Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes, MSNBC & NBCNews THINK
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Major case of TDS!
It’s amazing how one man can emasculate all these pathetic liberals.
I’ll explain... No there’s too much... Let me sum-up
Love Chris! He manages to go DEEPER-than-deep without seriously overclocking & cooking my admittedly low-power, low-baud, brain. W.I.T.H.Pod has been part of my morning work-out for over a year now and I’ve listened to so MANY fantastic discussions, on so many incredible subjects, with so many fascinating guests? I can’t even TOUCH on them all... So let me sum up... Just finished listening to ‘The Cost of Division’ with Heather McGee (4/28/20) and it seemed like Chris & Heather where hitting on, ‘YES! That’s SO right!’, moments every 30secs &, ‘OMG! I never thought about it like that!!’, moments every 60. The flow & timing may vary with each episode/guest, of course, but I’ve experienced that Cognitive ‘Click’ or, often seismic POV Shift, in almost every ep I’ve listened to. Don’t even get me STARTED on ANY ep featuring Ta-Nehisi Coats. Just drop ‘um in the National Archive, please & thank you. Recommend this Pod Series to EVERYONE I know. Always listening, always enjoying, always learning.
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Sweet croatian
More of the usual “orange man bad” drivel.
The same anti-Trump crap that’s been regurgitated for 4+ years. Tiring and cringey.
Yay. More liberal garbage.
Why is this happening?
It’s Happening because for the first time in decades we have an honest Proud American as president who pulled us from the kicking stone of the world back to the top. He was kicked off Twitter and other social media platforms by those who can’t handle the truth because it’s bad for their business. It’s going to be great when we are all owned by China. Thanks Democrats
Jan 13 2020
This episode is all I could listen to and it hurt my ears more than anything I’ve ever listened to in my life. The ignorance is astonishing. They spew false allegations and false news and it makes me sick to hear these people be so ignorant towards such important issues going on in our country. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE IDIOTS.
What a naive clown. Victim teaching👍👍I can break down in five seconds what’s wrong with this country. There’s a culture problem. People obsess over gangster and drug dealing and killing. That’s what it comes down to. Can’t deny that.
Chris is great but we need more Ta-nehisi! Dude is brilliant
Chris Hayes is smarter than me.
And I am very, very smart. I’m well educated and well read. And yet! Chris has me beat. How is this possible?
Chris is a fascinatingly brilliant “dude.” Super smart, insightful and is a bomb with words that sometimes require me to dig out the thesaurus.
Just a another horrible podcast from nbc fake journalists
tayor or die
Chris Hayes says he wants to reflect on things he hasn’t had time to discuss, like racism. Umm... kinda the central topic of every show. One sided, of course.
amabd a
Chris Hayes Talks Too Much
I’d like to hear what your guests have to say
Love this podcast
One of my absolute favorites. I have learned so much through Chris and his guests. I’ve also discovered some of my favorite books through this podcast. Will be a listener for as long as they make episodes.
Love the show. When I was taking public speaking classes, the big no-no was saying “um”. Chris, you say “like” so often it is really annoying. I challenge you to be aware and not say “like” as a conversation filler.
For liberals only
If you choose to ignore history and all economic reason, he will love the show. It is just liberal rhetoric.
Chris is smart and insightful and a good interviewer. But his constant use of “like” and “sort of” is very distracting. If he could break himself of that habit he would be an excellent speaker and podcast host.
What happened here?
Used to love the guests and topics on this show. Now they follow the same list of topics and guests as every other centrist liberal show. Like....... please, I need to hear much more about Biden and the race. There is nowhere else doing that. Perhaps you could bring on Alicia Garza again - to give the same answers she gives on every other outlet. What happened here? I’m disappointed every single week these days. What happened to talk of actual leftist things? What happened to prison abolition and public transportation and public space and REAL talk on infrastructure?
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Love it
Love the show! Keeps expanding my reading list beyond what is capable in a lifetime.
WhY aRe YoU uGlY!!
I Love Utah!!!
Reminds me of the Up shows
These WITH shows remind me of the Up shows where there was time to delve into an issue. All have been interesting and informative. Thanks.
Pod good
Pod good
Not the Fake PLo
Terrible race baiting leftist garbage.
Wow. Zaynep Tufekci was terrific.
Chris, your podcasts are always good but your conversation with Zaynep Tufekci put the facts, chronology and timeliness of pandemic information right on the table. Thank you so much for your attention to raising our social consciousness.
Feels as if you’re at a party listening to a conversation between somebody interesting and a smart real person.
Latino vote
Thanks for taking the time to get to know this very diverse group of voters.
Love Chris Hays!
