Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship
Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship
John & Ranae Harrer
You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.
BooBoo Stewart From The Movie Let him Go
We interview Booboo Stewart from the latest Kevin Costner movie, Let Him Go, about his life with horses, acting, and music.
Nov 5
16 min
What an Extension Agent Can Do For You
Some areas call them farm advisors, some cooperative extension agents. Whatever their title, they are a free source of valuable knowledge.
Oct 26
23 min
Devils Garden Mustangs with Laura Snell
Laura Snell knows a lot about the Devils Garden Mustangs. The Devils Garden is the largest herd managed by the US Forest Service.
Sep 29
24 min
Looking Back at the Podcast
If you heard last week's episode with Lane Selz, you'll enjoy looking back at this episode I produced 8 years ago. We sounded much different.
Sep 1
22 min
Working Cowboy Lane Selz Ranch Life in California
Ever wondered what it was like to be a working cowboy in 2020? Friend, Lane Selz, day-works for ranches. He describes today's cowboy.
Aug 25
25 min
Yoga for Equestrians with Gabrielle Diakon
Gabrielle Diakon is a yoga instructor with a passion for horses.  Gabrielle constructed "Yoga for Equestrians", a fitness program for those of us who ride.
Jul 21
29 min
Feed and Nutrition with Will Friday
How much do you worry about the feed and nutrition of your horse?  I confess, I let my horses get a little fat this last winter.  Will Friday is interested in equine feed and nutrition .  I enlisted Will to help me with our horses nutrition. #horsepodcast
Jul 7
36 min
Jason Irwin Horseman & Clinician
Based in Ontario Canada, horse trainer Jason Irwin developed his eye for a horse pretty enough to catch your eye and willing enough to accept training.
Jun 2
29 min
We're Taking a COVID Hiatus
We're Taking a COVID Hiatus Hi everyone.  I hope you are doing well.  This COVID pandemic has really turned everyone's world upside down.  Somehow, I think horse people take these things a little better.  When you sit on a 1,000 lb animal, sometimes things go wrong.  It's you and the horse and you learn to deal with them.  We get manure under our fingernails and horse slobber on our shirts.  We clean water troughs brimming with algae.  We know the smell of Numotizine, Furacin, and that purple stuff you spray on cuts and wounds.  We hear the COVID is tough.  I sure wouldn't want to mess with it, but I'm still thinking my immune system is ready. It's been challenging getting guests booked during the last two months.  I've produced podcasts through it all so far, but now I need to take a little COVID Hiatus.  I have commitments from two really cool people in the horse industry.  I hope to get those interviews done, edited and posted.  I just don't know when.  If you want to keep in touch, hit the subscribe button wherever you get our show.  They will notify you when I release a new episode. I hope to produce shows when I find a good topic and a cooperative guest.  Meanwhile, all 200+ episodes are right here for you to enjoy.  I hope you have a listen.  If you have an idea for a show or just want to say "HI", email John@whoapodcast.com.  Thanks for all your support.   Check out the Shoulder Relief Cinch     Join Us on this Journey We want you to be a part of the show.  Tell us about your horse.  Share your challenges, triumphs, or just everyday items that make horse ownership unique.  Create an audio file using the memo app on your phone.  Or contact me and we'll set up a time to talk by Skype or phone.  Perhaps what you have to share can help someone in THEIR horse journey. You are a big part of why we do this podcast.  We really love getting your feedback.  Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the show.  Email us at John@WhoaPodcast.com Thanks for listening, John & Ranae Episode #170 Support the Whoa Podcast with this Amazon Link.
May 12
5 min
Tiffany McLaury Colt Starter
Tiffany McLaury's name might sound familiar. Tiffany grew up learning about training horses and starting colts from her parents Buster and Sheryl McLaury.
Apr 28
29 min
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