Jodi Katz
If you have a job or want a job, this pod is for you. Host Jodi Katz invites beauty industry leaders into her studio for vulnerable and honest conversations about their career journey. No longer willing to perpetuate the myth that everything is shiny, glossy and perfect in our lives, Jodi disarms guests as they ditch the "PR-speak" to discuss the realities of life/work balance, how to find joy in their busy lives and how they advance their career. Jodi is a beauty marketing expert, public speaker and founder of Base Beauty Creative Agency™, the omni channel branding agency based in NYC. The series has been featured in WWD. Find more career-inspiring content and branded gear here: Instagram: @WhereBrainsMeetBeautyPodcast Share your questions, comments and guest requests: wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Dr. Michele Koo, Founder & CEO at Dr. Koo Skin Care
Dr. Michelle Koo wants to bring out the best in you. As a plastic surgeon, she creates symmetry and optimal aesthetics in her clients through surgical options, but she also delivers results as a skincare expert. Her luxury skincare brand, Dr. Koo Private Practice Skincare, designed to provide plastic surgery results without plastic surgery, was patiently developed over two decades of research and development. #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Nov 4
26 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Social Climate Change: Jess Weiner, Talk to Jess, CEO & Founder
Jess Weiner isn’t just any expert, she’s a cultural expert. Throughout her 15 years in the business of consumer relations, Jess realized that having a strategic marketing and consumer engagement is quite different from actually engaging with the consumer and understanding their needs. To be successful in today’s business world, you need more than just a big name, you need to stand for something - and mean it! This episode focuses on the need for change within the business world’s reactive plans in times of crisis and the corporate responsibility of businesses to engage in ongoing socio-economic conversations.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Oct 21
30 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Bridging the Marketing Gap: Pam Zapata, CEO at Society Eighteen
Like many entrepreneurs, Pam Zapata saw a need and decided to fill it. As an expert in influencer marketing and the CEO at Society Eighteen, Pam is passionately bridging the gap between what's been historically referred to as 'multicultural marketing' and 'general marketing', helping companies reach diverse influencer partners, and vice versa. This episode focuses on important topics of tokenism, diversity, and racial inequality.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Oct 7
32 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Sun and Soul: Veronique Gabai, Founder & CEO, Veronique Gabai
Travel may be on pause, but Veronique Gabai believes fragrance can transport us on a journey to somewhere else. Her namesake fragrance, jewelry and beauty product company is inspired by her birthplace and the place of her childhood, the French Riviera. After growing up surrounded by beautiful sensation, she wanted to put nature directly into her products, to help people feel better - more joyful, beautiful and confident - and express themselves more authentically. She made the switch from corporate America to indie beauty when the risk of ignoring that little voice telling her to leave became greater than the risk of leaving the corporate pool, and hasn't looked back.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Sep 23
29 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Making a Difference in Under Served Communities: Dr. Susan Taylor, Founder, Skin of Color Society
Dr. Susan Taylor, Skin of Color Society Founder, always wanted to grow up and be a doctor, but she didn’t know she’d become a dermatologist. She created @skinofcolorsociety when she realized that many dermatologists were not well-versed in treating darker skin tones, and even afraid to perform procedures on brown or black skin. Tune in to this week's episode to hear about how Dr. Susan Taylor started SOCS, and the ways they help promote awareness, research and education on treating skin of color, and provide mentorship and networking opportunities to aspiring dermatologists.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Sep 9
25 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Opportunity, Adventure and Discovery: Sonya Dakar, Founder of Sonya Dakar
Thirty years ago, Sonya Dakar was taking polaroid photos of clients in her esthetician office, fondly referred to as skin boot camp. Today her namesake skincare line is recognized worldwide. As a skincare expert, Sonya is renowned for building a brand dedicated to educating consumers and treating the skin with clean, effective ingredients. Her iconic clinic in Beverly Hills serves as a center for innovation where clients come to transform their skin concerns into a healthy, glowing complexion through proven, non-invasive treatments.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Aug 26
32 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Keep Calm and Find Beauty: Maria Hatzistefanis, Founder, Rodial
After being fired from a fast-paced banking biz position in London, Maria Hatzistefanis, Founder of Rodial, took months before making her next move. That move eventually combined her business savvy and experience in the finance world with her long-time love of the beauty industry. This episode reminds us to keep calm and find the beauty in every road block, rejection and set-back.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Aug 19
33 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Better a Whoops than a What If: Gwen Jimmere, CEO & Founder, Naturalicious
What’s it like to be the first African American woman to hold a patent within a space? In this week’s episode, we hear from Gwen Jimmere, Naturalicious CEO & Founder and the journey that took her from dreams of being a singer, to a swanky corporate position at Ford, and eventually starting a natural hair care company. Gwen is as raw and honest as she is determined, taking this episode through some heavy topics like domestic violence and racial inequality. Gwen's courage and resilience shines through as she explains the extraordinary journey that led her to becoming the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Aug 12
41 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY® | Protecting Your Brand: Steve Weigler, Founder of EmergeCounsel
Steve Weigler is a mastermind when it comes to protecting your brand. After many entrepreneurial pursuits of his own, he's come to understand more than just the legal side of building a business, giving him a unique perspective in helping his clients keep their brands safe from knock offs and other legal woes. The EmergeCounsel Founder explains in this episode how a small investment at the start can garner big returns in the long run, and prevent future (expensive) issues. If you're a Founder, CEO or entrepreneur, the information in this episode is invaluable to building, growing and potentially selling your brand.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Aug 5
32 min
WHERE BRAINS MEETS BEAUTY™ | Finding Magic in Hardship: Dara Levy, DERMAFLASH, Founder
Dara Levy, Founder of DERMAFLASH, leads with grace and gratitude. She’s made it through the past several months, as well as many difficult years, by channeling kindness and positivity. Like many entrepreneurs, her career journey has been far from linear, but for Dara, it all seems to have fallen into place. Perhaps it’s her power to manifest good things through gratitude and positive energy. Listen to this inspiring episode and decide for yourself whether the Universe, hard work, or an incredible combination of both brought success to Dara.   #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com (http://wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com)
Jul 29
34 min
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