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Pro Wrestling Palskis
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Nice format change, but their about sports entertainment over wrestling
The topics are fun, but these guys still hold WWE as the end all be all of pro wrestling. Perhaps this is to capture the larger audience, but this was a podcast founded by nerds. Nerds want obscure wrestling. That ain’t WWE, so every time I hear them refer to an AEW talent by a WWE moniker, I cringe. It’s kind of insulting to the guys who came to the Compadres Slamcast for Laquasto’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Dale’s love of Japanese wrestling, and Chuck pushing Booker T.
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Scoop staley
Very cool new format!
If you haven’t checked in on this podcast in a while, then you’re missing out! Totally new format, which takes a deep dive into one singular topic per week, while also touching on the big stories in the industry as needed. Jake and Scott have crafted a super fun and creative show that stands head and shoulders above your typical weekly recap podcast. Listen and subscribe today!!!
Lee G1
Pro Wrestling Palskis Are Alive!
The Compadres have become Palskis and boy do I love em all the same! A podcast that continues to deliver with humor and quality wrestling conversations you can just get lost in! Love Jake and Scott very much! Great hosts!
The Compadres are dead! Long live the Palskis!
I first found this podcast when it was Wrestling Compadres, and when Dale and Jonny were on Afterbuzz. It’s evolved since then, hosts have come and gone and now it’s Scott and Jake! The new format is a lot of fun and lets them really dig into the meat of a certain subject. Check them out!
Really digging the new format of the show. The new weekly topics allow for more interesting listen.
Lifelong fan
I’ve been a fan of this show from the very first time I listened to it, I stumbled upon it most likely to listen to a specific interview years and years ago and just fell in love with it! Loving the new format! I am with you guys! -Tim Redbeard From Connecticut
Tim R
Best wrestling-centric fancast out there!
Love the back and forth of Scott and Jake and all the effort put into each show. Thanks guys for the free content, your show’s a must-listen every single week, as well as the amazing Patreon exclusives!
Bram Toker
Jake has ruined the show !!!
Jake has ruined the show. Super negative and has opinions on shows he doesn’t watch. If you watch only Wwe programming, this is the podcast for you. No matter how bad the show is, jake seems to love it .
I. <3. Compadres.
The more the hosts change, the more I still enjoy the Compadres. Dale Rutledge, Jake Lloyd, and Scott Narver are terrific. Many hosts have come and gone for this show but I am loving these three while I can. They may retire tomorrow but I guess no one retires in wrestling. They talk about mainstream wrestling every week, crack jokes, and argue like all fans do. It’s fun. Feels like I am watching wrestling on the couch with them. Been subscribed since Nerdist days and staying subscribed.
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Cool show
The show is pretty good I’ve been listening to it for over a year and this guys are funny and very entertaining. However when i first started the show would focus more on all the good things in wrestling just a very positive show, but recently the show has become very negative about all wwe programing. Sure wwe has some questionable stuff on tv this days but still it would be nice to listen to some positive stuff as oppose to what this show has become so i have listen to my last episode. I do leave a 5 review because this guys do care about wrestling and it shows and it is still pretty entertaining and funny to listen to them but there has got to be something more positive in other podcasts. Good luck guys and thanks for all the entertainment throughout the time i was a listener.
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Could be perfect
This would be one of the best wrestling podcasts there is if it wasnt for Jay Washington. Jay is super annoying. Every show he's on is cringeworthy. Other than that I would give 5 stars. Less Jay. More Jake. UPDATE: Dream came true! Jay is gone! Won't miss his annoying fake laugh and made up on the spot "opinions". I do miss Jonny tho wish he didn't have to leave but still love Dale, Scott & Jake!
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One of the Greatest Wrestling Podcasts Ever
5 Stars!!!! Dig it! Seriously a highlight of my week Keep it coming!! Jake is cool too?!!
Smark E ExTreme
Hey Yoats
1/3 of Aces and Oats here. Big fan, love you guys. PS. Dale, what did you think of all in?
A treat for all wrestling fans!
The Wrestling Compadres is a consistently positive and entertaining show that I greatly look forward to each week. Each of the hosts brings something unique and wonderful to the table and provides interesting perspectives without compromising their integrity or insulting our intelligence. This show is a treat to listen to every week and always makes my commute to work a breeze. *****
Jake ruined the whole show
“Dragon Wagon” and Jake completely ruined the show. Jake is horrible. Really bad. Listen to any other wrestling podcast besides this one. Don’t waste your time.
