Where Did the Road Go?
Where Did the Road Go?
Seriah Azkath
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Good content but
Interesting guests, but the opening theme with the woman’s voice doesn’t serve the podcast well and is irritating enough that I always scrub past it.
Listening to Seriah talk about electromagnetic consciousness is like listening to a chiropractor talk about quantum mechanics.
Great show
Great episode great show. Always interesting
Eye Opening Podcast
This podcast was an eye opener for me pertaining to the paranormal in that the concept of interconnectedness of phenomenon hadn’t been a path I was open to before. I had read Keel and Vallee, but either didn’t want to fully embrace the shared phenomenon aspects or just wasn’t ready for it. At any rate, I stumbled upon WDTRG by chance and it really spoke to me. Seriah is a fantastic interviewer, his guests are spread amongst every conceivable corner of the paranormal and very entertaining. In the beginning I still was not sold on The Other as a universal phenomenon, I was thinking in more compartmentalized terms i.e. nuts and bolts ufos, bigfoot as undiscovered primate, ghosts are of the dead, etc. Seriah and his various guests and colleagues were instrumental in opening my eyes to a different perspective. Suddenly Keel and Vallee were back on the reading list and made so much more sense. I recommend this podcast to everyone and enjoy it immensely myself.
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Darth Lasorda
Seriously? Bashing Trump?? Grow Up.
I liked this podcast before you let Chewter make it an anti-Trump, socialist propaganda-spewing leftist cacophony of garbage. Let’s not forgot the rants about the evils of being “toxically masculine.”
Always entertaining
Always entertaining
Listen And Be Hooked
Seriah is a great host and a deep thinker. Furthermore, he has a coterie of equally intelligent and entertaining guests that join him weekly to participate in some of the most fascinating and thought-provoking conversations about the paranormal. He also has a Patreon option where you will receive weekly episodes sooner, as well as unlock access to bonus content. It’s a steal, it’s a deal. Highly recommended if you’re looking for serious, open-minded discussions that will quite possibly challenge your accepted version of reality.
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Chris Johnsen
Good stuff
Seriah and his guests produce some of the best conversations on the weird. Hands down my favorite podcast in this space
Good show
Cool topics, down to earth host. I only wish they'd cut out the "outro" music. Some of the songs are truly brutal.
Don’t bother
Host sounds like the comic store owner from the simpsons. And some how everything has happened to him too . Comic book guy crossed with that douche bag everyone knows that always has a one up story.
Dead and buried
Wonderful weirdness
This podcast feels like overhearing a deeply strange conversation outside of a house show.
Nearly Liminal
Can someone please send me a nickel every time Seriah says “liminal”? Thanks! David H.
Snake 138
Loved this show so far. Informative and fun. Not anti-trump at all. Just telling it like it is. Should do it more.
Please Keep Guests From Voicing Petty Political Views
Love the show. But more than once guests have gotten in their nasty remarks regarding the president. Really? With the topic you're covering? I have two podcast playlists--politics and "fun." I don't want to hear that stuff with my entertainment. Specifically, I don't care if Mike "Owl" Clelland doesn't like the POTUS. I don't want to hear it. Enough. I will miss you Seriah.
My top 3 favorite show
I never doubt people bc of some things I’ve seen that shouldn’t exist, but DO. I love these stories are getting out so that maybe the stigma will lessen. People laugh until they see something and it happens to them. Then they’re only comfort is searching out these type of stories. Love the host and guests. Great show.
Time well spent
We live in a world of echo chambers confirming our views. And before long, our biases can be bolstered with one swipe on the screen of our phones. In this world “Where Did the Road Go?” is a breath of fresh air. I don’t always agree with what I hear on this show. But I’m always challenged when I listen. The host is rational and logical, posing questions and raising issues that ask us to examine our own beliefs and understanding. Thank you for this time well spent. Thank you very much. - Tom Loewy
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Tom Loewy
Balanced and open minded, thoughtful approach to all things paranormal
This podcast has been a pleasure to listen to for years and seriah the host is a knowledgeable and pleasant host, who's guests are allowed to discuss the topics without the interruption of ads or generic questions. This podcast is a gem.
Easily one of the best shows ever
The reason... The people on the show actually admit that they have no idea what is ACTUALLY going on, and instead speculate and experiment with new ideas and new methods of understanding. One of my favorite tidbits from the host, Seriah, has been that: It's not about finding answers as much as it's about finding better questions.
Top Five Fav from NYC Sasquatch-Witch
Love that Psyche Corp. song Whirling Worlds
Good show
I love the show but for god sakes please stop BREATHING INTO THE MICROPHONE!
Everything X- Files. Quantum Entanglement, everything is connected,
Everything is connected. to what degree is the ? Orbs of Plasma, UAPs and Sasquatch have what in common?
Awesome !!!
