What Had Happened Was
What Had Happened Was
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started listening due to questlove mentioning it...and MAN! super dope podcast with a dope format...can’t wait for season 2
5 stars
Yeah, this is incredible.
Humble geniuses
It’s fascinating and fun to listen to Mike and Paul talk. They have a great rapport with plenty of stories to tell. They’re humble geniuses. As you probably noticed, each episode tends to focuses on one project, collaboration, or period of Prince Paul’s professional and creative life. You could probably listen out of order. I nearly went straight to the Handsome Boy episode to start, but in the end I was glad I didn’t. I listened in order and it paid off. Mike knew what he was doing when he created the order of episodes. I haven’t gone back for a re-listen yet, but I think it’s time. Now, I’ll probably pick particular episodes to just spin for fun... to re-listen and re-learn.
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Carpe Dijon
Super engaging, funny, and insightful to the max. As a dude who grew up in the 80s, it’s rad to hear so much behind-the-scenes stories of the songs that filled our childhood and adolescence. Thank you!! Absolute podcast pros.
J McBride
Must Listen for 80s/90s Hip-hop Heads
Loved every ep; the albums Prince Paul produced were my life back in the day! You get great interview questions and honest answers about some of the truly landmark records from the era. Can’t recommend enough!!
Well done!!!
Great for hip hop heads
Really enjoyed this. I devoured it. Open mike did a great job w the interview. Love the honesty.
dogtown SM
This is the absolutely essential companion to Prince Paul’s entire catalog - including his seminal work with De La Soul - that you didn’t know you needed. This is made for fans, by Open Mike Eagle, who is clearly a fan, and it triggers an immediate desire to go and re-listen to the whole oeuvre. So good.
Real Hip Hop Heads
I have loved this podcast! Prince Paul is open and honest, funny and vulnerable. I can relate to him as a person on so many levels. Open Mike Eagle is very cool too. Both are very knowledgeable and I didn’t realize how influential Prince Paul was. I’ve always loved his music but he was so connected from the beginning. Great inside info!
Astrolojok Music
Saving me during Covid Times
I’ve never written a review before, but this podcast is giving me life during the 7th month of lockdown during Corona. The stories from Paul are incredible. Open Mic is amazing at directing the flow of conversation, not only as an independent interviewer but leaning on his own fandom to dig deeper. Paul’s journey is as interesting as its inspiring for creative or wannabe creative types. I could gush longer, but my advice is to stop reading and listen to the podcast.
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Best podcast!
I keep coming back, so many gems.
The Day Ones
Thank you!
All involved have done something great for the ages.
Chuy Valasquez
This show
Best podcast of the year!
this was one of the best podcasts i’ve ever listened to, funny & informative & touching. so many great stories from the legendary Prince Paul and Open Mike Eagle created thoughtful & easy going conversation. highly recommended!
Stories on stories on stories
Dang these conversations with Paul are mind blowing.
A Triumph
Open Mike Eagle is a great interviewer and Prince Paul is an incredible creative individual who was in the room and carry a lot of the weight on some seriously game changing records. They appear to have great chemistry and this is an entertaining, hilarious and illuminating journey through some crucial history. It’s audio liner notes you didn’t know you needed until you hit ▶️.
Hiro Sandwich
Eye Opening and Hilarious
I could listen to these dudes read a life insurance policy. Prince Paul is one of the most guileless, visionary, criminally-underrated human beings of my lifetime, and Open Mike Eagle is a perfect counterpart—part fan, part journalist, part hype man. If you're a fan of pre- and early-millennium hip-hop, Paul's stories will transport you to a place and time that was rarely documented because nobody cared about what poor black kids were doing at inner-city community centers in the 1970s and '80s with their hippin' and their hoppin' and their bippin' and their boppin'. Oral history is the only kind that exists for the genre's early years. Paul also provides unreal insight into what went into making albums for Stetsasonic, De La Soul, 3rd Bass, Native Tongues, Gravediggaz, A Prince Among Thieves, MC Paul Barman, Handsome Boy Modeling School, MF Doom and Chris Rock. Or if, like me, you're just a fan of two middle-aged black men cracking jokes and reminiscing on a time... hell, any other time than this, welcome to the next 12 hours of your life.
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Y’all’s dynamic charisma drenched and seeped from every episode. I couldn’t wait for the next one to drop and now I can’t believe it’s over. Someone else suggested RZA for season two. I’m with that or Aceyalone. Please never stop making this show, Mike ❤️
Please ignore the one star, as I figured it out belatedly 😬
Tap on the rightmost star to give this podcast the five-star review it deserves. One of the best podcast series that I’ve ever heard, and which got me through the stress of moving to a new apartment by taking me down 30+ years of memories of Prince Paul’s work and the circumstances surrounding its creation. Open Mike Eagle is an excellent interviewer that kept everything moving and asked the questions that I would have wanted to ask myself. Just a great experience and use of time all around. Thank you!
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Paul A. in L.A.
Warm and Genuine Conversation
I was too young to appreciate most of Prince Paul’s work as it released and wasn’t super familiar with it in general. That really doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying this podcast! It’s a very interesting, engaging, and most importantly warm and genuine conversation. Like the best TV shows, you just want to come back every week to hang out in their world. If you care about hip hop and its history more than zero, you’ll like it.
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This is a perfect podcast.
Can’t stop listening to this. I’m a Handsome Boy graduate myself but other than that I didn’t think I’d be interested in this slice of hip hop history. I’ve never been so wrong. The humor, the curiosity, the generosity of spirit - all shine through in Open Mike Eagle and Prince Paul’s conversation. This show is perfect for the medium and highly recommended for anybody with a passing interest.
