Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
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What Happened in the UK Election? with Sarah Jaffe
54 minutes Posted Dec 31, 2019 at 12:00 am.
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It’s hard not to make comparisons between the political landscapes of the US and the UK. In 2016 when the UK shocked the world with the Brexit vote, a lot of folks saw it as a bellwether for the coming presidential election. If it could happen there, why couldn’t it happen here? And sure enough it did, kicking off three years of political turmoil. Now, as we prepare for the 2020 presidential election, has the UK provided us with another premonition? Earlier this month, voters turned out to deliver Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party a resounding victory while rejecting Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. So what happened and how closely should the US be reading into those results? Journalist Sarah Jaffe was embedded on the ground in the lead up to the election and joins to tell us what exactly went down.


Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt by Sarah Jaffe


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