WOJM: What’s On Joe Mind?
WOJM: What’s On Joe Mind?
Mike, Joe, and Mark
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I love what’s on joes mind mikes laugh joes disappointing looks rob and mark Californian parodies lol
The episodes are always great
What happened to the hairy guy Chuck?
Needs more Charles A Emanuele.
Great show covering GI Joe. Really teaches me things I didn't know, great coverage of the brand.
The Illustrious KenDiesel
Back catalog is great, struggling as of late
This review is really two reviews, because the show has changed pretty significantly lately. The first 100 or so episodes are great! The hosts are very knowledgeable: Gary, Justin, Mike, Chuck, and Greg (miss him), and there is very little they don't know about collecting GI Joe. The interviews and material in these first 100 or so shows give great insight to the history of the brand from its beginnings all the way through modern releases. The chemistry is great, and the humor is mildly crude but works. Chuck really brings the show what it needs, because he's funny because of who he is, and he's not ashamed of it. Justin is the encyclopedia and heartbeat. Mike is the color, song and dance man. And Gary leads the way as the leader and production guy. There are awesome guest hosts, and they do fun things like Special Editions and Live Remotes from conventions and events. I love this era of the show, and it is one of the best podcasts available of any genre. Lately the show is just not good. Adding Joe Colton has been a step backwards. She adds hardly anything of relevance to the conversation - conversation with has devolved as of late. She's a great cosplayer, but why is she a host on the show? Maybe an interview or two with her would be good and that's about it, she's just not that interesting. The humor has become much more crude, and the Full force show is almost entirely 9th grade jokes about anatomy. When they talk about Action Force or GI Joe though, it's great. It takes 3 hours to get an hour's worth of good content, and is less interesting, informative, or funny. What is missing is Chuck, Herb from Rhode Island, Cobra Commander leaving voicemails, good guest hosts, special editions, great topics, and just good general discussion about all things GI Joe. I hope they get it figured out and start releasing good material again. Back to the basics is where they need to go! 5 stars for the first 100 eps, and 1 star for the latest drivel!
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Show has jumped the shark.
I have listened since the beginning and have always loved the show. This has always been my go to Gijoe listen. However lately the dynamics have changed with the inclusion of Joe on the show. Now I have to fast forward through sections about how she thinks everyone apparently is in love with her and d*** pic jokes. I mean what the hell has happened to my podcast! I know things have basically came to a halt in the Gijoe front and I do applaud the guys for soldiering on and keeping things going. That being said, however, I miss Chuck and I never thought I'd say that.
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Ch ch ch ch changes
If you like fantasy football, boss fight studios, or foreign accents this podcast is for you! In all seriousness, this is a fun podcast. So if you like to reminisce about what it was like in 2012 to reminisce about what is was like in the 80s check out this back catalogue. Yo Joe! Correction ... Full force!!!
Swordfish Brian
the line is dead and nobody cares about your fantasy football league
this podcast has really gone downhill since the gi joe line has died. really fantasy football talk eh. maybe go into a new direction and talk about other toy lines.
Great GI Joe podcast
Great podcast, I have listened from the beginning. The whole team is great, including Chuck! Please record more regularly!
keep up the good work!
The benchmark for Geek podcasts
You can't do better, informative, entertaining, and hosted by a group of friendly fans who clearly love the brand and their listeners.
reasonable nerd
Chuck… Chuck's on Joe's mind.
At least that's what I heard. What's on Joe Mind… it's like still be at Joecon, but on a more regular basis. I haven't had the opportunity to be at a Joecon for a few years now, but WOJM really captures that hanging out with a group of Joe fans feeling.
Great Show
I started listening to the show to learn more about GI Joe after watching Renegades and Resolute; now I listen every week and own a dozen small figures and two Sideshow GI Joe figures.
Great podcast!
Funny, informative, and a great cast. Obviously the best GI Joe podcast, but it's my favorite toy podcast overall, and I think even people that weren't collectors would enjoy it.
A great GI Joe podcast
WOJM is a Joe podcast that cover the GI Joe universe like no other, they cover toys, cartoons, movie, conventions and even touch on the comic book. The Hosts are entertaining and I like the running jokes from episode to episode. If you are a GI Joe fan you need to listen to this podcast. Yo Joe!!!
