Detroit Red Wings
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Podcast is dead
This podcast hasn't been updated since Nov 2012. It's dead and should be removed from results.
Good idea
I love the idea of wings updates everyday especially living in new York but I would like to see updates on a regular basis let alone the playoffs
The wingnut
LAME - No Updates
No updates to podcast in months... and it's still in season... Post or drop off.
ok just ok
I mean i luv the wings but this isn't great. But still, ew.
Where's the Game 4 Update?
Not very interesting if it's not updated in a timely manner.
go wings and go wings podcast
the wings are AWESOME and this whole podcast is about the wings. so, this podcast is AWESOME!!!! lol its really cool to hear mike babcock and the guys talking about the games. its sooooo fantastic and free. so, why wouldnt you subscribe?? its fabulous :D