Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel
Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel
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What a gift
It’s so easy to feel alone in this life, especially when it comes to relationship conflicts. It’s such a gift to be able to realize how similar everyone’s struggles are, and how sometimes we have it really good compared to others and never realize. Esther is masterful and it’s really cool to hear her work. I get the same feeling listening to her as I do when seeing a professional athlete or maker do their thing.
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Tufts student
This podcast is so insightful and kind. I learn things every episode. Wish there were more episodes!!!
MJ Mcd
Where is she?
She’s the best.
Episode 4: sex addict - (S-anon)
I’m confused as to why S-anon isn’t recommended for the wife of the sex addict in this episode. I’d think either the husband would know about it or Esther would. It’s a shame that she feels isolated because of his addiction and it’s no wonder they’re struggling because she’s turning to the person suffering from the same disease for support/understanding/validation — just on the other side. She’s “going to the hardware store looking for bread” by turning to him looking for recovery/healing — he’s way too close to the problem.
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Wow ... i am sad to have no episodes left
Listening to Ester was an insightful journey into human nature and even better into my own behavior and psyche. More fascinating than movies or tv series ... Ester is a genius and a guru
Ester is a master at what she does. such insight and skill when gelling people navigate relationships and why they behave the way they do. I’ve listened to and learned from every episode!
A window into human emotions
Esther is a genius and a pleasure to listen to. Her insight is fascinating to learn from.
Authentic, Organic, What we all need, especially in our current climate
I do not write podcast reviews. Ever. Less it’s Rogan, lol. He deserves. Getting on with it... Let me preface this with this statement-This is probably the most organic podcast based in the realm of therapy I have heard to date. The format of raw, real sessions briefly broken up by Esther’s explanation and viewpoint as to how the session was going, and where she felt it needed to go is extraordinary, at times heartbreaking, and for those very things commendable. Keep up the great work, I cannot give this a high enough rating.
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Esther Perel’s podcast is so raw, intimate, and organically revealing to me. I take pleasure in how she listens to, reflects on, and works with her clients. She's incredibly perceptive and this podcast will give you something to relate to in your own relationships.
come back! 😢
Esther is a QUEEN.
She gets to the heart of the matter
Love her insight and gentle way of helping people see what they don’t see.
Great podcast everyone sure listen
I love the podcast, it’s my Monday afternoon go to. It’s my free therapy and the best one out there. I learn also can relate a lot, I’m sure every couple have their problems, I also have my as well for the pass 20 years, I learned how to talk to my husband much better, we are getting better with our relationship actually can enjoy each other, found our LOST LOVE! Thank you my teacher!
been inspired girl
I’m a psychiatry resident
This podcast is very touching. I am a psychiatry resident, I hope to work in a community clinic and also part time private practice. This podcast inspires me to learn more about couples therapy so that I can practice as well.
Love this podcast. As many others have said, I see myself in almost everyone and grow from Esther’s advice with every episode!
Must listen!!
I relate and learn something about my self in each and every episode.
Incredibly helpful
Esther Perel has an uncanny gift. I began listening out of curiosity for “other people’s problems” and was surprised to find so much of specific, personal value to myself. So often I’d think that an episode wouldn’t have much relevance to me, only to find moments of deep significance. I think what comes through first of all is the mode of communication, based on full acceptance of what each person has to say. Her ability to bridge the gap between couples seems to stem from this, and her ability to see through the confusion of surface turbulence. Outstanding!
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Heart Opening Podcast
Esthers amazing ability to allow people to blossom, to fully express their hearts needs is amazing. There are so many marginalized, brilliant voices and stories that are shared- it makes me feel seen and valued. Thank you Esther 💞💕
Very insightful, intelligent podcast
If only we all could have a wise woman like Esther Perel in our lives to guide, listen, and challenge us. This podcast is as close as most will get. I love you, Esther!
Best psychotherapy podcast I’ve found!
I learn so much about relationships from this podcast! Esther is so kind, so intelligent and really knows how to help people build an understanding of who they are and how they operate in relationships. I love this podcast!
Great podcast!
Such a great podcast about life and relationships!
Podcast is great, advertising is not.
I really enjoy the content but all the advertisements and commercials are too much.
Trombone Paul
My ritual
This is probably my favorite podcast out there, along with 'Love letters' by the Boston globe. This podcast makes you vicariously live through other people's relationship dynamic, thereby learning so much during this process. It is both entertaining yet cathartic at the same time. I have increase my own awareness through this podcast, and has helped me both in all the relationships in my life. Esther's experience/research on this field truly shows and is a powerful host. I hope this podcast continues to be successful.
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I really am captivated by this podcast. I love Esther’s finesse in communicating non judgmentally and with no nonsense. She is so skilled at graciously calling people out on their destructive thoughts and actions with sincere compassion. Her common sense approach to people is constructed around love, grace and compassion. I’m learning a lot because I can identify with some of the heartbreak I hear.
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Great Podcast!!!
I LOVE listening in. Each episode seems to help me see things on myself! Esther is so great at making her clients reflect and be introspective! I would die for a therapist like her.
Not enough superlatives.
This podcast is incredible. It’s incredibly cathartic to listen to. Its *so* well done; so moving; so profound; so honest; so sensitive; its just flat out fascinating. Esther is a GIFT. (Not for nothing—should anyone think they’re crazy or broken or hopeless—this will give you hope. Everyone is dealing with something whether you see it from the outside or not.)
What is “I” and what is “we”
Esther always has great advice and insight but this particular episode had me floored. The couple and their background were incredibly relatable and I felt myself getting DRAGGED (in a loving/useful way, of course) by her responses to them. Love this podcast!
