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Daniel Nayeri Bakes Up Some Laughs
1 hour 35 minutes Posted Apr 22, 2022 at 7:36 am.
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Show notes
Daniel Nayeri is the author of Everything Sad is Untrue, which is great and all (and it is great), but he also worked as a chocolatier once upon a time, which means he made chocolate, which also means he fits in perfectly on Withywindle. We do like our snacks and we learned so much about chocolate on this episode! And all kinds of other stuff, too. Plus, as usual we told jokes, talked about lazy words, discussed The Phantom Tollbooth, and shared another riddle. So pull up a chair or plop into a beanbag or settle into your spot in your car (or whatever) and hit that play button and get ready for a good time on this week's episode of Withywindle!

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