Words On Water
Words On Water
Words On Water
A podcast featuring conversations with influential and interesting people from the water sector and news from the Water Environment Federation.
Words on Water #241: Advances in Chlorine Technology with Lovibond
Balancing chlorine in water is essential for public health and Lovibond is a leader in advancing technological improvements in the … More
Oct 27, 2023
8 min
Words on Water #240: Kimley-Horn Partners with Denton, TX, on a Master Water Plan
The City of Denton, Texas, is growing fast. But it’s ahead of the curve when it comes to planning its … More
Oct 1, 2023
17 min
Words on Water #239: Flowing Towards Sustainability: How Cutting-Edge Instrumentation Powers the Circular Water Economy
Instrumentation technology has been at the forefront of powering the circular water economy (CWE), enabling more efficient and sustainable water … More
Aug 16, 2023
16 min
Words on Water #238: Preventing Stormwater Failures Before Purchasing Commercial and Industrial Properties
Pipe failures and sink holes can mean millions lost to any commercial or industrial business when stormwater inspections are not … More
Aug 10, 2023
14 min
Word on Water #237: Funding Wastewater Upgrades with the Inflation Reduction Act
The Inflation Reduction Act provides federal funds to the wastewater sector to address key challenges facing wastewater professionals in today’s … More
Jul 20, 2023
18 min
Words on Water #235: Turbidity Testing with Lovibond
May 30, 2023 Wastewater Resource Facilities rely on turbidity testing to know whether our water is safe and healthy. Mike … More
May 30, 2023
11 min
Words on Water #234: Wastewater Surveillance Testing with GT Molecular
May 19, 2023 Wastewater tells a story. It can provide a snapshot of the health of any community. Sarah Kane … More
May 19, 2023
13 min
Words on Water #233: Paul Bishop On  Becoming Water Professionals International
March 17, 2023 Paul Bishop is Chief Executive Officer and President of Water Professionals International. In this episode, Paul talks … More
Mar 17, 2023
18 min
Words On Water #232: Tim Gerdes on Role of Wire Cloth and Mesh Screens
January 25, 2023 Tim Gerdes is Sales Manager at Haver & Boecker. In this episode, Tim discusses the ways that … More
Jan 25, 2023
11 min
Words On Water #231: Greta Zornes on the Path of Potable Reuse
January 4, 2022 Greta Zornes is Water Reuse and Industrial Treatment Leader for CDM Smith. In this episode, Greta explains … More
Jan 4, 2023
18 min
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