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Barbara Carrellas: Tantra, Pt 1 - episode of Why Are People Into That?! podcast

Barbara Carrellas: Tantra, Pt 1

42 minutes Posted Mar 9, 2018 at 9:54 pm.
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Show notes

“The AIDS crisis was taking away our sexual freedom as well as our lives. I wanted to have sex in a way that was safe from HIV, but ecstatic as gay men in the all night disco palaces of your dreams.”

Barbara Carrellas is a queer kinky sex educator whose work has been very influential on Tina’s personal and professional life. To celebrate the tenth anniversary edition of Barbara’s seminal book Urban Tantra, the two of them sat down to discuss breath and energy orgasms, their relative tolerate for “woo,” and the complications of cultural appropriation. This is Part One, with Part Two coming later this month!

Barbara Carrellas is celebrating the brand new second edition of her bestselling book, Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty First Century—the world’s first LGBTQ- and BDSM-inclusive Tantric sex book. She has also written Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide To Sex, Relationships and Oh So Much More, and Luxurious Loving. Barbara is the founder of Urban Tantra®  — a philosophy, an international community, and an inclusive conscious sexuality practice. She was named Best Tantric Sex Seminar Leader in New York City by Time Out/NY Magazine for her Urban Tantra® workshops, and was awarded a 2016 Sexual Freedom Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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