guest Arturo Ortiz for DogFit Dallas!
Mar 8
1 hr 5 min
XDOG PODCAST EP. 5- Influencer Era
In this episode Stan, AZ, and Sabrina discuss influencers, haters, and if XDOG is a cult.
Mar 1
45 min
XDOG Podcast EP. 4- Dr. O
In this episode Stan and ACES Animal Chiropractor Dr. O talk about animal chiropractic and how it is changing the way we help dogs.
Feb 24
29 min
XDOG Podcast Ep. 3- Stan Squared
In this Podcast Stan Smith interviews Stan Smith from the hit show Americas Top Dog
Feb 17
28 min
XDOG PODCAST- #2 Growth Dedicated Mindset
In this episode Stan and Sabrina discuss growth dedicated mindset and the products of XDOG.
Jan 26
24 min
Stan introduces the podcast and does a Q&A
Nov 26, 2019
35 min
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