Such a great journalist. Nobody can do it quite like Chris.. listen
The Chipmuncks take over Chris Hayes
I love to listen to Chris Hayes & Ezra Klein’s thoughtful interviews but the sped up versions give me mental & physical indigestion. There’s no logical reason except it must be cheaper than paying a good editor . You have turned thoughtful analysis into mindless propaganda. Please consider offering two versions, normal and high speed, so that listeners who appreciate thinking along with speakers may continue to do so. You have ruined excellent programs. Was that your intention?
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I’d give this podcast five stars if Chris could remove the word, “like” from his vocabulary.
The Chris Hayes Drinking Game
Take a shot of tequila every time he says “like.”
I learn so much
I really enjoy the podcast, but Chris needs to let his guests answer the questions instead of “stepping” on the guests comments. I’m sure he has the right answers, but it’s annoying.
Great Mind
One of the best podcasts out there!
dragon's wing
Thoughtful and Engaging
The range of guests and the depth of conversation has been an ongoing source of strengthening my understanding of a rapidly changing world
Pastor J.T.
Truly Excellent
I listen regularly to Chris’s other podcast, All In; it is generally my favorite source of news. But this podcast is by far my favorite of the two. There are literally thousands of podcasts out there that may look very similar at first glance - current events and pertinent cultural topics are discussed weekly in an interview format with intelligent guests. However, everything about this podcast is really in a league of its own, from the selection of the guests to the relevance of the chosen topics to the quality of the interviews. Chris obviously meticulously researches and prepares every week, because each episode dives immediately into substance, rather than spending ten or fifteen minutes talking about nothing before the guest arrives. Every episode I’ve listened to has been incredibly informative and engaging. I really couldn’t recommend this one more. Keep up the great work, Chris! Thanks for keeping me in the know before the election!
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Always informative
I look forward to watching All In and listening to Why Is This Happening. They are a source of honest and intelligent information. Keep up the great work!
Stop protests now please!!!
I truly love and respect people who are protesting right now. That said, I think you should quit for now. I think your first obligation is to be alive and able to vote on Nov 3. I think the police are amping this up on purpose because COVID-19 kills black people, Latinos, & native Americans at a much much higher rate than whites. I think they are trying to get you killed by COVID so Trump will win in November!!!
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hippy dave117
Great Podcast
Extremely interesting topics and guests.
Best podcast around
Hayes speaks with other smart people. Simple as that. They want to understand important yet complicated things, so they discuss them with uncommon intelligence and clarity. It is engrossing. No agenda except understanding important things that are complicated and require smart people to explain them.
Social security
I am very worried that Trump is going to take away social security. Senior need to be informed about losing their only income. That Trump is not for them. We worked all our lives and payed in to social security, and depend on it to live. He doesn’t care about anyone but hisself. Senior to be inform if Trump gets in again we lose everything .
Intelligent and educational
I have listened to about a dozen of these podcasts and subscribed after the hearing the first. It‘a obvious that Chris is extremely intelligent and dedicated. From his choices of guests to the questions he asks, including how he artfully gives the floor to his guests. I find the knowledge and expertise imparted often entails a learning experience not gotten elsewhere. Thank you for the depth of discussions and bringing me along. Laurie
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My weekly dose of Chris
The BEST! Intelligent, thoughtful and out-of-the-box on subjects you thought you knew about and many you didn’t. Please keep up with this excellent reporting and very important work in our age of disinformation everywhere.
Elizabeth SA
Always enlightening
Incredibly intelligent conversations with fascinating people. Truly a welcome source of information.
Rian Thum on the Uyghurs
I re-listened to your podcast with Rian Thum on the Uyghurs and the re-education taking place in China to eliminate their beliefs. I will listen again so that I never forget. Thank you for covering issues such as this. There are so many things not on the radar right now since our institutions are breaking apart. It is an important issue to remember. Thanks.
Elena R Arena
Thank you, Chris
I really wanted to learn about this!
Ali Schu
Hayes’ will rule the worl
What more need me be said. Hayes’ are the best Americans.
Chris Hayes could not be more annoying
He’s smart and not without talent but I swear to God, Chris Hayes goes out of his way to be supercilious and annoying. He’s practically a caricature of the pointy-headed know-it-all leftie… and I say this as someone who could themselves be seen that way!
“Chefs kiss”
The best Isobel Wilkerson interview there is, and my pod app is stuffed with them. Brava! All of the episodes are good - always engaging and animated. Chris makes a magic happen.
Interesting topics and guests
But... I have a hard time listening because Chris seems more interested in talking and making his points than drawing out the most from his guests. (And he needs to speak slower). Also the foul language is totally unprofessional and offensive to me. I will be unsubscribing today
Michael Lewis
By far, my favorite author! Calls it as he sees it and he makes the mundane absolutely riveting. Chris et al at msnbc are consummate interviewers. Thank you all for doing what you do!
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