With Gourley And Rust
With Gourley And Rust
Matt Gourley and Paul Rust
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Pleasant and funny and insightful
If you want Gourley to win, scream right now! If you want Rust to win, scream right now!
Entertaining, but….
You’re likable guys, but the non-sequitur Trump references are boring. Any hot takes on OJ Simpson fifteen years ago? It’s pretty hacky.
The coziest scary movie podcast on the market
Lovely conversations between two hilarious and humble hosts.
Film Nerd Finery
Matt Givememourley of that hot voice and Paul Rust, rule at rambling. If you like these boys you’re set. for up to 3 hours at a time.
Fell Off
Loved this pod so much at the beginning. Somewhere during the Predator movies they started getting a bit too pleased with themselves, and now it’s pretty much unlistenable. They barely talk about the movies anymore. I’m bummed because I love these guys so much individually! I keep checking back in, but sadly, it is not good.
Genuine fun
I absolutely love this silly, funny, cozy podcast!
Please work on the tangents.
I love all of the actual movie talk, but some of the tangents go on for too long, and with some episodes like Gremlins they talk about different movies more than the ones in the titles.
Wow. What happened?
Their Friday the 13th series was so good. Listened to it twice. Now Paul and Matt are more annoying and more off track with each episode. It’s like listening to two 4th graders who think their funny. Paul struggles to formulate a sentence half the time while Matt throws out dumb jokes that cause Paul to erupt in laughter like a drunk lady at a bar. You guys don’t have to continue to do these podcasts. Halloween was good, Friday was great. You should have just gone out on top.
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Easy listening
I love the random conversations, the humor, and the length of these episodes. Never once have been bored or zone out. I could listen to a four hour episode.
whitest of white
Simple the best
Love this cast and these sweet boys. The coziest cast available.
Not bad but
Wayyyyyyy tooo much libtard nonsense and trump deranged syndrome that they somehow HAVE to find a way to tie in to podcasts about movies that have nothing to do with politics. KNEW it would be only a matter of time until these dweebs would bring up/push the “vaccine”. Pathetic
paul serone
A relaxing cry of death and lust
I don’t just like these lengthy discussions on blood and guts, I love them!
Listenin’ has never been easier
A cozy time for everyone to enjoy.
Love the pcast
But please have some mic awareness, Paul! I can barely hear him, especially compared to Matt. The volume of the two hosts is completely different
That Rust Giggle
Worth listening to just for how many times Gourley makes Rust giggle uncontrollably.
Definitely Not Max
6 degrees Will Smith Daniel Craig.
Will Smith Tommy Lee Jones MIB. Tommy Lee Jones Javier Bardem No Country For Old Men. Javier and Daniel Skyfall. Great podcast!!!
The coziest of cozy podcasts with two of the funniest pals.
Try it today!
It’s a floor cleaner and a dessert topping!!
Emilio Lizardo
In honor of my favorite cozy cast…
I just want to publicly confirm and reiterate Paul’s recommendation for pairing Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life with Halloween. It syncs up, complements, and provides beautifully synchronistic and emotional subtext to a shocking majority of the film’s narrative and visual language.
My new favorite podcast
I’ve worked at a video store for over a decade, and as such I go through occasional bouts of movie burnout. This podcast has single-handedly revitalized my watching habits. It’s been such a pleasure to revisit these horror classics, looking forward to an hour (or four) of spirited commentary from Gourley and Rust. Truly a joy, each and every time.
Video Burrito
It’s just perfect.
Two men and a podcast.
Perfect Start to the Weekend
This podcast is the greatest - I love rewatching these movies each week and can hardly wait for their discussions! Sit down with a drink and enjoy!!
The Gemini Man
As a longtime listener of "The Will Smith Podcast", I'd gotten used to Smith's occasional plugging of his "other podcast project", so I finally made the jump over to "With Gourley and Rust" to hear just what Smith was raving about. No surprise. Will Smith is fantastic on "WGAR". His instincts are fully in tact here, he is fully "on" for the standard +2-3hr runtimes, only very rarely leaning on his titular cohosts to compliment that special kind of laidback confidence that only Will Smith delivers, no matter the medium. If you are a Will Smith completionist, "WGAR" will scratch that Will itch. He can't stop!
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mattwalton dot info
The best podcast around
Love the Patreon bonuses!
Spooky Bros!
