Why Are People Into That?!
Why Are People Into That?!
Tina Horn
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As I recovered from a physically traumatic incident, I found this podcast. Literally changed my life🤍
Tam Speyder
Mixed bag
Guests are sometimes quite good. Host has an annoying tendency to repeat stock mini-monologues almost verbatim from episode to episode. One particularly annoying example: host doesn’t like kids and seems to think it’s a clout-enhancing move to voice this preference over and over and over.
Just another stupid podcast
Every episode of this show has taught me something new, be it directly related to the listed topic or an adjacent conversation. Well-researched, enthusiastic, and sure to put a smile on your face. Cannot recommend highly enough.
better, happier, hornier
i love love love this show. it genuinely is making me a better and happier and hornier person. thank you so much, tina!
Sexpert summer?!? 2022
I love this podcast. Tina horns queer sex educational interviews are spot on. The discourse is deep, the questions are vast, and the kinky conversations are complex. It is so refreshing to have such an intelligent, considerate interviewer with a queer understanding doing these kinky interviews. I for one, am in need of this kind of in depth content. Please give us new episodes Tina!! We miss you! ❤️✨
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moore mad(s!) scientists
So many tips!
I have really been enjoying this podcast, ESPECIALLY during my COVID Quarantine. I found this podcast a few years ago and really didn’t seem to like it, but have returned and it’s finally the right time in my life. From listening to this pod cast I have had many personal breakthroughs around internalized shame, and many questions answered. I am especially grateful for the episodes on anal play that have so many good tips that I will definitely be trying! I also have found many of the resources she shares helpful and e, like links to other media in film and writing. This cast has also really helped me find language for sex/erotic life that I didn’t know I needed. So if you can relate to anything I’ve written I encourage you to give it a shot! (Side note : the episode on squirting with Ignacio Rivera literally taught me how to squirt and made me feel so much better about it as a trans masculine person! ) Also wonderful to hear from so many sex workers and queer people in the industry, writers, illustrators, providers and people of all trades. And so much humor. TRUE, the audio has much to be desired and sometimes the flow of the interviews seems stilted which can be very frustrating as a listener. I usually take a break from listening or choose a different episode when it starts to bother me, because there is so much good stuff in this cast! Thank you Tina!!!!!
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I gave it a shot...
I listened to four episodes of this podcast, each time hoping it would get better. It didn’t. First of all: sound quality. In this day and age when you get very solid microphones for under $100 and there is excellent free editing software available, it is annoying to have to listen to what sounds like an iPhone was put on record and placed on a desk on the other side of the room. Mix in sirens and other background noise and it’s difficult to focus on what’s being talked about. My main issue is that the show is so improvised and without any notable structure that there are episodes that take 15-20 minutes to even get to the topic they’re supposed to be about if they even do at all. I listened to one episode that just sounded like two girlfriends talking about everything BUT the topic of the episode. The claim is that each episode brings in an “expert”. That does little good if that so-called expert is not asked any topical questions. I got little to nothing from this podcast and decided to unsubscribe.
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Transformed my POV on Sexuality and Kink
This podcast has been a key aspect of my sexual awakening. I am better informed, more creative, and more accepting because of it. I highly recommend even if you are not kinky because sex intersects with all aspects of life - race, gender, class, history, psychology, and more. Plus, Tina Horn is so charming.
Tina Horn Fan
Creative and Unique
I absolutely love how many different perspectives you bring on this podcast! Thank you for being so open and creative. The guests are always entertaining
Awesome Podcast
Tina always goes deep into topics and it’s amazing how many different aspects of sexuality she finds
Top Notch
Awesome pod. This is the bar that all podcasts about human sexuality should aspire to. Tina is inquisitive, intelligent, curious, fun, and still highly empathic. The guests are professional and able to share educated perspectives. I also love the wide range of subject matter covered, and the underlying mood and perspective from which those subjects are approached.