I Am Chef Dave
5 star show with 5 star hosts
Been listenening since the show was part of Fox sports. I wanted to finally leave a review after seeing Jonny on 205 last week! Im so happy for him and for the entire compadres family and he deserves it. There have been new compadres changing through the years but the chemistry they have is always good. They balance each other out well and the show is always really fun. Im upset to see a bunch of 1 star reviews in the last few weeks targeting Jake and cant help but think it is very suspicious that jay just left the show and those suddenly show up. If Jay is behind them then thats really messed up. Jake is awesome and he saved the show from the really bad tech problems them were having as a producer and was a great addition to the show as a host when jonny had to leave. The current lineup is originals dale and scott (my favorite), plus jake. They are always funny, positive, honest and fair when it comes to their opinions and are the most positive wrestling commentary you can find. They find the best in everything and i love that they are now talking about aew and nwa power and the show only gets better over time. Maybe now that jay is gone its time to get another female compadre for us ladies!
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The power of negativity
I’ve been a listener for years. The personality’s of the show have changed over the years and just changed again recently. I love Scott but Jake is nothing but negative. He is like an old man set in his ways. I’ve tried listening hoping that the quality of the show would out weigh the idiocy known as the “jakeover”. Unless things change I will not be tuning in any time soon.
Was one of the best until...
“Jakeover” happened. This dude mark & “podcast producer” Jake took over this once great wrestling podcast that was by actual insiders from within the business and ruined it with his hypocritical, snide and often times just blatantly rude narcissism of everything from the companies to even the cohosts of this show. Really unlikable personality & Scott just tries to be funny too much to where he’s rarely just being straightforward with his opinions. The show was better before “dragon wagon” or whatever his lame podcast brand is took over
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So original 🤦‍♂️😂
Just another wrestling podcast with sjw “comedians” that nobody’s heard of complaining
Go go white sox
I want to give it A Dave Meltzer 5 Stars review
I really enjoy this podcast a lot and been listening to them since 2015. Miss Jonny but glad for him. We need the soundboard back. Scott is my Spirit animal and I became a fan of him. Subscribe to all his projects because his delivery is always on point. Jay is the guy I would like to have a beer with and talk trash to at the same time but overall a really good guy and entertaining. He’s funny and charismatic. Dale is in Japan...I think but in all seriousness, I like how he doesn’t give an F about anything and is really honest. Jake... Doing my best to like him, Didn’t care for the Jake overs. Now he’s on every week. I get it you have a WWE fanboy on the show. I will continue to list to them because even if I don’t agree with 100 percent of what they say I respect everyone opinion and their perspective on wrestling...Sports entertainment for Jake. Keep up the good work.
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Favorite wrestling podcast
Listen every week, favorite wrestling podcast.
I don’t like scarves
But I like this podcast
Awesome show
I’m a casual wrestling fan and I LOVE this show for both the excellent discussion and analysis as well as the laughs! My favorite is Scott, but Dale and Jonny are great too. Especially love their coverage of women’s wrestling. Give it a listen you won’t be disappointed!
Love it!!
I’ve been watching wrestling for like 20 years and this is one of the 2 best wrestling podcasts I’ve ever listened too! If you like wrestling and people talking about it this is definitely your show.
Something different from the norm.
Sometimes you come across something very special. If you're a fan of pro-wrestling, most podcasts available for us to listen to are pretty mundane. Take a "legend", and sit him/her down, so he/she can complain about the product today, and how things were so much better WAY back then. Podcasts like these become very old,very quick. That is why I urge you to listen to the "Wrestling Compadres" Slamcast. This podcast gives vibrancy to pro-wrestling podcasts, in an otherwise humdrum collection of podcasts that don't really differentiate each other. The podcast has a positive vibe with lots of humor and sarcasm to boot. Each week the show flies by as you hear reviews of the latest shows, pro-wrestling news interviews and so much more. Oh and the crew that make-up the podcast are going to be BIG in the near future. They all are extremely talented and have their own projects that I also love to support. If you're a fan of pro-wrestling this is the podcast for you.
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Crash Fist-Fite
Definitely listen!!
They obviously love wrestling and enjoy hanging out together! I love their analysis and seeing how they interpret the product each week.
You should be listening
Love these guys to pieces. Even if I miss wrestling this week, I make a point to check in with the Compadres, because they always keep me stoked to get back into it. Great chemistry, great conversations, and genuine love of the craft.
Awesome guys
This podcast is great these guys know their wrestling. Been listening for years now I feel like they are my good friends. Lots of laughs and knowledge.
This show is pretty awesome! Scott Narver is my fave. I’ve been following him since “Curtain Jerks” podcast (check it out!). The rest of the team are very cool too. My favorite group of wrestling reviewers.
jazz p.😁
Nothing is better than listening to the crew set Jay off into a fit of giggles. Incredibly insightful and hilarious content week after week!
John Masse
Entertaining and informative. Always recommended to friends!