Just Tryna Review
#7 He loves her..
These are incredibly difficult times, and this episode just warmed my heart as do you Dr. Perel. The kindness of each of you spilled out all over. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
I want to feel wanted
Great podcast. I feel for the couple, I feel for him the wife is so strong, he wants to be free, love you have to feel you can no force somebody to love you. Very sad for him.
Julia NY
Brilliant and Stunningly Informative
Esther Perel is just brilliant! I have never enjoyed a Podcast more nor have I ever learned so much about myself by listening to her while she has these Therapy Sessions with her Clients! It amazes me how she is able to listen, figure out both sides of the clients issues and come to a conclusion on how to mend and resolve their issues if they are both willing to put in the effort and work. Esther Perel....Where have you been all my life? AND, thank you for sharing your sessions via your Podcasts. You are healing so many of us! God bless you always! ♥️🙏🏼
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TE Banfill
Genius insights
I have had the good fortune of meeting very talented therapists during my time pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology. I also have been in personal and couples therapy at different times over the course of my life. Even so, I have never heard anyone as absolutely gifted as Ms. Perel. Her questions and her observations are spot on. Her ability to listen and then help a couple understand the underlying issues is brilliant. She is direct and professional - but also brings humor and warmth to the sessions. There is never an episode where I don’t learn something. I also like how Ms. Perel, during post production, inserts some explanations of why she she asked someone something or makes an observation about herself and expresses how she might have said or done something differently. There are quite a few podcasts I like, but if I had to choose just one, this would be it. I’m not a fan of the saying “an a-ha moment,” but that is the only way I can describe how I feel at least a couple of times during one of the sessions. Brilliant!
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Favorite Podcast Ever
I absolutely love this podcast. Esther’s therapeutic sessions are therapy for us all. I often find myself reflect on issues she brings up with her clients some of whom I can relate to. Esther may never know the extent of impact she has on her listeners. Her wisdom and deep understanding of human behavior have deeply impacted my life in a positive way and for that, I am forever grateful.
Poignant, insightful, even charming at times.
I am savoring each and everyone of the episodes I’ve listened to. Esther. brings a Brilliant perspective, and a deep level of honesty, insight and even self reflection. Somehow she is able to cut to the chase very quickly, Doesn’t hold back on her confrontive comments, but does it in a way that is thoughtful, Evocative and extremely helpful.
Married to a saint!!!
I need more!!! Can we have an update ??? He was even trying to be the “perfect” patient . I have been this woman and i used to think that i was such a bad person because i had a temper and my ex husband was sooo much better than me because he was quiet and withholding . Im so happy that i stop buying into that manipulation.
5 stars!
Esther, you do a beautiful job putting the puzzle back together. I have a question. Would you ever do a where are they now update on any of the couples? (anonymous of course) Keep up the good work!
Simple, Direct Language
I love Esther’s voice, and her ability to make complex situations simple; many “Aha!” moments. I wish there were more episodes!
Love Love Love
I first thought this was a strange concept for a podcast, but it’s so good. Esther does an amazing job and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two.
Susie Snowflake16
Great podcast
This is a great podcast if you want to learn how to converse with your significant other about problems and learn to see a situation from another point of view. It makes you realize that the way someone is acting is not a surface level emotion and that there is a lot more to us that drives our behavior
Powerful messages. Great podcast
Every episode is so impactful and evokes reflection into my own relationship. I learnt about Esther Perel & this podcast from her interview on Red Talk Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith & I have listened to & enjoyed every episode of this podcast since.
Eye-Opening Podcast
There has never been a book, podcast or movie so revolutionary. This podcast, through the conflicts of an anonymous couple, make you look at your own personal relationships in a different light. Esther’s insight and advice is clear and honest, which causes you as a listener to reflect on your own turmoil with a new perspective. I’ve understood so much of my behavior with relationships, romantic or otherwise, because of her. My only criticism— the episodes aren’t coming out as quickly as I would like!
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Doses of wisdom
Esther’s wisdom shines through in every episode. Thank you for modeling such strength, compassion, & ability to see through to truth. Humbling & inspiring all at once.
This woman is nothing short of a genius. The Chronic Philanderer episode just blew my mind!
Lord Networthington
Esther is brilliant!
Listening into her therapy sessions is like going to therapy yourself - for free!
Absolutely love her. She is smart and insightful and nonjudgmental, and I learn so much every episode. Thanks Esther!
Every episode is relevant
Ester gets to the core of it every time
Love it but skip 11
The best!!!! Episode 11 is tough to listen with the munching in the background, pls don't let them snack during your amazing sessions! Silly feedback I know ...
kate debit
Great Podcast but a Pyramid Scheme ad?
As another therapist I genuinely enjoyed this podcast, but having an ad for beauty counter, an MLM pyramid scheme that specifically targets and takes advantage of individuals of immigrant backgrounds and lower socioeconomic status is vile. I'm out til that changes. Unconscionable.
Best Therapy Podcast
I wish i had discovered her early but omg she drops knowledge in ever episode . I hope to meet her one day.
Love this podcast!
Esther’s words are gold. Thank you for sharing your expertise so that so many people can benefit
Love and can’t wait for next episode
This podcast is as real as it gets when it comes to understanding real relationships and intimacy ... and the struggles therein. By far the best podcast. Checking daily for new episodes about life and love under lockdown !
I cannot stop listening!
I so enjoy hearing the struggles couples are dealing with and then how Estar homes in on the real issues. It’s like a beautiful dance. Thank you!
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