What Had Happened Was
What Had Happened Was
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how handsomely hip hop has honored humanity
Michael Eagle has skyrocketed to the top of my all time fav artist in hip hop and music in the last day 5-6 years since I found him. He has really honored the history of the culture(I hate how that word has been co-opted last few years, but que sera sera) by getting together with Prince Paul and El-P. Both have been such an integral part of the music through the years. Especially the DIY and DWTFIW crowd. These podcasts should be preserved on gold vinyl played only by diamond tipped 1200’s that play in milk rooms like the PreCogs live in in Minority Report. That’s how we should have to listen! they are that important!! Thank you, Michael. Truly.
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Deep Dives into Unstreamables
This show is vital in preserving the legacy of artists and albums that don’t fit into the current business model boundaries of acceptable consumption and distribution. Is there a Stony Island Patreon??
Structured Investigation of Creative Genius
Open Mike Eagle's long-form explorations of artists' histories are a treasure trove for fans of the creators themselves and music in general. Loving the season with El-P and you will too.
Mike is a natural, what a treat!
Mike is no stranger to hosting his own podcast has a natural gift in this space. His convos w/ Prince Paul and my personal fav rapper/producer El-p are broken into segments and Mike focuses on all the minute’ within the timeline of particular stages of each guests illustrious careers. He knows when to match wits and when to shut up amid listen as intently as his listenership which makes this podcast special! So many new podcasts pop up, this is so good I would contribute to a pay wall if necessary to continue these amazing convos. Check out Dad Bod Rap Pod, Can’t knock the shuffle and the Stoney Island network and support this mans music as and get familiar with each album he covers with his guest if you’re not familiar or haven’t revisited enough to get an idea of how amazing both guests are and how they’ve adapted to the times respectively. El-p hasn’t released a sub par album that I’m aware of, every 5 years as a solo artists and every few with RTJ, watching their success has made many of us proud of Jaime and Mike who both struggled w solo careers when they started collaborating. Ok I could write a dissertation on both El & Paul, if you don’t love this pod I suggest you seek help fro. A professional immediately. 😆 love to all listeners!
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there aren't enough stars to say how good this is
Finding this podcast reminded me of what it felt like when Prince Paul or El-P would release a new album 20 years ago. It's so so good, thank you Mike for making a superfan podcast.
Incredible rap podcast
El-P provides an insightful, hilarious, and honest insider look at the independent underground rap scene. Highly recommended for any real hip hop head.
Pure gold for anyone who loves hip hop, beyond that even, for anyone who loves creativity and art.
First season should win a Pulitzer! The second season is off to a great start.
Love these deep dives!
Grateful to Open Mike Eagle for developing this podcast, which allows for deep dives into hip hop producers’ catalogues, histories, and insights. I look forward to catching the latest episode every week. Last season with Prince Paul and this season with El-P are both dope! Having lived through the eras when those producers were coming up, it’s dope to hear stories about their projects and their lives.
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this is important
mike eagle is a great host. this show means a lot to me already and i hope there are many more stories to come
martin oldman
Deep Dives
Open Mike Eagle shows up prepared and gets the best out of his guests. The season with EL-P has been incredible.
Thank you
Thank you for telling these stories I’ve waited for this entire time to hear! It’s an insight into the underground I have been a huge fan of almost taking over my life in a way. It’s fantastically done and a must listen for any fans. Thank you
The future will thank you
This podcast is super entertaining and amazing primary research into the history of some influential people at the center of hip hop and rap. Eagle asks meaningful questions that advance the plot of history and dive into the internal personal perspective of the interviewee. This is clearly “by fans for fans” but also will provide a great resource for anyone studying the cultural impact of this music and its origins. Can’t recommend enough. I have new (old) albums that are in my rotation as favorites from listening for the first time to understand the conversation better. Do yourself a favor and try this podcast.
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Live these deep-dive ‘seasons’
I was a teenager in the NYC area, recording Stretch & Bob weekly in the mid-90s, and have been a fan of El-P, of Def Jux, and all of El’s work since (ISWYD is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time). I’ve never heard this complete a story of his career, and looking forward to more episodes. Shout to Open Mike Eagle for doing this.