Appointment listening
Haven’t been able to rate/review/subscribe due to not having iTunes but these guys now get my 5*s and are must listen every week. Thanks to Jonny and the team for weekly awesomeness.
Keep Up The Amazing Work!
Wrestling Compadres is one of the funniest wrestling podcasts out there. Each episode puts a smile on my face wider than Baron Corbin’s gut 😂😂
Great listen
First time I’ve ever listened to this podcast and I think it’s going to be apart of my weekly podcasts I listen! Thanks guys and keep it up. You just gained yourself another listener.
Robbie Vogler
I’ve been listening to the show for a while now and this is still my favorite podcast! Love the coverage and the interviews! Keep up the great work guys. Compadre for life!
Tyler "The Fighter" Fields
I used to love this podcast. But the quality has been taking a nosedive. Dead air. Missing audio. Producers throwing a fit. Today it sounded like they were playing sound bites but they were barely being picked up on mic. And the addition of Jay Washington is unbearable. I stopped listening to Raw Afterbuzz because of him. Now he's here!? Can't do it anymore, guys.
Yes! Yes! Freaking hell yes!
I was followed by Johnny on twitter for some reason and realized I've listened to y'all before and I freaked! As I'm staring to get in to podcasting I find myself studying the best (you guys) and picking up on tools to become a friendly competitor of yours. I thank who ever is involved for making humpdays great again and keep on rocking! Btw carrlyn follow me on instagram please 😂😂 @collective.podcast
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Devin Simmons
This podcast is for that inner child in you that can't get enough wrestling! You can tell that the hosts really enjoy and have that passion for all things wrestling. If you are into wrestling then you should listen to this podcast.
Best podcast!
You guys are awesome. I'm almost positive I'm your most loyal fan. Listen to you guys religiously. The most personality on any wrestling podcast and that's why I love you guys. Don't ever stop making these. I don't care if you get better jobs lol and more Carrlyn!
Best In The World At What They Do!
I've been listening to this podcast for about a year and a half, and I love it! This current lineup is my favorite. They love the art of wrestling and they're so passionate it. Thank you for entertaining me every week!!
Chasing the dream!
Fantastic interviews with the top talent in the industry combined with humorous insights, above and beyond the best wrestling news podcast I've listened to. If I don't laugh at least once per episode, it's because my earbuds fell out during the joke. It is totally worth it to go back through the catalog like I did when discovered it, if just for the soundboard alone. I miss the soundboard. Bring it back!
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Haggis McDangle
Elimination Chamber podcast
I really enjoyed the Elimination Chamber podcast. keep up the great work.
Can you smell what they are cooking?
The first time I heard this podcast was just right before they made the move to Fox Sports and the very first episode I listened to was when Carrlyn Bathe guest stared. I was hooked ever since. I knew Jonny from listen to several other podcast (DC movie news and Raw after show) so it was a no brainier for me to tune in every week. Scott is hilarious and Dale is very insightful. But all of them know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to pro wrestling. But the best part is they embrace the power of positivity. They hold down that P.O.P and that is something not too many wrestling podcast, or even fans for that matter, have. They were singing the praises of Impact before anyone started to pay attention to that organization. They talk about anything big happening in wrestling. Don't worry WWE fans, they still have a focus on that company, but it is refreshing to hear about other promotions. If you are a fan of pro wrestling and want to listen to a fair, insightful, positive and just all around good ol' fun, then the Compadres Wrestling Slamcast is definitely for you.
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Gustavo Buenrostro
My favorite!!
I'm so glad I found this show, it's an absolute must. Download and consider yourself lucky!
Soccer gal 79
Big fan becoming dissatisfied
A month or 2 ago I would've loved to give this podcast 5 stars but it seems as of late this podcast gets shorter and SHORTER, it doesn't even go a full hour anymore, I no longer get my pro wrestling podcast fix from wrestling compadres anymore like I used to do due to the show being so short now it seems like everything is rushed through and a lot of things in wrestling aren't being discussed with the show getting shorter
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Very impressed keep up the good work!!!🤗🙌🤗
Just started listening watch the afterbuzz after shows love this and very impressed keep up the good work Jonny and Scott 🤗✌️
Newest incarnation is junk.
Sorry y'all. This show isn't good. RIP Chuck Rice.
Jay jay boy 1987
Too much!
I tried to listen to this podcast and I couldn't even get through the first 5 minutes. It reminds me of a morning zoo type radio show. Way too much going on and everyone trying to speak at the same time. I'll stick with The Masked Man Show on the Channel 33 podcast or Cheap Heat.
One of the very best
The whole Compadres Crew is BEST FOR BUSINESS.
"The Real" Jesse Long
My boy
The wrestling compadres slamcast is at the crossroads of comedy and wrestling and is always an enjoyable listen. You have to make this a part of your regular rotation!
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