What Really Happened?
What Really Happened?
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Interesting stories
I’m really enjoying this podcast the stories are very interesting and many of them I’ve never heard of
Cannot stop listening
Found this podcast on XM Satellite Radio and haven’t stopped binging every episode. The stories are well told, fair balanced, and very interesting. I have already shared it with multiple friends.
World class storytelling!
Super interesting stories, very well delivered!
I started listening to C13 by way of Gangster Capitalism and that started my Jenks addiction. I can’t stop listening to everything Andrew Jenks does because his investigating, storytelling and voice are riveting. When is the next season????
Just because it’s Your conclusion
There are no answers here just hours of mind numbing partisan opinion mix with a few facts if you can find them.
Seriously, quoting Ben Rhodes as anything other than a rat. An of course the expected anti-Trump crap. Where oh where are the unbiased historians.
Good pod
Great job!
One of the best
Honestly, there is a lot of garbage out there in Podland. Too many hosts are under the impression that just because they can make a podcast, they should, even if they can’t speak well or mispronounce words. So I’m very happy when I find a host who chooses interesting topics, writes them very well and delivers them professionally. I’ve enjoyed Andrew on Gangster Capitalism and just found WRH. I love the variety of stories. Absolutely worth the listen.
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PW from GR
Each episode is better than the next. I have shared this podcast with all my contacts. Thank you
Great listen
Intriguing, well-researched, and just overall excellent podcast. New listener about to binge all the episodes.
This was one of the best episodes of any of the thousands of pods I’ve heard. I still haven’t listened to a Kanye song, though I’m sure I’ve heard a few, yet I have listened, truly listened, to this particular episode multiple times. Thank you Andrew for your honesty - it was ridiculously insightful. I am a better person having tuned in. Both your genius and uhh... humility are appreciated. Please bring us more episodes. Or get with Robert Evans and make a superpod for the ages.
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So good
Came across this podcast looking for more info on Epstein and I really enjoyed your episodes. I’m from Abilene, TX and have known of you since you had your show and came down to do an episode there. Didn’t even know you had a podcast but I’m subscribed and glad I found it! Good stuff my guy.
Talk less about yourself
So,great, and I love it. The only thing holding this back is that the segues into ads are TOO perfect. Just say: "now, an ad." It’s way more,honest. More important is— please get yourself out of the way of your otherwise great stories. We GET IT, you are an important guy. Ok. That’s not why a single person is listening to you.
Highly recommended
This is a solid podcast that shares facts and doesn’t toss in a lot of conjecture.
Matthew The T.
Great Pod
Love this podcast. Always look forward to the next one. So informative and something refreshing. Thanks for all your research
Caliente AZ!
This podcast is amazing
I’m a new listener and just listened to the Serena Williams episode. I am in tears. How did I not know about half the things she went through. I have four daughters of mixed race. They are listening to this episode tonight. Thank you so much for the research and the heart that goes into every topic It is much appreciated!
More episodes please!
Don’t Try To Trick Us
I like the topics this pod covers and the host. However, why does he try to weave the ads in like they are part of the story? We are not idiots and it’s so annoying to try and follow along only to realize that what I’m listening to is an ad that the host has tried to slip in. No thanks!
Saw you on abc
Username was taken@cheeseballs
Intriguing topics. Thorough research. Phenomenal narration. Love.
Mrs. Zerjav
Love, Love Love!
Andrew Jenks, you’re my very favorite storyteller! You find such good topics that everyone wants to know about, but won’t bother to take a deep dive into. I’m more knowledgeable from listening to you. And your sense of humor is perfect!! Thanks for what you do!!
Amazing Storyteller
I have nothing but good things to say about this podcast. It’s perfect for helping a long drive go by or really digging into a topic but I thought I understood. They should be at the top of everyone’s list along with Gangster Capitalism.
No thanks
Many inaccurate “facts”
FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
My boss suggested this podcast to me the other day. He said his wife loved it and found the topics fun and fascinating! I was intrigued and decided to check it out. Then I saw it was produced by Andrew Jenks!! I was a huge fan of his docu-series on MTV and couldn’t wait to dive into to another one of his projects! I love the stories he tells and how he tells them! I highly recommend this podcast!
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The NRA expose is dynamite.
This is a fascinating story about an organization we all heard about and saw on TV for decades. It lays bare the fact the emperor has no cloths. Enjoy.
Andrew dives into a variety of true stories and enlightens us with little known details.
Very good!
Don’t know how I found this podcast... but I’am glad I did. Interesting, lots of info,very entertaining. The host has a wonderful voice. Good subjects. Can’t find anything wrong with this podcast, or I wouldn’t be listening. Thank you!
Good stories, good storytelling
Stories and format are interesting and informative. Well made. Thank you.
To “likes smart jokes” review
Good podcast this reviewer in title? Not so much. But I do thank you. I thank you and all the other way too far left never trumpers for being so close minded and judgemental except the virtue signaling sound bytes making so many people shift back to traditional liberalism away from your radical leftist mentality. Go find a utopia or something!
Rigged spin wheel
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. From look of reviews, only Trump supporters dont like it. That makes me wish there were 6 stars
Likes Smart Jokes
I love everything Andrew Jenks does, so of course I’m going to love his podcasts too. Really enjoy listening and learning. Great topics and a pleasant voice. 5 ⭐️’s
Really enjoy Jenks’ work
Happy he’s bringing light to this critical issue.
Andrew puts so much work into his craft and you can tell. Absolutely love this podcast!
I have never truly gotten into podcasts. I’ve never been interested. A family member played one on a card ride and I was hooked. Very captivating and engaging! Love this podcast!
I don’t listen to many podcasts at all, but this guy is incredible
Great podcast.
great podcasts!
especially during a stay at home advisory!
I really enjoyed listening go your podcast (like the style with music background ) more power to you guys!
Excellent Content.
This is an amazing way for storytelling. Someone who is willing to do research above opinion is worth listening to.
What Really Happened
Always an interesting and entertaining listen.
Highly Recommend
Andrew Jenks is an amazing story teller. This is by far my favorite podcast.
John II the Good, Serena, Venus, Jeffery! Excellent. Who knew? I’m loving it! Recommended entirely.
Andrew offers up dialog that makes you feel like he is talking right to you. His obvious comfort with speaking is relaxing.
Ifresh pro
What DID really happen?
The stories are interesting and entertaining, but 99% of the time What REALLY happened is not revealed. Instead we are given an opinion as to what MAY have happened. Maybe change the title to “What we think may have happened”.
Partisan what really happened
It’s hard to believe you’re telling what really happened when you insert your political bias. It then becomes a podcast on what you believe really happened.
Quality Podcast
Topics are interesting and the storytelling is very compelling. Once I found this podcast, I binged all of the episodes.
Entertaining and Educational
Entertaining and Educational
Basquiat was not institutionalized at age 13, His mother was. Maybe read more than Wikipedia and if you choose only to read Wikipedia, read it correctly.
Db cooper
Please make one of dB cooper
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