Great G I Joe podcast
I enjoy listening to these guys talk about something I love,GI Joe. The subjects range from talking about the toys, the movie and sometimes sports. Like the score of the past Super Bowl , NY Giants 21 NE patriots 17. There are great running jokes in this podcast as well. If I ever go to a G I Joe con I will definatley have Gary,Mike & Justin sign my R H P.I would have chuck sign it,but he won't be there because he's a transformers fan and doesn't go to GI Joe cons.
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Rock mastrangelo
Great podcast
Awesome show!!! I look forward to downloading the show every week. Great content. Got me into collecting much more heavily. Keep up the great work and see you at JoeCon.
Great show!
Great interaction between the guys and great guest.
The Benchmark that Fan Podcasts Should Aspire To Be
I've been listening to this show for since nearly the best. At first, there was some sound quality problems, but as Gary has grown as an editor, the sound issues have fallen by the wayside. I say this without hyperbole, this is THE benchmark that all fancasts should aspire to. The hosts are passionate about their subject (though I miss Greg), the discussions are lively - and occasionally somewhat combative with each other, which is appreciated (it would be terribly boring if the hosts constantly agreed), and finally, they cover all aspects of the property. It's never JUST toys, it's never JUST the cartoon, and it's never JUST the comics. It covers all bases, and it does so wonderfully. And seriously, you can't go wrong with Herb from Rhode Island. YO JOE!
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Best Joe Cast Around
Most informative source for the G.I. Joe collecting community. Definitly a must listen for all fans.
G.I.Joe rules!
You guys rock! It's more than a couple of fans sitting around talking about their favorite hobby; it's about the latest information, the newest content, the fun that collecting brings to people. It makes you want to be a part of the talks. Honestly, one of the podcasts I look forward to the most. At their worst ( by their standards, mind you), they are standing tall among the collecting communities. The Larry Hama interview was awesome! The opinions are valid and well thought out! The jabs are good natured and fun! The addition of Beachhead Mike was a solid decision! Really, if you love G.I.Joe, or even kind of like it, this is the podcast for you! Keep up the incredible work and thank you for the insight, fun and information! YoJoe!!!
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I love this show you guys make collecting even better!
Great Show
Love The Show Guy. You Make My Day Go Buy Much Quicker An Less Like Work. One Of The Things I Love Is The Fact That You Call Them Toys An Not Action Figures. As A Grown Man I'm Proud To Let People Listen To The Podcast That Talks About Toys.
Ozz Lotus
The Best Joe Podcast
Congrats on becoming the longest-running Joe podcast! You guys have moved to the top of my Joe listening order over the last couple months. I'm finally caught up, and look forward to hearing all the current news. Keep up the good work!
Foxy McLovin
Great time to be had
There has been a need for a dedicated G.I.Joe podcast for a while and now it looks like we will be getting several more. Bring the pain.
In my Top 2 Podcasts!
I really like listening to this podcast. I like that they talk about a little bit of everything Joe related but more about the 3 3/4" figures. I may be one of the few but I wish the episodes were longer but I know y'all have more going on in your lives than just this show. Keep up the good work and keep them coming! "that's what she said"
At ease, boys.
It's an entertaining & informative enough show, but all those sound bites dropped in just scream backwater town local radio shtick. Drop those and all the commercials for other podcasts (honestly, I can easily FIND podcasts about topics I'm interested in with a simple search,) and your show will improve tenfold. And stick a cattle prod under Chuck or something, that drone of his is coma-inducing on a Stepford level. Good show otherwise.
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Excellent stuff!
Love this stuff.
Great show
Love listening to news about GI Joe.
Fast Draw
Just stop already!
Honestly, the solicitation for sites/service is out of hand. I understand it's free entertainment, but when i'm not getting content and I'm getting more and more advertising, I'm just going to drop it and go somewhere else.
New and improved with commercials!
Great show but what's with all the previews and commercials? The last podcast didn't even start until eight minutes in. Like what's said in the podcast BORING!
Bobby blb
Excellent Podcast !!!
This is the podcast that i have been waiting for. If you are into GI Joe you need to give this a listen. Anyone who does not enjoy this podcast just needs to go back to playing with their Barbie Dolls
Great Show!!
This is the show I have been waiting for! Been collecting for a long time and these guys know what they are doing. They have intelligent conversations and give great insight to every aspect of GI JOE and collecting. It hasn't failed to deliver in the laugh department or the entertainment department and it doesn't matter if you are new to collecting or been a long time collector. I hight recommend you check it out. The more you listen and get to know the guys on the show, the better it gets! Can't wait for the next episode.