My two favorite spooky dudes calming my nerves with some light hearted slasher chat. TEN STARS
The CozyCast for you
Looking for a podcast that snuggles back through your earbuds? This is a plaid sectional sofa by a roaring fire in a wood paneled room. In here, everything’s going to be ok.
The calming slasher
They talk about mostly horror movies but most the anecdotes and tangent of Matt and Paul are unrelated to the movie on topic. This would be a good show with or without slashers. Easy listing. My favorite podcast by far and I listen to a lot of movie podcasts.
Rev. Will Strack
Easy listening at its best
Long gentle discussions on Freddie Krueger….is a must listen. This a weekly treat for me.
...an easy listening horror podcast that can keep up with my active lifestyle!
Great show
Love this show
Watch and Listen Along
Just a real pleasure to listen to. Both Paul and Matt are so naturally funny and enjoyable to just listen go off on various topics.
Love it.
Just subscribe already
Mr. Nipple
The best
The. Best. Ever.
Would recommend for birth or maybe just while driving or doing dishes
I actually listened to this podcast while I was in labor with my son, that’s how soothing it is. For real, this is a great podcast, I enjoy it so much and look forward to Friday’s to get to hear it. Keep up the good work guys, this show is an absolute delight. 10/10 quality good times, Eleanor
Love these guys! So much funny insight. They tend to attack Religion which is kinda sad since they’re so respectful of other topics but I digress...thumbs up!
Franchise Wars! Sound
Love the pod cast but in a lot of episodes the sound is so low that you can barley hear Paul at all. Especially in Franchise Wars there were huge chunks of time where you cannot hear Paul while he’s talking, it’s so faint even with my sound turned all the way up in my car you cannot make out what is being said. I don’t know what the issue is but I hope it’s fixed for future episodes because it’s pretty disappointing to be invested into the pod cast and then halfway through not be able to hear what’s going on.
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Keep going
Keeeeeep going
Dirty Slag
Dig it.
I’ll pretty much be listening to and/or watching anything Paul Rust does so I might be a tad biased but you know, it’s Paul Rust. The dude rules.
Okay podcast that would be really interesting if the one guy wasn’t cackling like a crazy person throughout the discussions.
Campfire Monologues
I am beyond excited for the monologue episode. As of this review, I humbly request the inclusion of John Candy’s monologue from The Great Outdoors, though it takes place inside/fireside. You guys make me smile voluntarily, most of the time. A simple joy it is. Thank you.
I Am C.S. Lewis
Warm and Fuzzy Murders
Matt and Paul are my Stomach Pounder and Coke! Love you guys!
Cozy and Cutthroat
You’ll never feel so relaxed as when these two chums are tiptoeing their way through horror classics. Brew a cup of tea, get your softest robe and slippers, and listen to the soothing sounds of Jason, Michael, Freddie and Candyman candyman candyma…
I’ve seen 1 Nightmare movie and 1 Halloween movie
I listen to A LOT of podcasts. This is one of my absolute favorites. Ive been a huge fan of Gourley and Rust as individuals and their dynamic as cohosts is truly so sweet and comforting despite their subject matter. I look forward to every episode. I think 2 things important to note about myself are that I’m female and previous to listening I had only seen Carpenters Halloween- I have now expanded it to A Nightmare on Elm Street and will probably watch at least one Alien at some point. Anywho I love these 2 - frankly it’s just enjoyable listening to people talk passionately about something especially when you’re stuck in quar. Basically this podcast eases anxiety. Just listen to it. Love y’all!
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So cozy
Been a fan since episode 0! Best podcast out there.
Unexpected Knife to the Chest
I gave this podcast a stab after seeing Paul Rust post about it on Instagram. I was intrigued because I am also a fan of Gourley; and to this point I have not been disappointed whatsoever. Not only do I find myself laughing to myself about banter hours after I’ve listened to an episode, but I find myself fully engaged with a topic I care nothing about. Matt and Paul make Jason the most comedically interesting topic I never expected.
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Wake Up....
Drop D Rules
My new friends
Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I have friends again. Like, before marriage and kids and then pandemic. There was a time I hung out with people I liked and talked and laughed a lot. I miss those days. . .
That Orange Kid
Paul Rust is freakin obsessed with Garfield. And Matt is a legit dream boat, I’m in crush. This show rules, a solid thirteen out of thirteen.
In Gourley We Rust
thumpy mcbassington
What a pair!!
Delicious ear candy by two intelligent gents with great insight and wit. I always look forward to the new episodes and time my pee-pee breaks around theirs.
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