An Important Podcast with Human Flaws
Finally, a podcast that encompasses intellectual conversation with kink and gender, sexuality, race, and class inclusive discourse. I’m giving this podcast five stars, because I will continue to listen to it, some episodes over and over. I do struggle with the host, Tina, occasionally interrupting her guests to interject her own thoughts/ stories. The interviews at times seem more like conversations, where we learn just as much about the interviewer as the interviewee. While the ability to find your own story while others are telling their own is a beautiful personality trait, I don’t think it translates to interviewing. It can be a little bit difficult to listen to at times for that reason, but that doesn’t erase all of the good this podcast aims to do for multiple intersecting communities.
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Best podcast ever!
I’ve had a hard time opening up and being verbal with what I want sexually with my boyfriend but what I’ve been doing lately is sending him episodes that I would be interested in exploring and then we have easier conversation afterward. And I’ve got to say an extra THANK YOU to the squirting episode with Ignacio Rivera because I was able to squirt for the first time ever!!! Thanks again y’all!!
You Made This Librarian’s Day
These last two episodes with Stoya talking about books were amazing. Listening to sexy, erudite and intelligent women is definitely my kink.
Edward Iglesias
The Stagg interview
Great audio, but what a disaster! Stagg says that male photographers that do TFP are “creepy,” yet Stagg acknowledges that she shoots what she calls “content” sharing. It’s the same thing! Just because she’s a she doesn’t give her any special angelic monopoly on loving photography and the human form. She’s still shooting nudes, just like men, and while it’s good photography, it’s certainly not great by any standard. Any “man” with a year of shooting experience and a good camera can equal or better her work, but your podcast tried to elevate her to some kind of foto-Goddess just because she thinks men are creepy. Weird. Let me remind you that the vast majority of photographers that shoot nudes, or even porn, are men. And I hate to break it to you, but men Invented cameras and photography. And because they love life, even sex and sensuality, we created the huge world of photography you learned from. No, men are not creepy anymore than women. And I must say she missed the mark completely when talking about the motive men have for photographing nudes. Men do it for the same reasons women do it, not because we are luring lurid “creeps.”
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Loved the Polyamory episodes
So refreshing to hear a health professional talk about polyamory in a positive light. Appreciated the two part episode on this. Thanks for breaking down stigmas!
Educational, but boring
Found this podcast and the topics are interesting. The execution is a slow burn and they seem to worried more about their “verbiage” then actually getting to the meat of the conversations and having fun with it.
Thanks Tina! I've been following this podcast since it started, and love all of the different experiences and resources you bring to us through this podcast.
Content is wonderful sound quality is terrible
I realllyyy lived this podcast but the sound quality on the episodes is soo sooo terrible it made it really difficult to continue listening which makes me really sad because the content is of high quality and the interviews are amazing but as a podcast the sound quality also has to be great and it’s unfortunately terrible.
I am totally into YAPIT!!
Tina goes into topics that just aren't covered elsewhere. And she does it with respect and a healthy dose of humor. She picks great expert guests. I'm always excited to hear what the next podcast is going to be about. Love you, Tina!
Yes, THAT Tonya
Good Content BAD Audio!
I really enjoy the variety of content here but the audio levels need to be raised quite a bit! The show has content that isnt addressed elsewhere but once can barely hear it which is a shame:-(
Great podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. I stumbled upon it earlier this week and I have been listening to as many as I can each day!
Intelligent insights into eroticism
Insightful and intelligent insights into many aspects of eroticism, particularly those aspects that don’t align with the mundane. If your erotic interests, and willingness to hear discourse about them, lie at the margins of one standard deviation from the norm, this is worth listening to. Even if your interests are vanilla, there is much here worthy of your consideration. Stay away if frank, honest discussion of human sexuality repulses you.
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Joe Babbs
Great, but I didn't like the Reid Mihalko episode
I've listened to a few of these and they are great, but I didn't like the Reid Mihalko episode.He didn't let Tina talk and mansplained a lot. I couldn't find a place to review episodes one by one so here is my review.
meme loose
So glad I found this!
This is the most thoughtful, intelligent, in-depth discussion of kink I've ever heard. Can't wait to binge the old episodes!
Just the best
My most favorite podcast ever!