Life enhancer
So good it hurts 💗
Miss Melba
Prince Paul is Criminally Underrated
Love this pod, Paul has been one of my favs ever since 3 ft high. I could listen to these stories forever. Do RZA FOR SEASON TWO!!!
So Good.
This might be my desert island podcast. It has been one of the few select sources of great joy through 12 weeks of the current era (you know, our dystopian hellscape). I have so much respect and appreciation for OME and PP (their craft, insight, curiosity, dedication, wit, humor, and love for storytelling shines through in their conversations). Dig into the hilarity, depth, and life lessons embedded in WHHW. I can’t wait to see what else is in store!
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Ré B
Inspiring and Essential
If you took the time to read a review, just listen to it! Open Mike Eagle knows how to interview and Prince Paul has the stories behind some of the most important and essential hip hop albums of the past 30 years.
One of the few bright spots of 2020. This podcast is a great deep dive into Paul’s work, but it’s more then that too. This podcast is about the artist’s journey, vulnerability, failure, and self-doubt. And it’s done through the incredible rapport Mike and Paul seem to have almost instantly. I could listen to these guys talk about anything, so it’s only icing on the cake that the subject matter is some of the greatest records of all time.
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On my repeat listen
This podcast is so good that I just finished the last episode and I’m going back to the first episode to re-listen to it all.
Too good to be true
So much better than searching for random YouTube clips and interviews. Hoping for some Be My Valentine and HBMS. Thanks to both Mike and Paul and everyone involved!
Taumpy Tears10304
For the elite!!!
Yo!!! If you’re a real hip- hop head this is for you! Such a brilliant idea and I could listen to these two guys talk about music and albums and the business for hours. This is my new favorite podcast!!!
Saj Supreme
I’ve learned so much
I’m in my 40s and only knew a little about the hip hop that was around when I was growing up. I knew what I heard on the radio, basically. This podcast led me to so much I’d never heard before or motivated me to get deeper into things I had. The dialogue on every episode is engaging and thoughtful. I love it. Thank you for this.
Amazing! The theme song is dope too!
This podcast is perfect for us old-heads (class of 1990 here) who remember rap before it became way too commercialized. When creativity ruled the day. I still have a Stetsosonic 12”. Prince Paul’s journey is fascinating to me and I hope he puts it all down in a book some day. Until then, this podcast does the job so well. I find myself rhyming along with the host at times and a real joy fills me when that happens. Thank you for doing this... it is obviously a passion project.
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TommyBoy D.
So, so, so dope
Precisely the smart, thoughtful treatment Prince Paul deserves as one of hip-hop’s true overlooked geniuses, and Mike is the perfect dude to escort us on this journey through Paul’s life and career. Hilarious, bittersweet, and compelling as hell.
The Farmer Jones
A Music Nerd’s Dream
Prince Paul has a catalog that warrants this type of deep dive, and Open Mike Eagle is the man to lead the exploration. This is the type of thoughtful music analysis that the entire podcast format exists for. Give this show all of the awards.
“If a D*CK, don’t git hard on co-KAAANNNNNNNNNNE”…
beyond expectations
there is nothing to complain about. prince paul has had one of the most interesting careers in hip-hop and has the stories to prove it. his candid nature is easily drawn out by open mike eagle’s effortless interview style. thank goodness there is so much to cover because this podcast is in rarified air and i don’t want it to stop. I CANT BE YOUR LOVERRRRRRR
alex boomin
A perfect podcast
Great host and guest? Engaging stories? Fire intro track? Check, check, check. Whether you’re a De La Soul fan, hip-hop head, or just a music lover, this is the podcast for you. Cant wait for Season 2!
If you cherish this music this is goddamned business
This is the best thing ever
Paul Rules!!
Great podcast. Mike and Paul dropping hip hop knowledge. Big fan.
Ryno Brien
Just brilliant
This podcast is essential listening for anyone who is a lover of hip hop. Music, music business, pop culture and the ins and outs of Paul’s brain. An I ntelligent and supremely interesting podcast. Can’t wait for season two.
When I’m not
Brushing my teeth with DD7 I’m listening to this podcast!
J.P. 25
A piece of Hip Hop history
This podcast is perfect for someone who’s always wanted to know more about the Prince Paul legacy of Hip Hop.
Amazing. Indispensable.
Wow I have no idea what i am gonna do when this show ends - what an amazing dig into an inspiring career. Got me revisiting some old favorite albums and digging into stuff I never checked out before. And Prince Paul is so funny! Long live the DoodooMan.
Paul is god
When is he gonna talk about "The Dix"? 😉
Best podcast of all time!!!
Funny, warm and full of hiphop wisdom
A must for any hip hop fan
Nuggets nuggets nuggets
The new benchmark for quality podcasting
A host (MC and stand up comic) that is passionate and knowledgeable. And a respected guest (music producer) with many decades of experience and stories. Their report is infectious. Respected individuals who also happen to be very funny and great communicators. The new benchmark which all other podcasts should aim for.
Saint Brendan
Prince Paul is the King.
Open Mike is a terrific host as well. They have great rapport. And the stories are great, revolving around a great musical era and one of hip hop’s all time great mastermind producers.
Drop season two
amazing insight into so many albums, artists and a crazy walk back through 30 years of music you should have in the stacks
Educational and informative
Love it. Can you do a show about Necro, and Cannibal Ox ? The episodes are great. ❤️
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