Right up my alley regarding my current opinion on the phenomenon
Out of left field.
Don’t let the cover art fool you this podcast is pure fire. Sariah is one of the few sane voices in such matters and is a joy to listen to. The show lives up to its name.
Five Star podcast
Always interesting content. Keep it up
Great show
I love the show
The host Seriah sounds like he has some sort of obstruction in his sinuses with audible breathing when his guests are talking. Deviated septum?
All Paws
episode 34
Episode 34: the interviewee has what might be described as not a very compelling voice to try to listen to. Twenty minute into that episode i concluded it was so boring and long winded, i bailed.....couldn't hang with that particular monotonous interview.
I listen to this fairly regularly along with Conspiranormal and Strange Familiars.
well done
It's not often that you get an interesting podcast that has great sound like this one. It's a real pleasure to listen.
One of my firsts, and favs
Got to love a great interviewer combined with great production skills. It’s almost like people who work in radio know what they are doing. Keep it up!
Best Paranormal Podcast
This covers all the genres of the paranormal world. From Missing 411 to Big Foot, you can find it all here and many other thought-provoking topics. The topics are explored in a respectful manner. The host, Seriah, is arguably just as good as anyone on Coast to Coast and better in my opinion. He doesn’t push any one theory and is gracious to guests he has on his show. I also enjoy his co-hosts that he has from time to time. I wish Steph Young was still active. My favorite podcast of all-time.
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Could be better
I love the guests and topics but, at least in the few episodes I’ve listened to, it sounds like the interviewer has neither read the books written by his guests nor done any preparation to structure the interview in way that guides the listener in. It’s honestly kind of embarrassing. Kudos to the guests who soldier through and manage to let their work speak for itself.
London Dispersion
For this show! Love it
Profound insights!
Thank you for bringing us your works! Your labors have not gone unappreciated! Please keep bringing us the thoughts and perspectives you do! Love hearing you guys!
interesting takes on “reality"
looking at a lot of strange phenomena and providing an intelligent discussion about it
Raw and honest
Only listened to a handful of episodes (ok mostly the Chicago ones cause I grew up in the haunted burbs). The guests and interviews are unscripted. Honest and raw. AND the indie music at the end a bonus. Breath of fresh air.
One of the most entertaining podcasts available
Seriah and Joshua have one of the best podcasts available at the moment. Seriah is a very capable interviewer, and his line of questioning is intelligent, massively entertaining, and knowledgable. I recommend that listeners do not confuse "Where Did The Road Go" podcast episodes with the other podcasts that Seriah includes in his feed...only listen to the real Where Did The Road Go episodes.
Unbelievably boring
I listen to a lot of great podcasts. I tried to give this one a go but was seriously disappointed. Terrible interviews, a whiny host who loves to blame technology for a bad podcast, and overdone topics.
Cutting edge
It’s not very often you can find a level headed perspective while investing the content the show portrays...very well presented, and thanks for using a level head
A very important podcast
If you are at all interested in alternate viewpoints about the nature of reality, you must listen to this podcast. And if you aren't, you should be.
Best podcast
One of my very favorite podcasts. The smartest interviews and entertaining subjects. Host is honest and likeable. Love it!
The BEST round tables
Where Did the Road Go? is among my favorite podcasts I've ever listened to and the fav list is short. The show is a must listen for me. Thoughtful conversations of quality about exploring the edges of "reality". Seriah is a wonderful host.
Good interview style
I like listening to this podcast because Seriah is very good at listening to his interviewees. He has said that he tries to respect the person whether or not he agrees with their point of view and I definitely think he does and that it comes across in the interviews. His questions and responses are thoughtful and show a knowledge and an interest in the topics he chooses.
Great show
Love it when personal expierences are discussed, when I learn about things I didn't know before, and the panel discussions. I look forward to every new episode, and have started to listen to the podcasts of frequent guests.
This show is fantastic !
Great guests and topics
Great Podcast on Forteana
Great interviews as well as roundtables with regulars. Seriah does an awesome job of maintaining an interesting show!
Great show!
This has become one of my favorite paranormal genre podcasts. Seriah is an amazing host. Cuts right to the chase and has excellent interviews and roundtables. I appreciate the openess and yet discernment that comes through, accepting sometimes that we just don't fully understand what we call reality. Better to say it's beyond our current scope of understanding sometimes then to force theories down people's throat. Keep up the good work!
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Super entertaining!!!
I'm fairly agnostic about UFOs, the supernatural, etc but I love learning other people's thoughts on it. This podcast is one of the few paranormal ones I can stand because the host and most of the guests speak very even handedly abt most everything. Very fun and thoughtful show!
A Clockwork Jon
Best, Absolutely the Very Best
This show is by far the best paranormal podcast I have stumbled across. Awesome topics and a great host that continues to produce a quality show each week.
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