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Total Sausage Fest.
Good podcast!
As much as I like this podcast, if you guys still swear, this will stay at 4 stars. Some people are fine with it, but some of us are not.
Quick question
Is it bad that one of my first favorite video game is Banjo-tooie
Thinknoodles Jr
Great podcast! but….
I love this podcast, but the descriptions could use work. I know you can only do so much with words, nevertheless the descriptions of things like characters often don’t match up to their look or personality at times. I still highly recommend this podcast though, and the descriptions is probably only a problem for me. =)
Josh and Scott rock
They’re easy to listen to and you can tell that they truly love games - which unfortunately isn’t always the case with game podcasts and journalist types. I miss ash though :/
Need women again
Y’all need more women again, they were funny and made the conversation light hearted. The dudes are just too serious and nerdy.
Bad vibe. These guys need a hug
They're clever enough and sound like they know their stuff, but 9 out of 10 things they put out is negative. Been a subscriber for a while, but I really don't need this constant bummer in my feed. Wish them well ✌️
Needs more research
Needs more research
Crap on Xbox Pod
Big J H
ACast is pants Great podcast though.
Easy 5 star podcast, but ACast justinterrupted the 5th star with an AD
I can't tell you why this is such a great podcast, but maybe this character can. You see, that's your mom
Good podcasts, but you guys need to know what you’re talking about
I enjoy this podcast so much, but with the final fantasy 7 episode, I was disappointed. It sounded like you guys have either never played FF7 or haven’t played in so long that you don’t remember anything. Details matter. It builds your credibility.
Funny and entertaining!
I love this podcast it’s hilarious! I wish they did them more frequently and Jules was on it much more often! Jules and Scott are hilarious together! I like them all though, very very entertaining!
Awesome show
I’m so excited every time I get a notification for a new episode great job everyone!
Makes my 40 minute commute awesome!
Keep up the good work guys! Very good content and well put together! -Ben
Love the podcast!
Huge fan of the Whatculture Channel on YouTube and the podcast is just as good! Jules, Rach, Scott, Josh, Ash, Ewin, and the whole crew are just fantastic! They are all so knowledgeable and diverse in they’re gaming opinions and news styles! Highly recommend!
Love these folks!
I've been a big fan of the Whatculture YouTube pages for awhile, and this podcast is following in the same quality footsteps. Great job guys! You're not only incredibly informative, but also present a lot of different points of view that inspires good discussion. Love it!
Love the WhatCulture Folks
This is about the same madcap conversation you'd get on YouTube. These people are quite knowledgable and I enjoy watching and listening to the banter. Sometimes I even get a good laugh out of the commentary. I would highly recommend checking them out on YouTube and Twitch as well if you enjoyed the podcasts.
Refreshing Podcast
The boys (and girls) over at Whatculture put out some great content on YouTube and it’s even better in long podcast form. I would love to see them incorporate some fun games to play on the recording and really pick up their own style for the podcast as they have on their YouTube. I appreciate how on-topic they stay and don’t have one person who dominates the conversation.
Collin ::.
Pure games fun!
If you enjoy hearing gaming news, or just general gaming related discussion, then check these fine folks out! They’re also on YouTube and upload better content than most gaming channels. 👍🏼