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X22 Report
Ep. 2343 - Barr Moves Durham Into Position, [DS]/MSM Panic, Hold Position Before Executing Raid
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Dec 2, 2020 at 2:03 pm.
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Show notes

The [CB]s and the [DS] thought they had the upper-hand, they thought that their plan was moving forward. They will soon realize that their plan was a trap by the patriots. The MSM is still pushing the idea that the economy is about to implode. The [DS]/MSM are now being backed into a corner. The evidence is about to be produced. Barr places Durham into position. The storm is about to hit, the [DS] is now panicking, their [e] fraud did not work, people are waking up and now they are trapped. The raid on their system is about to happen, hold the line until the right moment. SP announce that the white hat hackers got it all and the connection to other countries is being produced. Trump makes one of the most important speeches about [e] fraud.