Erica Lockwell
Fun and informative
I love this show because it' funny, it holds my attention, and I have learned so much! I found the episode on humiliation and submission fantastic.
So good
This show is a fantastic breakdown of different sexy things people engage in and why, from a sex-positive, queer and sex-worker-positive feminist perspective. Highly recommended.
nitty gritty on the down and dirty
Love this podcast! That means a lot from me because I only listen to a half-dozen shows, and this one makes the cut! If you enjoy open and honest conversations about sexuality, Tina is someone you want to listen to. Her guests are varied and present a ton of topics, from marginally naughty to all-out kinky. Really great stuff (excuse sound quality of early episodes—the content quality is still outstanding). ALSO: Tina’s voice, ah, it’s like smooth chocolate I want to rest on my tongue while it melts in my mouth!
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Excellent Podcast to help open your mind
Warning: If you are not into these things, you might be once you listen to this podcast. Tina Horn is an excellent interviewer and she has a wide range of friends, all of whom seem to be fascinating and to have a lot to say about various and sundry sex-related topics. I recommend this podcast for some basic "original level" research.
Good topics, a bit of rambling
This podcast - to me - seems more interesting than it is. I’d say the interviews can be hit or miss, depending on how on-topic they manage to stay. When they do, it’s a good listen. However, it occasionally veers so off course that I have to remind myself what the advertised topic of the show is. Also, the opening music can be a VERY different volume from the interview, so be careful with your earbuds!
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Simply Amazing
The sound quality is not the greatest in the first few episodes but other than that this is a superb podcast. Tina Horn is a great interviewer and a pleasure to listen to.
Practically Perfect in Every Way
Tina Horn! I love you! I listen to other sexcasts, I really like Sex Nerd Sandra, but she's not as funny or queer as Tina Horn. Tina was/is(?) a queer sex worker and porn star, so she has lots of amazing contacts to interview and she knows her stuff. I'm into comedy and this is actually funny, she doesn't need a comedian co-host to make it funnier (though I am available.) Loved the Age Play episode, more like that! If I could make a totally loving observation, I think the broader themed episodes (Sex Slaves, Age Play, Exhibitionism) have worked better than the more specific ones (Naughty Nurses, High Heels.) Keep it up, Tina!
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My new favorite kink-cast!
I listen to a lot of different sexuality and kink/BDSM related podcasts. Usually, I listen to a few episodes and then get bored with the format or annoyed by the host and drop it. The “Masocast" is one of the few that I’ve stuck with. I just discovered “Why Are People Into That?!” after there were already 6 or 7 episodes posted. I’ve now gone back and listened from the beginning. The title should tell you something. Some of the topics just make me think, “Why are people into that?” But I always listen because, even though I may not be into that thing, I learn something about people who are. Tina Horn is an excellent host with plenty of expertise of her own and a warm, nonjudgmental style. I think I’ll be sticking with this one.
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You Should be Into This Podcast!
Why Are People Into That?! is a fantastic addition to the sexuality podcast universe. Host Tina Horn is a smart and impassioned guide and interviewer, taking you on a tour through some of the more misunderstood topics in the world of sex. Assisted by a fantastic rotation of guest experts , each episode is a thorough and unhurried look at all of the facets of the topic at hand , from the technical to the psychological, without losing the overall sense of fun. A must listen for anyone who is fascinated about their own sexuality, and the sexuality of others.
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Quietly Brave
Fascinating and entertaining
Why Are People Into That?! explores kink with more depth and entertainment value than almost any other podcast I've found. So far the focus has been very much on personal anecdote, and I would love to see it expand to include more scientific and historical context, but it's still fascinating in its present version. So far the discussion of role play with Mollena Williams has been my favorite. Can't wait for more episodes!
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Jane Rochester
I'm picky about podcasts, and this one is top notch!
I love this podcast. It's informative and fun. I'm a sexuality nerd and this show gives me such a big nerd boner! Tina is a wonderful host and is the perfect balance of intent listener and over-the-top personality. I can't wait to see where this podcast goes! xoxox
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