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Best pod ever !!! So glad my hubbs’ friend referred it .. lol !!! I’ve learned so much about the private west and central bank, the constitution, crypto currencies , I’m now investing in gold and silver, wow .. lol all since December 20’!! Super grateful for Dave’s knowledge!!!!!!!!
Rena Elmer
Repurposed info
Great storyteller. Little repetitive with repurposing the same info. Dave is good at what he does even if the message is misleading. Go figure. ‘Optics’ is a word over used. Your predictions were wrong but I find your storytelling entertaining.
Awesome pod
Off Base on Covid to Flu Comparison
Dave, on your latest episode, u say Covid is just the flu re-labeled. How do u account for the 20% excess mortality in the US last year from all causes? Roughly 3.4 million total deaths compared to 2.85 in 2019. If the flu was just re-labeled as Covid, what caused that spike. Similar story in other countries as well
More conspiracies.
Just another Trump simp spouting lies, part of the QAnon cult. A product of low education and ZERO critical thinking.
Kal Drake
Thank you Dave!
Giving the most positive insight to your audience is just the beginning of the great things you accomplish for us each and every podcast. We owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude. I thank God every day for you and your team!
Glad to see you back on Apple
I just can’t believe you anymore, I don’t have any time to wait to be saved. I’m not trying to knock you, but us sitting back listening and hoping is detrimental to our freedoms. We Are The Kraken
This guy is a joke
Over 60% of Americans support the Covid Relief Bill. Nonsensical, paranoid fever dream monologues filled with unsubstantiated drivel and lies. This dude is a dingus. It’d be funny if not so pathetic and toxic.
RW Smith
Love this and share always!
Ok so I thought Apple bumped Dave but I ran into this podcast. Is this official?
Podcast -
Can’t remember my password ? Can you help
I need a password to listen
The podcast dates are as on January and I need a password to listen to the show. Can you help?
Benz Babe
Goofy Stream of Conscience Babble
see above
Truth 2 All
Modern day snake oil salesman. Prediction after prediction after prediction never came true. Just another 3 card monte dealer looking to swindle.
Shame on you Apple
We are intelligent enough to purchase your products making us art enough to to listen to what we want.
Bunch of b.s.
I have a lot of friends that were let down by your lousy opinions. Just like info wars your lousy reports are part of the problem. Where is the krakken?
Time to pack it up.
Owes a BIG apology to the listeners.
Don Fontaine
Why the censorship?
It’s more damaging to our republic that a single entity should be able to censor what we listen to. It doesn’t call for violence, just a different approach. Apple and their monopoly on what we can use on our purchased phones is coming to an end.
Raybo Minotaur
Truth teller!
Thanks for all you do! I’ve been listening on rumble since I can’t subscribe here! 🤬 Apple needs to stop censoring!
X22 report CANNOT be broadcast on Apple products, TYRANNY at its finest.
They can’t allow the truth to be told. Rumble has X22 report. The truth will get out.
A true in depth look at what’s really going on in our government
He can be found at X22Report.com or on BitChute
Windows Phone Lover
I can’t subscribe it won’t let me says something can’t be found. There’s a guy posting your podcasts on YouTube. Your name is Dave what where else can I listen to you???? The servers or feed cannot be found.
Password protected?
All of a sudden this program requires a password? More communist control measures or tech error?
no fauxvid 2020
It’s gotta be good
It’s gotta be good if it’s being censored. I can’t subscribe and I went to find a video from last night and it’s not there. Do you have another site?
Just got to you!
I just got turned on to you and come here to find the truth being censored. They’ll be sorry and you’ll be back. Maybe a different platform ... one that doesn’t hate conservatives.
Apple censorship will be there downfall
Go to x22 website for complete show info
Moving The Goalposts
This podcast should be renamed Moving The Goalposts. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s supposed to be a parody of the QAnon cult or a serious, sincere podcast. Either way, it’s a model demonstration in moving goalposts. Please people, come back to the real world. It’s really not so bad here.
google and this app blocking the shows
the censorship will be their downfall who cares if you dont agree? its a free country and we should not be blocked from any info. what are you guys so scared of? free thinkers.
What now?
Nothing you have said has come true. How are you relevant? What now for those who have believed in guys that have lied to us? You’re just as bad as the left
Maybe for entertainment, but do not hold your breath on truth. No truth in this podcast.
Q is a hoax
Q crap is a carrot on a string. Always just about to happen. Edit: This has now moved from entertaining fantasy to dangerous delusional non-sense. In my original review I stated that Q was a hoax, a carrot on a string. Well, now he claims that Biden being inaugurated is “part of the plan.” To be clear, I voted for Trump, I listened to some of this because of the mass amount of people that it was influencing. However, in the time I have kept in with this hoax it has claimed, Trump will win in a landslide, Biden will not be inaugurated, the military will Never let it happen and now it is all part of the plan. The fate of all the “bad guys” continues to get moved backwards. The goal post continually moves. Get back into reality folks and let this stuff die.
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PS Smitty
Why a password
Apple did this. They are censoring free speech. Shame on them for doing this unconstitutional behavior. That’s why no more new episodes and even if there was new ones why a password? I can’t get it to take a password anyway
Why aren’t the new episodes up?
So what now! You hyped up about how much the patriots are in control???
I feel that you are making fools of followers of this podcast. It sounded really authentic and you had me for a few months... now not so much. I keep forgetting you’re an entertainer and that’s it!
Used to be but not anymore
I used to listen to these podcasts from bed but now that Apple is blocking them with a fake password requirement, I have to go to Bitchute to pick them up. Yep, the Tech overlords are slowly squeezing us out of content we like.
Password protected?
Why am I not getting new episodes? Password needed it says but won’t let me type a password!? Apple is doing this to several of my podcast. 🤬🤬🤬
Coach HCJ 3
Apple blocking
Since when do you need a password? Is apple afraid of critical thinker ?
paul r 13
X22 Report
This is my desired daily driver for sanity and calm amidst the storm.
All of a sudden we need a pw to listen
I’ve been going to his website to listen !
Apple Has Censored This Podcast
Apple has censored this podcast. Go to Dave’s website at X22Report.com to hear his podcasts. Dave also has a list of platforms he isn’t censored on listed on his website.
I need a password??
Why are there no new episodes and why do I need a password??
Same Here...
I think X 22 was stopped from posting updates. Check out podcast for The Health Ranger Report. So far he is still providing updates. Let’s pray this is the real deal.. God Bless this country.
Password Help
Where can I get password and where would I enter it
What’s this password about?
Why doesn’t the link to whatever password you are now requesting function? What’s this about? Why is this new activation process required? Censoring again?
Just go to x22 website you can stream from there.
like the other reviewer, not able to enter a password or username which i was never given. please help a patriot
Apple Losing Customers
This is a fantastic podcast and Apple has determined that the 1st Amendment is no longer necessary and they appear to desire a Social Score more like China. We are now told to use a password that doesn’t exist??? Maybe we can find it on the Parler App on my iPhone. Oh wait! It’s gone too! Apple has learned way too many bad habits from working with the Chinese and now they have brought that hostile behavior to America. Ridiculous!!
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Apple is communist censoring
Why does it say the show is password protected? Must be apple doing it 🤬🤬
C L T 's Nana
Big tech overlord censorship
Password required but won’t allow me to enter a password. We know what this is. “ When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar; you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
Great podcast but can’t access anymore
Too close to the truth gets ya censored!
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