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Works for Me
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These women are complete morons
Complete. Morons.
More, please!
I hope you all will comeback for season 3
One of my all time favorite series from Bloomberg!
The hosts are great and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to every single episode! Please make more episodes!
Bullet Journal Episode...
I had a hard time taking the premise of this podcast seriously after listening to the Bullet Journal episode. Rather than presenting basic research into the creator’s original vision for the Bullet Journal as a low effort, rapid tool for efficiency and organization, they jumped straight into the YouTube/Instagram “arts and crafts” crowd’s take on bullet journaling which prioritizes aesthetics and is anything BUT low effort. Pointing to those Instagram/YouTube works of art as a “high barrier to entry” for Bullet Journaling is akin to holding up a Michelin rated meal as a “high barrier to entry for cooking food.” It might seem that way if the only food you’ve seen is is a meticulously plated Japanese A5 wagyu. But a meal doesn’t need to be extra fancy in order to be good.
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Great podcast! Season 2 please?
Incredibly varied, entertaining and didactic! 100% recommended! Please come back with another amazing season 👍🏻
Wishing for another season
I got so much great score from this podcast!
Dear Rebecca.
Dear Rebecca, Please stop finishing your sentences with an up-inflection? Are you constantly asking your audience a question, or making a statement? It’s not the 80s, you’re not in SoCal, and you’re not a Valley Girl? I can’t listen any longer with your natural talking style?
Stop the vocal fry!
While listening to the Feb 8th episode Becca, the host, has horrible vocal projection. She has vocal fry that is unbearable to listen too. Not worth listening to this podcast.
Enjoy it and appreciate it!
This podcast is great for anyone that is always interested in ways to improve but can feel overwhelmed with all the productivity options out there! I hope you continue to share your tests and maybe expand to discussing books/theories on the various topics. I also really like the hosts conversational style delivery of the content. I have already tried a few of the ideas and it was good to know that if I had issues trying - I wasn’t alone!
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kelly- ny
Love it and helpful
I really enjoy the style, the production is great, and it’s helped implement change in my life
Just what I was looking for!
Thanks for making this podcast! I struggle with many of these issues in work and life and have put into practice some of the insights from the show. It would be great if you could re-visit some of the issues but try a different solution! Thanks!
Experience is totally worth the time
Interactive ways bring the life back into a lot of your listeners.
I love this podcast, so honest and funny. I bursted out laughing many a time (and often in public transport) Grade A banter and fantastic reviews of popular life hacks. 10/10 would recommend
Good topic, poor hosts with worse habits.
At first i liked the basic concept of the podcast but it turns out the hosts need this podcast the most. The hosts do experiments on how to improve their lives. I never heard of so many problems with waking up early. Holy cow. Email? Who would have thought time management was so hard. It truly sounds like these two are spread too thin at work and their home life. Solution: they decided to make a podcast about how to keep up with their lives which spread them even thinner. Very questionable work habits from employees of a ‘prestigious publication’.
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podcast suggestions
Really great concept
Awesome idea for a podcast. I love the insight. The hosts make it a fun yet informative listen.
Felice the gherkin
Loving this essential show from two of my favorite podcast talents. I have already learned so much, and it’s smart, funny and entertaining!
Love this
I literally love this podcast so much! It’s fun and I always feel productive after listening. I take away new tips and always smile after it.
Good Podcast, but rough around the edges
I really enjoy the topics that are discussed in this podcast, particularly focusing at work episode. My one issue is the way that they are discussed. The two hosts speak very much like a radio show rather than a podcast. There are many side notes and its a little hard to follow at times.
Did my review get deleted? This is a test.
I wrote out a different review and it's not showing up.
Thoughtful Podcast. Annoying Intrusions.
So the podcast and the hosts are chill. It’s thoughtful and lighthearted and real and fun. But let’s talk about the Bloomberg intrusions. Yes, it’s a Bloomberg podcast I get it, it’s hard to not get it because the Bloomberg promos throughout are loud and annoying. I can’t do it. It’s way too much, and they don’t fit into the podcast.
What is with the way the talk?
How old are you, 14? What is it? Californian talk? I can’t do it!
Fun, Relatable & enlightening
Every episode tackles a (mostly office related) issue, whether it be increasing your productivity in the morning or organizing your thoughts more effectively. I find every episode helpful in at least starting to get better as a working person.
