Woodworkers Podcast
Woodworkers Podcast
Ramon, Phil & Ben
A podcast about woodworking by three guys who make their living doing it.
Austin Waldo, Texas Woodworking Festival
Austin Waldo, of Austin School of Furniture, joins the show. Listen in as we hear about how a marketing and tech background mixed with a group of friends with a healthy woodworking fetish led this Austin from Austin to create a new school. We hear about the school’s start and successful pivots to adapt along with plans for the future ahead. A future made brighter by the Texas Woodworking Festival, coming this September 4th to Austin, Texas. A festival celebrating all things woodworking with a goal of creating even more.
Jul 14, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Stick to the script.
Ben’s back from the Neligh Grain Mill window project. Phil’s been on the road to Marc Adams. And Ramon’s been marquetry classing, domino docking, and garden planting.
Jun 30, 2021
1 hr 8 min
Tink & Thinker
In this episode of @woodworkerspodcast Phil wraps up a box making class...Ramon preps for double-bevel marquetry...and Ben gets ready to start a window restoration at a Nebraska State Historic site. We thought it would be interesting to note the wide variety of people that we mention: Probably missed a few. @sawdustwoman @prattfinearts @mcintyrefurniture @woodwhisperer guild @toddfranktidwell @pantorouter.usa @marcadamsschoolofwoodworking @shapertools @randall_allan_woodworking @shawnkirsch @randalweber Michael Colca Troy Downey @chalkstonewoodworking @ramonartful @Philipmorleyfurniture Find us on your favorite podcast platform. Listen in...wontcha?
May 26, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Meredith Hart
Durham North Carolina studio furniture maker, Meredith Hart, joins the show.
May 12, 2021
1 hr 17 min
Woodworking Ramble Amble
Phil’s outsourcing the woodworking so he can play more with his tambouring. Ramon’s turning the turret on the Valdez jig inventory, along with working on the Origin of some inlayquetry. And Ben’s been lost in the world of bid-land for so long he still thinks OSB only costs $28.
Apr 28, 2021
1 hr 12 min
Heron Chair, Sara Watlington’s
The incredibly talented, Sarah Watlington, joins us again. But this time we’re trying something a little different by going on a deep design dive with her about her absolutely stunning, Heron Chair. We felt it would be interesting to do a concentrated conversation on this one piece, and as it turns out, we think the feeling was a pretty darn good one. From its conception, as a design, designed to hurt, to its’ build evolution and construction, during a 2nd year 2nd semester at the Krenov School, we hear about the challenges and techniques of building something that speaks a familiar existing language and yet has something beautifully new to say. Hope you find it as interesting as we did. Join us won’t you?
Apr 15, 2021
51 min
Sarah Watlington, Subtly Resonating
Furniture designer and maker, Sarah Watlington, joins the podcast. Listen in as we have the pleasure of hearing how she has carved out a spot for herself in the custom furniture world. From how her early interior design training led to more hands on finely crafted work that led her to The Krenov School, and how those trainings helped accelerate her to the works she does now as the project manager for Offerman Woodshop. Fabulous work and a fantastic conversation. Join us won’t you.
Mar 17, 2021
1 hr 11 min
Pipe Freeze
Phil’s back at it after last week’s visit from the great white north. Ramon’s making pointy wenge triangles disappear. And Ben seams to need clamps for his shabby veneer work.
Feb 25, 2021
1 hr 9 min
Long time no pod. The band’s back together! Same woodworking wanderings but with a new fancy sound system (the industry term is microphones). Phil gains an inch. Ramon likes a little inlay with a side of marquetry. And Ben’s got a finger-cam for Phil... Ahhh it’s good to be back!!
Feb 10, 2021
1 hr
Peter Galbert, Chair Sculptor
Chair maker artist, teacher, author, Peter Galbert joins the show. Listen in as we hear how, with the focused and sharpened eye of a photography degree, along with a healthy pension for woodworking, he has sculpted a specialized career in chair making and the teaching of. No tacos or pizza on this menu, just fabulous woodworking goodness.
May 6, 2020
1 hr 12 min
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