Matt Tried
Best Podcast Out
Hands down my favorite musical podcast out there. Mike is an incredible interviewer and Prince Paul and El-P are full of stories that are humorous and insightful. If you like hip hop, this pod is a must listen.
L. M. D.
EL-P is probably my favorite artist. And he gives a great interview. I find it genuinely super interesting learning about his life and the backstory behind his incredible music. I’ve listened to a lot of EL-P interviews - this podcast is easily the best. And it’s only 3 episodes in! Open Mike Eagle is also doing a good job as an interviewer; he has humor to match EL-P, and you can tell he’s a fan because he’s really curious and asking good questions. But he also let’s EL-P talk and doesn’t interrupt too often, which is a pet peeve of mine in interviews. Well done folks! Highlight of my week!
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Love the podcast. If you love Hip Hop this is the best podcast.
Hip Hop History
Sharing these stories from the artists themselves is essential. Mike is a generous and thoughtful interviewer. Can’t wait to hear more of this history!
Keep the excellent work flowing
This podcast has been a lifesaver in so many ways. Looking forward to many seasons.
Thank you for making this happen it’s amazing!
I’m in love with the first season it’s amazing! Great insight, great jokes, crazy gems. This new season is my favorite so far because I could listen to both El and Mike talk for days but I loved that El was really explaining and dropping jewels. This podcast is the best. Thank you thank you! Much love
Inspiring, Funny, Extremely Well Done
Listening through all of the Prince Paul episodes in advance of the El-P eps - incredibly well researched and interesting even throughout the projects I haven’t heard! Can’t recommend enough. Mike is great, Paul is great, looking forward to season 2!
DJ Geauga Lake
The best podcast of all time
Straight up.
Mind Blowing Deep Dives Into Rap History
Great series with some amazing tales of rap history.
What a F**king Joy!
The stroll through hip hop history via the lenses of “What Had Happened Was” guests is a hard core fan’s dream come true. Open Mike’s preparedness in these interviews and melodic radio friendly voice easily brings the stories shared to life in our imaginations. In season 2 El P hasn’t even really gotten settled in yet and already in 1 episode has captivated me fully. I’ve bought all the way into this franchise!
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Tito Vaselina
Amazing Podcast
Now this is how a podcast should be done. Great questions, it’s nice that Open Mike Eagle obviously has deep knowledge of the history of true hip-hop. As a 48 year old, I grew up on old school hip-hop and Prince Paul was a huge part of it. And I don’t think you can just give a person like Prince Paul a one off podcast of just an hour or two. Looking forward to the EL-P one!! I met Open Mike a few years ago in Cincinnati when he opened for Aesop Rock, got to meet him and get some merch. Great artist and great guy! Thx for this!!
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This is the bar for podcasts
Informative, extremely funny. One of the best podcasts I have ever heard!
Best Podcast Ever
It’s perfect: fascinating interviews, production is perfect, Prince Paul is so fun and honest, OME steers and adds to the conversation in the best way. Can’t wait for El-P!
I was a Prince Paul worshipper apparently. This brought back all the feels, answered Manny questions I had and didn’t know I had. Kudos to Mike and can’t wait for next season. ✌🏼💜
These episodes are the best kind of conversation. Honest, full of information, full of heart and humor. An essential chronicle of one of the great through-lines of hip hop and music more broadly.
If you're any type of creator you need to listen
I make a point to put this podcast in people's hands to listen to. It's important. This music is a part of me for sure.
So so good, hope you (Michael) continue this show with other artists.. Obviously not everyone has had as fascinating a career (or would be as entertaining and engaging “on-air”) as the illustrious Mr. Prince Paul, but I feel like you could wrangle at least a couple more cool folks to do series’ with... good luck Michael, keep up the excellent work!
Ghost fingers
Best pod ever
Found this one late. Would sell a kidney for season 2.
started listening due to questlove mentioning it...and MAN! super dope podcast with a dope format...can’t wait for season 2
5 stars
Yeah, this is incredible.
