Where It Went Podcast
Where It Went Podcast
An in-depth discussion of the Revelation Records catalog hosted by Greg, Javier & Jason
Episode 046 : Sense Field ”Building” w/ Chris Evenson, Rodney Sellars, John Stockberger & special guest Jordan Cooper
Yo! Episode 046 is live! Sense Field's landmark "Building" LP is dissected with Chris, Rodney & John from the band as well as RevHQ boss Jordan Cooper. Check it out!
Dec 1
2 hr 10 min
Episode 045 : Farside ”s/t” w/ Popeye Vogelsang, Kevin Murphy, Bob Beshear & special guest host Ben Merlis
YO! It's always a pleasure to chat with the fellas from Farside and this conversation is no exception. We take a long look at this 1995 EP with Popeye, Bob & Kevin *and* we are joined by special guest host Ben Merlis. Tune in!
Nov 17
2 hr 17 min
Episode 044 : State of the Nation ”s/t” w/ Rob Haworth, Mark Haworth & Andy Patterson
Yooooo! This episode, we got to talk about the sophomore LP by power trio State Of The Nation, released in 1995. We had the pleasure of speaking with the entire band. Lots of ground is covered on this one. Check it out!
Nov 10
2 hr 13 min
Episode 043 : Quicksand ”Manic Compression” w/ Walter Schreifels, Sergio Vega, Alan Cage & special guest host Anthony Pappalardo
Yoooo! Big one today! We are digging into the second Quicksand LP "Manic Compression", released on Island Records on CD/cassette but via the R and Star on vinyl. We got to chat with Walter, Alan & Sergio all about this classic release and we are joined by our friend Tony Pops. Enjoy!
Nov 3
1 hr 48 min
Episode 042 : Into Another ”Poison Fingers” EP w/ Richie Birkenhead, Peter Moses & Drew Thomas
Hello! Welcome to Episode 042 where we dissect the Into Another "Poison Fingers" EP with Richie, Drew & Peter. Tune in and hear all about it!
Oct 27
1 hr 13 min
Episode 041 : CIV ”Set Your Goals” w/ Walter Schreifels
Happy Friday! Decided to drop this surprise on all of you. Enjoy this chat we had with Walter on all things CIV.    Also, don't forget to go see Quicksand on tour right now for their excellent new LP "Distant Populations". The tour has about a week left, ending on 10/31.  Check out the new album and merch here: https://www.quicksandnyc.com
Oct 22
47 min
Episode 041 : CIV ”Set Your Goals” w/ Arthur Smilios, Sam Siegler & Charlie Garriga
YO! We are back and have we got a killer one for you this week. We sat with 3/4 of the band CIV to talk about their debut LP "Set Your Goals" which was released by Lava/Atlantic Records on CD and cassette BUT on vinyl via Revelation Records so it gets its own episode! Don't wait one minute more, listen now!
Oct 20
1 hr 43 min
Episode 040 : Shades Apart ”Save It” w/ Mark Vecchiarelli, Kevin Lynch & Ed Brown w/ special guest host Jon Backlash
YO! This is 40!!! Today we dive into 1995's "Save It" LP by Shades Apart with the entire band, plus special guest host Jon Backlash. Check it out!   Speaking of checking it out, Shades Apart's newest album "Eternal Echo" came out last year via our friends at HellMinded Records and it's a ripper. Go to www.hellmindedrecords.com to order a copy of the second pressing today before they're gone. 
Oct 6
1 hr 33 min
Episode 039 : Whirlpool ”s/t” w/ Rachel Stolte, Travis Guichard, Rodney Sellars & Brandon Laws (& special guest Jordan Cooper AND guest host Ben Merlis)
Hello!! Welcome to the Episode 039 where we take a dive into the first album by Whirlpool with 4/5 of the members who play on the debut album. Jordan Cooper also joins for a bit and we have guest host Ben Merlis subbing in for Javier and Jason. Tune in!
Sep 29
2 hr 12 min
REV-elations #7 : Judas Knife w/ Drew Thomas & Joseph Grillo
Happy Friday and Happy Release Day to Judas Knife! Their brand new album "Death Is The Thing With Feathers" is out NOW on Translation Lost Records. We sat down with Joseph Grillo (Garrison) and Drew Thomas (Into Another, Bold) and talked about the new album and the band. Check out their new LP below.   Translation Lost Records : https://translationloss.com/products/death-is-the-thing-with-feathers  
Sep 24
42 min
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