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Love the show! Look forward to the next episode every week! Listening to the guys makes me want/feel like I'm right there in the conversation. Been waiting on something like this for awhile! Thanks guys!
The best Joe podcast.Period.
This is one of the best podcasts for GI JOE. The shows are entertaining and filled with all kinds of information. It is well produced and family friendly. The show is produced by guys who are leaders in the community and they know their Joes. I listen to the show every week and its a pure joy. Do yourself a favior and give it a try. Once you do that, you will listen every week!
Good Show
I have really enjoyed this podcast. One of the few toy based shows that I do listen to. The shows have gotten better each episode, but I wish there would be more A Real American Hero era (1982-1994) shows. Keep up the good work and I will continue to listen to your show. It helps the hour drive to work go by quickly.
Great Show!
Very informative show. Feels like I'm sitting around with friends talking about one of my favorite subjects and my friends just happen to be some of the most knowledgeable collectors around. Keep up the great work and keep it lighthearted and fun... nothing I want to avoid more than people taking a enjoyable hobby and turning it into something void of humor and fun. Can't wait to hear more!
Absolute blast to listen to!
I listen to this podcast religiously every week. It's nice to hear discussion about the hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. The guys do a great job of covering nearly if not all aspects of G.I. Joe, and they're always looking for ways to improve and reach out to the community. They are able to have intelligent conversation, as well as having fun talking about G.I. Joe. If you're new to the hobby, or a long time collector, you'd definitely get some use out of this podcast. I love the guest stars, from the Omega SK interview, to the fan film interview... Great stuff! An awesome way to get a good look into the hobby!
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White Debil
Breaker is crazy!
Maybe all of the comments from Breaker would be true if he didn't have a personal issue with one of the hosts. Waste of a review.
Oh man
I've put this review off thinking someone else would be more truthful instead of the hosts friends writing great reviews. This show is awful, I mean that in every sense of the word, the hosts may be somewhat knowledgeable in their respected areas but overall the production values are subpar and the hosts are just boring and flat with no personality at all, if the hosts are not interesting then why listen. I wish I had nicer things to say about this show but after several attempts to listen to various episodes I can't. Please don't listen to this show, avoid it like the black plague.
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A must listen for G I Joe fans.
This is the podcast G I Joe fans have been waiting for. Everything G I Joe rolled into one awesome podcast. They cover G I Joe from Ace to Zartan. They often have special guests that add depth to their already knowledgable panel. if you want to stay on top of news concerning Joe toys, cartoons, movies, conventions & more, this is the podcast for you. Guys keep up the great work. If I could only make one suggestion..... How about a weekly segment that features the classic Sunbow Major Bludd (Chuckdog style of course LOL).
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It's ok..I guess
First off, I am a big G.I. Joe fan. While i enjoy the information that this podcast shares, the host come across as immature. Yes i know we are talking about toys, but there is a better way to do so. Frequent mentions of "The Rock" being cast in the movie elicits a "quote-fest" of the wrestler's in ring catchphrases. May have been funny once....not every time. If you want people to take the fandom as serious, instead of the minority who fly off the handle at stupid things, act professional. Spirited discussions are fine, so long as you have a good point and can back it up with why(which you all do). Sound professional. If you breathe heavy, move the mic away from your mouth when not speaking. Stop playing with things on the desk(several times i've heard what sounds like checkers being shuffled on one host's mic). Yes it is a podcast. Yes i know you can't control the outside environment(dogs barking, etc.). It sounds as i you are using skype to record. Nothing wrong with that, but you can't talk over each other or immediately after each other. It tends to garble the next statement. Step up your game and get some better equipment as you can afford it. It makes you sound more professional. Stop the "whiny" complaints and childish antics. While i will continue to listen to the show for the information provided, I may have to stop due to the "goofiness" that is displayed. I like a mix of info and humor, but there has to be quality humor and not stuff that sounds planned.
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Great! A little vintage?
You guys are very professional. Like the clean angle. Please keep it that way! Like to be able to listen to it around my kid. Nice that you're open to suggestions! As you say, there's always room for improvement. Glad you have that mindset and listen to the fans!
Love it!
This show certainly helps shorten a long day's work! Great composition of hosts and great insight. I want more of what grinds Chuck's gears!!
I have wanted this for years
This is the podcast I've been waiting for! I love the show, you guys know so much about gi Joe. May I suggest pursuit of cobra and vintage reviews? Keep on recording, I will always listen! Great Job and keep up the good work!
Lil Dipster
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