Humble geniuses
It’s fascinating and fun to listen to Mike and Paul talk. They have a great rapport with plenty of stories to tell. They’re humble geniuses. As you probably noticed, each episode tends to focuses on one project, collaboration, or period of Prince Paul’s professional and creative life. You could probably listen out of order. I nearly went straight to the Handsome Boy episode to start, but in the end I was glad I didn’t. I listened in order and it paid off. Mike knew what he was doing when he created the order of episodes. I haven’t gone back for a re-listen yet, but I think it’s time. Now, I’ll probably pick particular episodes to just spin for fun... to re-listen and re-learn.
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Carpe Dijon
Super engaging, funny, and insightful to the max. As a dude who grew up in the 80s, it’s rad to hear so much behind-the-scenes stories of the songs that filled our childhood and adolescence. Thank you!! Absolute podcast pros.
J McBride
Must Listen for 80s/90s Hip-hop Heads
Loved every ep; the albums Prince Paul produced were my life back in the day! You get great interview questions and honest answers about some of the truly landmark records from the era. Can’t recommend enough!!
Well done!!!
Great for hip hop heads
Really enjoyed this. I devoured it. Open mike did a great job w the interview. Love the honesty.
dogtown SM
This is the absolutely essential companion to Prince Paul’s entire catalog - including his seminal work with De La Soul - that you didn’t know you needed. This is made for fans, by Open Mike Eagle, who is clearly a fan, and it triggers an immediate desire to go and re-listen to the whole oeuvre. So good.
Real Hip Hop Heads
I have loved this podcast! Prince Paul is open and honest, funny and vulnerable. I can relate to him as a person on so many levels. Open Mike Eagle is very cool too. Both are very knowledgeable and I didn’t realize how influential Prince Paul was. I’ve always loved his music but he was so connected from the beginning. Great inside info!
Astrolojok Music
Saving me during Covid Times
I’ve never written a review before, but this podcast is giving me life during the 7th month of lockdown during Corona. The stories from Paul are incredible. Open Mic is amazing at directing the flow of conversation, not only as an independent interviewer but leaning on his own fandom to dig deeper. Paul’s journey is as interesting as its inspiring for creative or wannabe creative types. I could gush longer, but my advice is to stop reading and listen to the podcast.
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Best podcast!
I keep coming back, so many gems.
The Day Ones
Thank you!
All involved have done something great for the ages.
Chuy Valasquez
This show
Best podcast of the year!
this was one of the best podcasts i’ve ever listened to, funny & informative & touching. so many great stories from the legendary Prince Paul and Open Mike Eagle created thoughtful & easy going conversation. highly recommended!
Stories on stories on stories
Dang these conversations with Paul are mind blowing.
A Triumph
Open Mike Eagle is a great interviewer and Prince Paul is an incredible creative individual who was in the room and carry a lot of the weight on some seriously game changing records. They appear to have great chemistry and this is an entertaining, hilarious and illuminating journey through some crucial history. It’s audio liner notes you didn’t know you needed until you hit ▶️.
Hiro Sandwich
Eye Opening and Hilarious
I could listen to these dudes read a life insurance policy. Prince Paul is one of the most guileless, visionary, criminally-underrated human beings of my lifetime, and Open Mike Eagle is a perfect counterpart—part fan, part journalist, part hype man. If you're a fan of pre- and early-millennium hip-hop, Paul's stories will transport you to a place and time that was rarely documented because nobody cared about what poor black kids were doing at inner-city community centers in the 1970s and '80s with their hippin' and their hoppin' and their bippin' and their boppin'. Oral history is the only kind that exists for the genre's early years. Paul also provides unreal insight into what went into making albums for Stetsasonic, De La Soul, 3rd Bass, Native Tongues, Gravediggaz, A Prince Among Thieves, MC Paul Barman, Handsome Boy Modeling School, MF Doom and Chris Rock. Or if, like me, you're just a fan of two middle-aged black men cracking jokes and reminiscing on a time... hell, any other time than this, welcome to the next 12 hours of your life.
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Y’all’s dynamic charisma drenched and seeped from every episode. I couldn’t wait for the next one to drop and now I can’t believe it’s over. Someone else suggested RZA for season two. I’m with that or Aceyalone. Please never stop making this show, Mike ❤️
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