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X22 Report
X22 Report
Episode 2309 - Booms Incoming, This Is Not A Drill, [DS] Feeling The Pain, No Escape
1 hour 4 minutes Posted Oct 22, 2020 at 2:32 pm.
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Jobless claims have dropped, continuous jobless claims have dropped. More and more states are opening up and businesses are coming back, jobs are coming back, the economy is growing. GM down building a plant in MI, manufacturing is coming back. Existing homes sales blow past estimates. Co-Founder of Home Depot says JB will raise your taxes. The [DS]/MSM have been hit very hard, they are feeling pain. HB and JB are in the cross hairs, this is not a drill, more booms coming. The [DS] has just pushed out a FF and it failed big time. The [DS] is trapped there is no escape. The Biden connection is deep and wide, nothing can escape this, nothing.