Infinite Impress
Mornings. How I hate them.
Loved this podcast and when I had to be at work by 8am , the ONLY thing that got me out of bed at 5:30 am was the fact that my friend a mega morning person, was waiting for me in Lincoln Park (Chicago) to run 2-5 miles , every day. It became a habit and I loved it. Running to meet her in the cold dark winter mornings however , added the challenge of being mugged but luckily That never happened. 😜
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MC Ott
Great start!
Just listened to the first episode and I'm looking forward to more. The hosts have a great approach-- they're skeptical of the productivity industry and life hacks but also admit that everyone wants to try them, and allow themselves to get sucked in a little. They have great chemistry too and there's plenty of solid, helpful info in there about the things i care about.
Bigtime listener
Great listen
Loved the first episode. Can’t wait to hear more productivity hacks tested by these two.
What a hack!
Show is making me feel great about how bad I am at staying organized. Turns out I’m not alone! Can’t wait to fail with these guys together. GTD!!
Quant gal
Really enjoyed this
Loved the first episode and I’m looking forward to more. The hosts have great chemistry and manage to make the show personal, informative, and compelling. I’m excited to see what other productivity hacks they cover next.
Another great one
Loved Becca’s podcast on the pay gap and this is more great work from here. She’s always engaging and fun, but packs so much information into her segments that you never feel that you’ve wasted any time listening—and in fact are smarter for it.
A Let Down, No Substance
Long time listener of multiple Bloomberg podcasts. Big fan of many of them. When Works for Me was announced, I was intrigued. Very disappointed. First episode covers bullet journals, something I myself have not encountered. Was interested to learn more about them. Instead, much of the episode is spent describing the narrator’s inability to consistently use a bullet journal. There was little to no time devoted to the particular strengths and weaknesses of this particular productivity tip. The narrator says that bullet journals “can have multiple to-do lists, calendars, trackers, so it’s hard to… know what to put in it.” Well, isn’t that what this podcast is supposed to do? The narrator interviews someone who is extremely knowledgeable about this technique, but then blurs and fades out the interview as if to portray how complicated and tedious maintaining a bullet journal is. The expert on the specific technique being employed is portrayed as tedious and any information conveyed is deliberately thrown out. Instead, we get an entire minute devoted to how the narrator spilled olive oil on her journal. We also get this exchange: A: “Why did you choose to track your alcohol intake?” B: “I just felt like the tracker as it was, was not specific enough. Like I tracked my activities, back in April, way back when. And it was just like I don’t really care how often, I drink, I more care about how much I drink and how much I spend on it.” B: “Are you trying to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume? A: “No, why are you asking me so skeptically?” B: “This just seems like a tracker for people who want to reduce or want to drink less.” A: “No I just want to know.” B: “I feel like you just did this so you could draw that picture of a cocktail.” A: “I didn’t even know I was going to do that until the end. Rude.” Essentially, the narrator is doing more work for no reason at all. No goal, no purpose. Isn't this podcast supposed to be about tips on how to be more productive? In summary, this podcast is really more a window into the narrator’s life. If you are looking to get any productivity tips, look elsewhere.
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A must-listen
Way more relatable than other self-help podcasts! Rebecca and Francesca are terrific.
Another wonderful podcast from Becca!
This is a sharp, intelligent, and very helpful podcast! Highly recommend.
I love Becca Greenfield's work --- can't wait to keep up with this podcast!
Starry Nachos
Perfect Combination
Finally a podcast I want to listen to, so genuine and informative, the perfect combination. Great hosts and great content!
Sounds like fun
So happy that Becca and Francesca are back with a new show. I anticipate laughing a lot and maybe learning something too!
Excited for this new project
I have really enjoyed Rebecca Greenfield's and Francesca Levy's podcasts and am looking forward to this one!
Becca Greenfield is a great journalist! I’m excited for this podcast!
Another hit from Bloomberg’s Rebecca Greenfield and Francesca Levy
So excited!
Love Becca Greenfield’s podcasts, and can’t wait to listen to her latest project!!
Good team, good show
From the same team that did Game Plan and The Pay Check, so should be good. After the next few eps, I’ll update my rating and review if it doesn’t live up to my expectations.
The perfect show for a new year
Excited to be my best self with Works for Me in!!
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